It Takes a Village

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It is the foundation cornerstone for every dystopic novel ever written. Aldous Huxley limited knowledge by limiting intelligence. You’ll never get them to rise up against their oppressors, if they aren’t smart enough to know that they can. Orwell edited information to the masses, shaped it and formed it like clay that is always malleable. Ray Bradbury made knowledge unfashionable, only a bore would waste their time on books with so much on TV! Those books have made you talk, crazy talk!

My favorite bit was the eighty mile an hour speed limit. Because driving at eighty miles per hour meant that you didn’t have time to look out the window. You didn’t have time to see what was going on right in front of you. No watch towers, cameras or hidden microphones needed to catch transgressors to the Party. As long as they’re kept distracted, they’re docile as kittens. “Live: From Honolulu, Hawaii, two hours of The Bikini Model world championship of kite flying!”

Fill their heads with alternative facts and alternative figures. Don’t teach them nothing, but just don’t teach them nothing too important. Teach them how many cars we build and trees we cut down, but don’t teach them about poverty or bad schools. Don’t teach them about labor troubles or racial inequality, just stirs up hard feelings. To protect them from the bad knowledge that they don’t really need to know anyway. It just makes them unhappy Montag.

Obviously, it had been just a matter of decades before the Republicans discovered the source of most of their troubles, in public education.  They’ve always been against dirty books about birth control or political philosophies, just stirring them up with a bunch idealist rhetoric and causing trouble among their betters.

They’ve always tried to cherry pick the dirty books they don’t like from public education like Darwin, or Debbs or Twain. Now, the Republicans have decided to reject public education en mass. Suddenly, almost out of the blue, Reich Wing Americans are invading school board meetings. Gee, they never attended before, when their own kids were in school. But now, they are outraged by something they heard somebody say on TV!

Chapter and verse of Orwell’s  “Two Minutes of Hate!” but in reality, going on until the cops arrive. They’re teaching a brand of history that you won’t like! Boy, wait until you hear this. This is really going to piss you off! A group of people that you don’t know about and have never heard of. Are secretly pushing an agenda that says, “White people are the source of all the trouble in the world.” But really, they’re just Communists!

The old one, two. Lead with the left and follow through with bad knowledge. They’re teaching things that they never taught you! That’s not the way you heard it back in 1975.  And they will know these things long after we are gone! Expecting children to view the past just as we view it, by molding their opinions now. That’s why George Washington bought this country, lock, stock and barrel from the Indians in 1872. For twenty-six dollars and a dime bag of opium. (I know! That sounds way too cheap, but back in the day, a dime bag of opium was a pretty big bag.)

History becomes a drug store novel with a timeline. It can say anything you want it to say. ”Pittsburgh sets record for steel production! Gross domestic product reaches new heights, and as long as it includes the boss man’s wages, it always will. If you were to deduct the wages of the wealthy, you might not like that figure so much. If it illustrated where you were in society. Living on the corner of Mediterranean and Baltic but aspiring to Park Place. And we don’t want to fuck it up with high taxes now, before we get there ourselves. We’re doing great! You, not so much.

Florida Reich’s Marshall, Ron DeSantis has withdrawn his executive order barring, two Florida Professors from testifying against DeSantis in a lawsuit. After the Federal Court responded to DeSantis with, “Are you crazy?”  He was trying to directly shut down bad knowledge from upsetting your life. He had a state employee arrested and fired, because she disseminated bad knowledge to the public. She was upsetting the public order, by telling you that DeSantis was lying about the Covid-19 numbers.

Texas promotes burning books and minimum wage jobs. And now, South Carolina wants to do away with tenure. Rather than try an attract the best and brightest to their state universities. Let’s try low wages and lack of tenure. Who knows, maybe they’ll get lucky? Maybe the mediocre will teach the uneducated to be geniuses? It could happen!

But Republicans don’t like tenure because it promotes free thinking. All of a sudden, these professors start spewing bad knowledge and they have no way of stopping them. No way to control them. Their goal is only to protect you from their bad knowledge. Don’t slow down, you’ve seen a condo building collapse before. You can report on the failings of that building, without ever mentioning the tens of thousands of condos, built to the same exact standard.

They wish to build dystopia on a modified schedule. Teach them to read, but don’t teach them to read anything too important. Don’t teach Greek mythology, what do they need to know about the sword of Damocles or Pandora’s box? “Yeah, Galileo was great, but why teach that he argued with the Pope?” Torqa who? All right now children, take out your toothbrushes and go up and down with them ten times!

There are a thousand reasons to teach and only one reason not to, that’s control. Every society which rejects open ideas and open debate, withers on the vine. The only things worth learning are the things that they don’t want you to know. There is only one reason to limit what you read; you might read something that they don’t like. Their goal is to keep you fat dumb and anesthetized, while they strangle the golden goose of public education. Your kid doesn’t need to go to college, but theirs does. Do as you’re told, not as we do. Don’t question, it takes a village… to burn the witches.

“The poet, the artist, the sleuth – whoever sharpens our perception tends to be antisocial; rarely “well-adjusted”, he cannot go along with currents and trends. A strange bond often exists between antisocial types in their power to see environments as they really are. This need to interface, to confront environments with a certain antisocial power is manifest in the famous story “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.” ― Marshall McLuhan,

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