Falling through the unvierse at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I’ve worked for some pretty chicken-shit outfits in my time, but this 700 Club Extreme Court takes the cake. Not since Brown vs. Board of Education, has the court tried so diligently to appear aloof and judicially clean and sacrosanct. While at the same time happily denying equal rights to millions. You can be unfair if there’s a general pretense of fairness about it. It was a court which tangled their feet in the public business, got tripped up and was too cowardly to ever admit the truth of the matter.

Equal protection under the law means just that. People can live wherever they want. And can attend the neighborhood school. And swim in the neighborhood pool. And get credit under the same conditions as anyone else. The court was working as a bulwark of segregation, justifying it and legitimizing it. “Segregation – Constitutional! Just as they legitimized Child Labor – Constitutional! And slavery, Dred Scott – Property!”

In every case they respond politically, rather than judiciously. Working directly against the people they are supposed to represent. The most political, non-political court in the world. Well, maybe Iran or the “People’s Republic of You Die Now!” might be worse.

This chicken-shit group of lily-livered Nancy’s gives a ruling with a non-ruling. We all know, it’s common knowledge that the bible thumpers, Fascists and blue haired ladies against freedom want to drown Roe. It’s not a secret, but the court is facing a lot of pressure. Their prestige now rivals a convenience store clerk on the late shift. You know that they want to strangle Roe. And I know they want to strangle Roe. But now, the Fascist have begun to realize that their expected partisan ruling, will sink the Fascist Party in the upcoming elections at their moorings.

The word for the day is “Stall!” The court could have ruled on the Texas abortion case today, but that might have hurt their friend’s election chances. As sure as the sky is blue, the court will strike down Roe, just as soon as the last ballot is counted from the 2022 election. Proving themselves to be conspirators, liars, and hacks.

Now under the Texas Law, anyone with eyeballs can turn in anyone, if they think you’ve had or attempted to have an abortion. Private citizens listening at the back fence for gossip about the ex-wife. Turning in Montag for the reward money and for good of all. Secret witnesses and secret police. What could go wrong? Only if we remember from our civics lesson, the government is in charge. Not private citizens. Your neighbor can’t issue you a citation for barbeque smoke or for your grass being too long.

So, the 700 Club Court let the Texas ruling stand, but with the caveat, that they are willing to revisit the issue again.  After the election of course, when the challenge to the Texas law comes before the court. So, the Court ruled the Texas law meets Constitutional muster, for now. They will look again later to see if the law still meets Constitutional muster, after the election. Trust me, it will.

This event makes the Cowardly Lion look like the Terminator. Afraid to make a legitimate ruling, lest they upset the applecart and piss on themselves. Elena Kagan wrote in her dissent, “that this was an unconstitutional scheme enacted in open defiance” of a woman’s rights – a “madness” that the Supreme Court should have put to an end two months ago.”

An abdication of government responsibility, which illustrates the problem. Law enforcement is government’s job, not the neighbors. Under this basis alone, the law is unconstitutional. But we’ll rule on that issue later, after the election. Who knows, maybe Bubba does know best.

A document provided by Mark Meadows makes it clear why he has discontinued cooperating with the January 6th committee. The power point  document spells out plans for a coup de tat. Meadows is no longer a witness; he’s a principal! He’s not giving evidence against Donald Twump anymore, he’s now giving evidence against Mark Meadows.

Fascist pirate and disgraced former general Mike Flynn was busy polling the Pentagon, trying to get troops authorized to seize ballots. Then an impartial decider to be chosen by Donald Twump, would decide which ballots would be counted and which would not. All protected by a line of soldiers with guns. The court? How would the court rule on this separation of constitutional power from legal legitimacy? Yeah, think about that for a minute. Because Twump did. So much so, that the Supreme Court is never even mentioned in their Coup plotting. “What if the Supreme Court decides to intervene?” Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

The Texas Law is an attempt to rule incommunicado, we’re not responsible. Private citizens did that! We’re just the state, what are you looking at us for? With the goal of inhibiting the government’s ability to govern. Striking down mask mandates because it’s a presidential overreach. The government forced my dad to wear a sailor suit every day for four years, he should have taken his case to court. You wouldn’t believe the stuff they made him do. If the court would throw out a mask mandate, surely, they would throw out a whole suit of clothes mandate. Those clothes potentially had adverse effects on his health!

But the court that pretends to be non-political and impartial, while hiding behind a calendar with a blackjack for Roe. They have broken the court and destroyed any illusion of judicial integrity. And they don’t care really, Fascism is about getting your way, it’s not about being fair or impartial, or caring about appearances. The same court that will take some of your rights today, will take some more at a convenient later date.

Unfortunately, these Judges studied law and not history. If they had studied history, they would know. Under a Fascist government, a court system isn’t needed anymore and quickly becomes a clumsy and irritating appendix, that soon warrants removal.

By allowing the law to continue, the court “betrays not only the citizens of Texas, but also our constitutional system of government.” – Elena Kagen

“The distinguished Harvard political scientist Samuel Huntington, in his text American Politics, observes that power must remain invisible if it is to be effective: “The architects of power in the United States must create a force that can be felt but not seen. Power remains strong when it remains in the dark; exposed to the sunlight it begins to evaporate.” Noam Chomsky,

Clearly, this court has been  exposed.

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