The Remainder Cult

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

The Republican political world only appears to be insane, when in fact, it’s drowning. Without their Orange Pied Piper to lead them, the rats have begun to scatter. They do not know what to do. So, Lauren Boebert starts name calling, Paul Gosar posts violent videos,  Trumpoid Ronny Jackson accuses a virus of conspiring against the Republican Party. Meanwhile, Faux News compares Dr. Fauci with Dr. Mengele, the Nazi Doctor who performed horrible medical experiments on children.

Dr. Fauci is their Goldstein and their gold standard. His crimes are limitless and unimaginable, to be compared with a Nazi Death Camp doctor. No evidence is required, they bray on command anyway. He’s done nothing, but to try and do his job. And if you don’t like the job, he’s done, that’s your right. But that hardly makes him a Death Camp doctor performing degenerate medical experiments on children.

There was a cartoon of a sad old king in bed once. The caption read; “The King felt poorly and could get no heat. So, they summoned the Queen, but still the King got no heat. So, they summoned the Royal Physician, but the King got no heat. So, they summoned three young virgins from the village, and the King is feeling much better now.” Like “Family Guy” They just throw shit at the wall and see what sticks. If it sticks, they all hop on board. Their “Fauci is the devil” campaign can be judged a success by the quantity of Republicans, who have piled on to attack him.

Fauci’s crime is that he disagreed with Twump. That’s it, that’s all he did. And did what every health official in all other parts of the world did. Nothing novel or unique. Nothing radical and nothing out of step with any medical guidelines, issued anywhere else in the world. But inside of a cult, questioning the leader is the ultimate sin, as it challenges the central delusion of all inside the cult. There are no differences of opinions inside a cult, you’re either with us and help us burn the heretics tonight, or we’ll burn you tonight.

Of all the mask restrictions and vaccine mandate protests in all the world, 99.5% were highly localized affairs confined to the lunatic fringe of America, and the Faux News Nation. In Europe, the cops were pulling people over to ask them where they were driving during the lockdown. Could you imagine that in this country? Faux News Alert: Joe Biden uses Police state – storm trooper tactics!

It is essential to believe wholeheartedly in the cult, because to do otherwise is to begin to question. And questioning is heretical and only leads to bad outcomes. So, you must learn to reject any facts which might lead to heresy and likewise, accept only facts which bolster the group opinion. Dr. Fauci has been accused of the crime of driving a Tesla and drawing a very large government salary. You just can’t trust a man driving a Tesla, when Twump only likes gas burners.

But since the Mira Lago Marauder has been testing the tensile strength of lawn furniture and the pulling power of the electric golf cart. There is no longer a center of gravity inside the Party. They drift, some convinced that JFK Jr. is committed to spending his afterlife as your next Republican Vice-President. Others say that’s poppycock since he has no political experience.

Admittedly, returning from the grave will win you some debate points, but there is still the question of citizenship. Can a citizen of the hereafter, rightfully qualify to hold office, here among the living? Where would he vote? His last known address or the polling station nearest to his grave? The law is clear, it says that you must “Live” in the district to vote. So you must also “live” in the district to run for office.

Nothing is off the table, and all is fair game. Dr. Fauci is a Communist, electric vehicle driving degenerate Nazi Death Camp doctor, drawing a big fat government paycheck. Ilian Omar is a terrorist, married to her brother who is secretly communicating with Aliens at their secret moon base.

Nothing is too extreme, which is why Gosar publishes violent videos. Ronny Jackson says the new Covid variant is a plot by Democrats to steal the 2022 elections. In one of their latest concoctions, Nancy Pelosi was said to be looking for a $25 million dollar mansion in Florida. The idea being, that Nancy was so sure the Democrats would lose control of the house. She was planning on retiring to Florida to raise world championship giant cockroaches. With the rub being that despite Florida being administered by a cave man, that’s the only state Pelosi would consider retirement.

