The Mad Max Brigade

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It is a moment in time and a moment of a tug of war between political and gravitational forces. A reordering of the universe as the dwarf star begins its inevitable, slow burn fade out towards a cinder status. He has now all but accepted his position as rump Fuhrer. He knows his days in front of the crowds are numbered, and soon over and now seeks satisfaction by pulling strings behind the scenes. Allowing himself the fantasy of still being in control of something. Allowing himself to play the Dauphin in exile.

David Perdue Twump lackey and former Senator, announced that he would challenge Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp for the office. Some would say that Twump was just trying to settle old political scores. It was Georgia Twump asked to find votes for him, and it was Kemp’s Administration that said, “No.”  That’s a lot of time and money just trying to get even, but Twump is also under investigation for his methods in seeking those same votes in Georgia.

Just plain obvious, if the investigation goes away, so will David Perdue. Lock up your racehorses and put a deadbolt lock on your bedroom door.  We’re in a New York state of mind. “You could have a bad accident; the world is a dangerous place.” Maybe you could find me some votes for me or maybe, I turn the flying monkeys loose on you! Maybe, I’ll sink your Parties chances in the Senate. Maybe, I’ll try and sabotage the Governor’s race. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you don’t want it to be that way.

Always carry exact change for the Toll booth, and never let Fredo stand guard. Other than petty vengeance, what other reason could there be? Twump can hold back and stall the big government investigations, but the Georgia case is a laser cannon fired up the backside of the Death star. The evidence is on tape and sworn to by the Governor and Secretary of State. Did Donald Twump try and intimidate the Governor and Secretary of state into going along with his criminal plot to overturn the election? It sure looks like it and from the headlines, I’m guessing, that he’s not finished yet!

Kemp won a narrow victory over Stacey Abrams in last gubernatorial go round and with Abrams ready to try again. Any division of the Republican ranks could easily hand the Governor’s mansion over to the Democrats. Make Kemp spend his money fighting another Republican in the primary. You know what happens when they turn on the slime machine, right? Petty vengeance? Or the best defense is a good offense?  Perdue maintains, he has Twump’s personal endorsement and the promise of financial backing.

Jeepers, what makes Georgia so important to Twump, Mr. Wizard? Why is Twump so insistent on dividing the Georgia Republican Party?  Besides trying to stop a state investigation into election tampering, I’m stumped!

Only a couple of weeks ago, the Republican Fascists bragged about regaining control of the Congress. Now growing silent as they begin to understand that the reversal of Roe, will bring about the reversal of their Party fortunes. They are torn and being torn asunder, by multiple forces.  At the end of Prohibition, anti-prohibition groups ceased to exist, and at the end of Roe, guess what? The NRA is mired in bankruptcy and scandal. Leaving  what’s left of the original Republican Party to stack bricks and try to rebuild their original legacy of corporate greed and White Supremacy.

Kevin McCarthy is frozen in terror and afraid to sanction any member, lest he lose their vote for speaker of the house someday.  So, Lauren (low Rent) Boebert and Margie Greene are let off the leash to fleece the flock. Rand Paul wants to put Dr. Fauci in jail and Kentucky Representative, Thomas Massie poses with weapons to celebrate the birth of Christ. Like a Flintstones Christmas card, it makes no sense at all. Forget that there was another school shooting. What do semi-automatic weapons have to do with the Christmas holiday? Why would you ask Santa to bring you more ammo? What happen to Joy to the World and Peace on Earth, good will towards men?

It’s a technical flaw in an implanted memory. Why are they celebrating a religious holiday by venerating manufactured goods? Why are they mixing violence and religion? Maybe cause, it’s alright to kill if God says so. Or that maybe they are a holy self-appointed defender of the faith. Always in favor of a high-capacity golden calf to worship. Willing to illustrate who they are without knowing who they are themselves. Putting on a display, only the initiated will understand. You must understand the meaning behind the brown shirt, to understand the brown shirt.

It’s all about tipping them off to who you are, without saying who you are. I just sent you a Christmas card with my whole family, and I armed to the teeth with semiautomatic weapons. “How do you think I’m gonna vote on women’s rights, labor rights or the minimum wage?” You can almost hear the sound of the Christmas Goose-stepping! Can Santa be far behind?

“Gather round the tree with your guns kids, so we can march and sing camp songs. Then your mother is going to break out turkey and dressing, MRE’s for everybody!”

The clearest sign of cult behavior is combining messages of unassociated things. Masks bad, guns good, Christmas good, violence good. Vaccine bad, Twump good. Propagandized little robots invisible to themselves. Unable to see themselves as they appear to the rest of us. God bombers and sharpshooters for Christ. Deviants living in the basement on survivalist supplies and waiting for the next Fuhrer to give the order to open fire. To start the apocalypse for the Holy warriors of the Mad Max Brigade.

The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”
― Groucho Marx

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