No Peace on the War Front and No Peace at Home

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

The old manager’s adage says, “He’s really an amazing worker! If you see him, do any work at all, you’ll be amazed.” My Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Marshall would call Ted Cruz a chatterbox. Unwilling or unable to complete his assigned tasks and color inside the lines, because of a tendency to talk too much. And as we all know, everything is bigger in Texas, even talk. Ted was on his “Podcast” the other day, counting his chickens before they hatched and showing his cards to anyone who would listen.

Mr. Ted, the Psychic advisor of highway 93 predicts, the Republicans will retake the House. Then impeach Joe Biden, whether he deserves to be impeached or not. Because as any ten-year-old would tell you, “They started it! I’m gonna get you back!” No acceptance of culpability that Twump was responsible by his own actions for what happened to him. If you didn’t try to rob the liquor store, you wouldn’t have gone to trial. He’s not angry about the crime; he’s angry they were prosecuted.

Twump survived both impeachments due to numbers and partisan politics, but somehow, Ted objects to winning. Dear Abby said, “When you’re wrong, admit it and when you’re right, shut up.” Ted refuses to do either, except telegraph the Republican playbook. “If” the Republicans take back the house, their plan is to do nothing, just attack the President. Just for the fun of it and the get evenness of it. Issues? What issues?

Little Donny pure bread was just pushing his little orange stroller down Pennsylvania Ave. minding his own business. When he was accosted by street tough’s Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi. “Hey kid! Whatcha got in the orange buggy?” Oh nothing, just my simple agenda of tax cuts for the rich and cronyism. “Oh yeah? That’s not what we heard. Well, we got a complaint that you were trying to influence peddle with arms and ammunition that don’t belong to you.” Help! Help, help! I’m being attacked! Ted cannot admit to making that connection and must live in the netherworld where things are just what we say they are.

They must accept the lie as the truth, and adjust their reality accordingly. The charges were all frame ups, and everyone lied of course, except for our side. Sure, he made the call and sure, he said what he said, but that’s not what he meant. It all depends on what your definition of is, is. Words don’t have meanings; it’s an old Ukrainian negotiation tactic, I picked up from a guy. Paging Mr. Orwell, paging George Orwell, please pick up on the white courtesy telephone.

Meanwhile, far away on the angry planet Earth. Peter Navarro was gladly telling Rolling Stone all about the “Research” he had done to try and help Twump overturn the election. Getting his dimensions crossed up bragging about committing a crime in a dimension with prisons. The plan was eventually labeled “The Green Bay Sweep” No grandiosity there! I guess, “Operation Die Hard”, or “Operation Overlord” were already taken.

The fulcrum was Mike Pence. In this theater of the absurd plot, he was to dispute the validity of state’s electors with the goal of throwing the election into the House. But Pence didn’t have that authority and could have been held criminally liable if he’d attempted it.

“You go ahead break the law, Mike! We’re all behind you. Show em you ain’t scared,  go ahead, it’ll be alright!” That’s why the Seditionists were out in force shouting, “Hang Mike Pence!” He refused to break the law and violate his constitutional oath, by illegally attempting to overturn an election. But how did the Seditionists know that they wanted to hang Mike Pence in advance of this procedure? Had someone tipped them off?

Funny, until January 6th Mike Pence was in good graces with Twump, at least publicly. It would appear that person or persons inside this mob had the assigned task cheerleading for Mike Pence’s rope dancing lessons. More Twump influence peddling again. But Navarro maintains that almost 100 Congress people were ready to go along with the scheme. Gee Pete, while you’re spilling your guts. Do you have that list of names and phone numbers handy?

Michael Cohen has a book and a lawsuit; Peter Navarro has his own board game. A sort of “Jump to Conclusions” board game, he made up himself.  An election fraud board game, only $49.95 (Cheap) complete with “Fake News” and “Safe Spaces.” I wonder if there is a hang Mike Pence space on the game board. You know, you have to land on all three hang Mike Pence spaces, and then you can buy a scaffolding from the bank.

What’s next? Donald Twump approved mud flaps. Don’t be thrown under the bus without one. Rudy Guiliani’s select fine Bourbon? Or Matt Gaetz home version of Mystery Date. Is she over 18? Pay $300 and lose a turn. The Margie Taylor Greene speed reading course. Dance steps with Sean Spicer! And maybe career mentoring with Anthony Scaramouche.

But Mike Pence is the loser here in Republican eyes, because he followed the law. Forever to be remembered as the man who cost Twump his dictatorship. For refusing to go along with overthrowing the government, and the Republicans, will never forgive him for it.

Not long after the election, I had read an account of the Pence’s reaction to election night in 2016. As you might remember, no one had expected it. Least of all mother, Karen Pence didn’t expect it. She was thinking two more nights of this crap, and we can go home and get back to our normal lives. The story said, there no celebration of the victory for the Pence’s that night. Bess Truman wasn’t pleased on election night either.

And the only reason I mention it, is for all the married people out there, who have ever done something that has blown up in your partners face. First, four years in Washington under Twump, and now this! I can just hear Karen cussing him, as they ran for their lives from the mob inside the Capital building. Poor Mike Pence, no peace on the war front and no peace at home.

“From the moment I picked up your book until I put it down, I was convulsed with laughter. Some day I intend reading it.” ― Groucho Marx

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