The $25 million was just to separate her from the working class. Rich Democrats can’t wait to get to Florida, after criticizing Death Ray DeSantis. Only, Pelosi isn’t buying a house in Florida, and hasn’t criticized DeSantis specifically. National leaders rarely comment on state governors, but it fits their meme.

We’re being picked on, and we’re under attack! Democrats criticize Florida, but can’t wait to move there! Nazi Doctors are out getting after our children! Joe Biden wants to make us all Communists! Black Lives Matter are all Communists and Antifa too!

And even though the NRA parties with Russians, goes to Russia and takes money from Russians, they aren’t Communists and can be trusted. Those doctors and Democrats aren’t just politicians and physicians with a different point of view. They’re monsters! Monsters out to destroy the very fabric of America and bring about a Hugo Chavez style, Communist state!

Margie Greene wants the thirteen Republicans who voted for Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill, expelled from the Congress. But she has no opinion on Republican Senators who also voted for the bill. It’s not about throwing light on others but attracting light on themselves. Paul Gosar is trying to tell you, that if he wasn’t such a twisted little psychotic dweeb with gross feelings of inadequacy leading to erectile dysfunction, this is what he’d like to do. But like Neil Young said, “Once your gone you can’t come back, when you’re out of the blue and into the black.”

Fascism destroys government through criticism, scorn and inuendo. Everyone is lying, you don’t need a mask or a vaccination. All the judges are crooked, when they rule against us. They’re all just lying to you! The school board is trying to teach critical race theory. And the library is full of dirty books. Transsexuals want to take over the track team. And despite a twenty-year track record of Donald Twump doing business in Russia. Donald Twump has no connection with Russia. Democracy can’t be trusted.

The remainder, the chicken with its head cut off. The cult, headless without a leader.

“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.”
― Joseph Goebbels

5 Thoughts

  1. “It is essential to believe wholeheartedly in the cult, because to do otherwise is to begin to question.”
    It seems to me that part of the problem with the pandemic is the way it got caught up in American politics. Great that it got rid of the orange one, but that’s left a legacy of mask good, no mask bad.
    We’re not learning to look after ourselves and each other we’re still going through the 1st lesson time after time. We haven’t got into the nuance of how covid kills mostly people who are dependent on others for feeding and hydration, people who depend on human contact.
    We’re going into the third year since covid was diagnosed, we have bigger fish to fry.


  2. Fascism is also known by another name–Crony Capitalism. The Third Reich was run by Krupp, Flick, IG Farben, Daimler-Benz, etc. Today, the democrat party is run by Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Google, and pharma. Republicans are pretty much irrelevant to anything, generally.

    Both republicans and democrats suck up to the Fortune 500. Democrats want illegal immigration to drive down labor costs. Republicans want legal immigration to drive down labor costs. One of the good things about Trump is that he fought for American labor, to some degree.

    If you are worried about covid and masks and vaccinations, you are merely the tool of pharma. Pushing Operation Warped Greed was a low point for Trump. This has cost Trump about 20% of his base.

    There are two kinds of politicians–predators and statesmen. Most are the first kind. Most bureaucrats are predators as well–including the executives at the FDA and CDC. Ditto the executives of the Fortune 500.

    It turns out that hugging is good for our immune systems and that masking and social distancing are bad for our immune systems–besides being awkward and weird. We wear masks and social distance because we are afraid of other people. Being afraid of other people is a neurosis and this raises stress levels which undermines our immune systems. Going to the beach and getting vitamin D from the sun and being around lots of other people is actually healthy–both psychologically and immunologically.

    Both republicans and democrats suck.

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      1. Life is more than politics. When it comes to politics, support statesmen and oppose predators.

        Hugs are life-giving, from an immune perspective. Ditto humor. Chronic fear and harms our health in many different ways.

        Live life. Be happy. Seek friends who are happy. Tell jokes.

        My buddy told me that his wife likes to talk during sex. Just last week she called him from the motel. ta-dum


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