Paging Bernie Madoff

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Revolution and insurrection are a deadly game. You win or you lose. There are no tie goes to the runner scenarios. Julius Caesar tells us, either you’re in or you’re out. All must plunge in their knife, lest their loyalties become suspect later. And little is more suspect than coup plotters spun loose. Will they talk? What will they say? Will they implicate me? Will they tell the truth? Banking on the unscrupulous and criminally liable to not rat them out. I think you can see their predicament.

I recommended the use of all frequent flier points early on. A bottle of Rudy Guiliani’s Grecian Formula hair dye and a fake passport to a country that no one can spell or find on a globe. Liquidate your assets into crypto currency and run as fast as you can. No statute of limitations, what did you know and when did you know it? But that’s not what your phone records say. Then there is lying and perjury to consider. If I were a principal in a Congressional investigation; I would consider my phone to be tapped and e-mail compromised. And assume the man in the car parked across the street is probably not just waiting for a friend.

Were I Mark Meadows; I would have contracted a plastic surgeon in Buenos Aires, long before I turned over the Jan 6th PowerPoint to investigators. It is all but a signed confession, and incriminating everyone who ever received a copy of it. Political Kryptonite, most definitely looking at conspiracy, even the extended auto warranty companies have stopped calling. In every plot there must be a fall guy, some poor unfortunate, caught without a chair once the music stops. There ain’t enough lawyers in Philadelphia to save him now.

Meadows is going down; I don’t know about anyone else. But Meadows should buy a new bathrobe, a carton of smokes and a phone card. Because now as this puddle of oil spreads out, the cast of characters expands to include Don Jr. and Laura Ingram and Shawn Hannity. It’s a funny thing about conspiracy laws, just knowing about the conspiracy, makes you guilty whether you participated or not.

If nothing else, it illustrates the close coordination between Faux State TV and the coup plotters. Faux News personalities with direct access to the President’s Chief of Staff, and a President’s Chief of Staff in direct contact with Faux News personalities. Saying one thing to Mark Meadows on the phone and saying the opposite on state TV to the twumplings. It all starts out pretty much Orwellian, and it goes downhill from there. First Faux News airs Twump’s speech to the mob, telling them to march up to that Capital “And fight like hell!” Then later tell their viewers, it was antifa dressed up as Twump supporters, what did all that.

Where did the all the real Twump supporters go? Did they get lost on their way to the Capital? Were they kidnapped and supplanted by aliens or antifa members? Why didn’t the Twump supporters try to stop them? Why is there no video of Twump supporters joining with police to push back against the rioters? Where was Kyle? Or maybe nobody showed up that day except for antifa supporters, and Twump was twicked into giving a speech to a group of nothing but antifa followers. And they all cheered enthusiastically! Cleaver, very cleaver.

But you know, a political appointee would be easy enough for the Party to cast off and disavow. “Mark Meadows, rouge Chief of Staff.” The man who misled the President into a dangerous situation. Making it appear, he wanted to overthrow the election. Other advisors around the President, had tried to warn Mr. Twump that Meadows had gone rouge. Like the gang of four in China, Meadows could be loaded up like a pack mule and used as a sin eater, responsible for all the Party failures and intrigues. Gee, I guess the President just made a poor choice and was taken advantage of by this ambitious sharpie.

Everyone named in the January 6th Power Point has reason to distance themselves from Mark Meadows. As through the mist, a narrative begins to take shape. See, it was all Bernie Madoff’s fault. We put him in jail and that fixed Wall Street. Case closed! What we’re looking for here is a scapegoat, a sort of sacrificial lamb. Someone to take the fall, so the rest of us can slip away avoiding prosecution.

Meadows could have been getting down in Guatemala or kicking it in Kazakhstan, or dancing the nights away in Dubai, but it’s too late for that now. Were I Meadows, I’d be negotiating my terms of surrender. He knows too much. Such a man could get shanked in the chow line. Such a man with nothing to lose, sitting in a prison cell might become talkative.

Representative Adam Schiff, mentioned during the hearings that the investigators have been reviewing texts sent to Meadows by Republican Congressman. A shot across the bow, anyone want to join Mr. Meadows in the deep six locker?

Meadows is tied to Twump at the hip, as the conduit between the insurrectionists and the White House and the Congress. Meadows is the keystone, will he stay loyal to the cause, and if so, for how long? What happens, when Meadows discovers he’s the one chosen to take the crème pie in the face. Bankrupted, facing prison, friendless and emerging from prison as an ex-felon, without any future employment opportunities whatsoever.

Just another speed bump under the limo in Twump world. Another one bites the dust. Everything all neatly explained away now. This was all Mark Meadows idea. He coordinated all this, Twump was just maneuvered into making a speech.

“O, pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth.  That I am meek and gentle with these butchers!” ― William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar  

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