Beware the Jubjub Bird

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Fascism always solves a problem by creating a problem. In the problem, the Fascists are always both the victims and the heroes. Someone is trying to silence them; someone is picking on them, and it’s not fair! The Party that told you that you don’t have to bake any damn wedding cake for any damn body you didn’t want to. Complains that privately owned media companies, won’t take their cake orders.

They’re being censored and discriminated against in the marketplace of ideas! All they want to do is share their ideas about a flat earth and pizza parlors with sex parties in the basement and children on the menu. Gosh, don’t you want to stay informed? Have you heard the latest? Ivermectin cures Covid! Doctors are all liars. Don’t you want to hear both sides of the story?

Texas Fascist Governor, Gregg “Bubba” Abbott thought he’d found the remedy for all this oppression. He ordered that a law be passed that punished any social media companies that picked on “Conservative” points of view. Or this what I want on my wedding cake, and this is when I want it ready! Any questions?

Solving a problem by creating a problem, all ideas are equal. Even if untrue, even the salacious rumor has a right to air with the best researched university study and to be treated equally. The Earth might be flat you know, our eyes and instruments could all be wrong. Maybe all the other planets are round, but just ours is flat. And two hundred years of medical research could all be wrong? It could all a big scam!

But Bubba knows that social media companies also have first amendment rights. And that the first Federal Judge with a pencil, was going to strike it down. But that’s okay, Bubba knew it would never stand, Bubba is seeking higher office. It was simply a ruse to get his name in the partisan press as “Saint Bubba of Austin Slays Liberal Dragon”. It adds to his gravitas to find a windmill to charge every now and then. Make the rounds of the conservative news programs to cry about oppression and censorship.

Do you remember when social media became the enemies of the Reich wing? It was somewhere around the time the orange nightmare was banned from social media. Do you remember, why he was banned from social media? It’s Alice in Wonderland, create a fantasy and then try to convince you, that you are living in the fantasy world. Plato’s simile of the cave, “What you’re seeing are just reflections, let me tell you the truth about Dr. Fauci.

Bubba wasn’t just stunting for the Howler monkeys; he was also giving a little rub and tug to the orange nightmare. “I’ll show em! I’ll save you, Mr. Twump. I’ll pass a law that will make Twitter take you back!

Let’s see, when did the chairman of the National Institutes of Health become the enemy? That would be right after he disagreed with Kim Jong Twump. Fauci is responsible for everything, and this it’s all his fault! I mean, isn’t that at least possible. Twump was telling us we don’t need a mask, and here’s this little guy daring to disagree and say we do. Fauci is just a doctor with decades of experience, but Twump said we didn’t have too.

The first major purchase the Nazi Party made was a printing press. They published the “Völkischer Beobachter”, loosely translated to Faux News or “The People’s Observer.”  They published their racism, lies and Party propaganda. And it was working well with the lower classes and less educated. But it wasn’t reaching into the intelligentsia, so the Party bought the The Wall Street Journal or “Der Angriff”. To spew the same filth, only with bigger words and more seductive language and with more complex motives. If you can’t win an argument with facts, you can at least be the loudest in the room.

Bubba was seeking to slay free speech with free speech. You must accept what we say or you’re censoring our right lie. It can be the truth, if Twump say it is. Now, the Fascists are starting in on, “this Pandemic would all be over if Twump was President!” You won’t take the vaccine that Twump promised you, but are certain Twump would have solved the Pandemic? Twump didn’t wear a mask. Twump got sick. Do you see the connection here?  2 + 2 = 4,  not five.

The propaganda problem as the Fascist see it. Is how to expand into the broader media market. How to make people understand that the world is actually flat. Taxes are too high, and the schools are filled with Communists, trying brainwash our children and destroy America. The Green New Deal will destroy our economy! Supplying oxygen could be a real growth field for the economy of the future! Don’t stifle Free Enterprise in its crib! Billionaires are opening outer space up to just any old plain millionaires who wish to go! Evil transsexuals are just waiting to jump your kid in the boy’s room.

As the Fascist solve a problem by creating a problem, they never solve a problem with an answer. An Infrastructure bill was on Twump’s radar too. But after-tax cuts for the rich and the celebratory circle jerks, they never got around to it. Like that “Really Great” health care plan they had. Five years and counting! Now they have declared jihad on thirteen members of the house who voted with the opposition for a thing this country really needed. They are now the enemy and the issue. To be punished for doing the right thing. To be sought out, hunted down and terminated.

Sometimes, it’s like living in a Terminator movie. Living in that scene where they explain to the audience how it came to be, that there were Laser tanks riding over and crushing the burning skulls of humanity. Firing their laser cannons indiscriminately, across the dark wasteland battlefield that once was Cincinnati.

’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves

      Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:

All mimsy were the borogoves,

      And the mome raths outgrabe.

“Beware the Jabberwock, my son!

      The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!

Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun

      The frumious Bandersnatch!”

– Lewis Carroll

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