When the Candle Goes Out

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Happy New Year let’s have some fun this year! Let’s make this the best 2022 ever. Off to a good start, I guess, it’s the 3rd of January and Michael Cohen is suing Bill Barr and you know who. Nothing new or surprising about that, I suppose. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Court House didn’t have its own separate window – “Suing Donald Twump Only.”

Remember how Mike and Don were once Bro’s? Twenty years of working together, suddenly gone sour. Cohen was sent to prison, after receiving a three-year prison sentence for financial crimes. But as is almost always the case, when affluent attorneys are sentenced to do hard time. They often find a medical condition to implore the judge to allow compassionate home confinement. Covid was just what they told the judge and that was fine. Cohen was free, save for the old ankle bracelet.

But according to Mike’s missive, he was returned to jail and placed in solitary confinement for 16 days. Because the Administration wanted him to shut up and stop talking. And made it clear to him his silence worked like master key out of that prison door. Putting aside, it’s like a bad plot to a Harrison Ford movie, this is different. This call came from inside the house! Twumper vs. Twumper!

Cohen’s legal training taught him that this action was a no go. A serious felony, akin to kidnapping and First amendment blackmail. Cohen’s lawsuit has traction and would have even more traction, if he didn’t tell us all about it in his forth coming new book. “Everyone Else is Cashing in! Why not Me?” The very pinnacle of credibility, telling us the truth of what’s on the inside, as only a lifelong Twump employee done wrong can. These guys would say they dated the Loch Ness Monster in college, if they thought it would sell a few more books. Is the book designed to sell the lawsuit or is the lawsuit, designed to promote the book?

“Never in the field of human conflict, have so many books been written by so many, for so few to ever read them.”

Donny Twump is off choosing new Twump Party candidates to primary those RINO’s, who didn’t knuckle under to his will last time. Isn’t it peculiar, that the status quo Republicans fight for Twump trying to maintain their Party, when the enemy to their Party is already on the inside? One Republican candidate in North Carolina was set to run for the Senate, when Twump picked him to run for a House seat. What are you going to do? You can’t say no, so now he’s running for a house seat.

In Georgia, Twump has picked Sonny “Sonny Lied” Perdue to run for Governor against incumbent Republican Brian Kemp. Kemp has an ongoing investigation into Twump’s alleged election tampering scheme. I’d be willing to bet any amount of money, if Kemp drops the investigation, Perdue will drop out of the race. Mob politics, you do what the boss wants, or you could have a bad accident.

The first Impeachment, the exact same scenario, do what the boss wants or else. It’s not even new, its standard operating procedure by this point. The bricks are beginning to tremble and fall as more information emerges from the January 6th investigation. Sworn testimony of Twump sitting on his fat ass in front of the TV enjoying the violent spectacle, that he himself created.

Time waits for no one; the high-water mark has been reached and now wanes and cannot be sustained. You can rile them up, but can you keep them riled up? As Margie Greene calls Nancy Pelosi a communist. Who hasn’t she called a communist this week? It’s a song with but a single verse. And Margie got herself permanently banned from Twitter, but only on her personal account. So, there will be no delay or shortage of Margie McCarthy, pointing out all the pinkos.

Shouting fire in a crowded theater and playing with shadow puppets on cave walls for the nimrods.  Still fighting the pandemic and masks and vaccinations. Texas Governor, Greg “Bubba” Abbott has asked Federal officials for extra Covid testing supplies and has been pilloried by the press about it. But would he have even asked that, a year ago?

Florida Governor, Death Ray Ron Desantis let close $700 million dollars in Federal aid money go by the wayside. Because he was too lazy to ask for it and Twump wouldn’t like It. It was just money for food and unemployment. Florida grocery stores didn’t want all that money clogging up in their tills. Children in Florida suffered needlessly, because of one man’s allegiance to a cult leader. I’m not going to fault Bubba for trying to do the right thing, even after trying everything else first. It means the grip is loosening.

But this is a new year, and they always have those retrospectives of the people we’ve lost over the last year. First on the list, would have to be Rudy Guiliani. Once Mayor of New York and unpaid spokesperson for Hennesy Whiskey and Weed eater Brand string trimmer line. Giuliani has been disgraced near bankrupted and facing a billion-dollar lawsuit. Sidney Powell, see above. Mike Lindell once had a good business going on. He recently sold the “My Pillow” company jet the other day to pay down his expenses. It doesn’t take an Einstein to understand what hanging with Twump means.

The line grows shorter and there are fewer and fewer newcomers at the meetings. The cult that can no longer sustain itself, collapses in on itself. What was once cool is now square, no one rides the mechanical bull anymore or wants to hear, “Who Let the Dogs Out?” The crowds have thinned out at the Disco and the slot car track.

Twump has been out of office for one year and counting. He has no answer for the January 6th committee, only more of the same dancing around the fire pit. What will one more year out of office bring? He’s fading like cheap barn paint. In the H. G. Wells novel, “War of the Worlds” humanity was saved by a bacterium, which the Aliens had no immunity. In our own case, we are rescued by another of America’s own famous bacteria, short attention span.

When the candle goes out the room gets dark, no exceptions.

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