But its Not Political

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

In the United States, only the unborn have the right to life. You give up that right once you leave the safety of your mother’s womb. After that, anything goes. Shot to death in a gang crossfire, overdosed on opiates or just bludgeoned to death like a baby seal with generational poverty. A woefully inadequate educational system and a woefully inadequate social safety net, creates woefully inadequate human beings. But that’s why God created prisons and jails, isn’t it? But all God’s creation is sacred, until I have to support them or build schools for the no-good lazy bums.

John Roberts, Chief Mouseketeer of the Extreme court, flea circus and, “We Fix Flats!” How extreme? So extreme the court comes with a warning label. He was worried back before the holidays, that the public had somehow gotten this crazy, crazy idea in our heads that the court had become too political. “Hey John, step three of the Twump Coup plot was to have “your” court, rubber stamp whatever proclamation or bullshit statement, the Coup plotters came up with. And here’s the funny part John. In none of any of the conspirators, known conversations did any one of them at any time, doubt for one second that you wouldn’t play along!

So, whether I think you’re a political hack or not, is academic. Your buddies not only suspect it. They’re confident of it! Do you know what kind of court needs to make statements and offer reassurances of honesty? Exactly,  “Come on down to Honest John’s, honest house of honest law stuff and honest fair rulings and such! Any law evaluated any way you want nod, nod, wink, wink while you wait, only $99.95 before 4:30. Comes with a side salad and your choice of beverage and a cornbread muffin.  

This organization specializes in cutting the disputed baby in half, and delivering a portion to each mother. In the Texas Abortion case, the Court let the ruling stand outlawing abortion 30 minutes after conception, until they could rule on other pending cases. They did that in the name of fairness, while giving the Bible thumpers everything they ever dreamed of and then some.

Ruling in the name of the unaffected majority to respect the rights and wishes of a mass no larger than a postage stamp. Despite the wishes and wants of the host and regardless of how they came to be the host. Daddy raped you, now God want’s you to carry your half-sister/daughter to full-term.

And the court yesterday affirmed the right of the infected, to protect their God given right to kill and infect, just as many of you people as they like in the name of personal freedom. Typhoid Mary has just been cleared of all charges and released! The court ruled that that the Biden Administration had overstepped its bounds with it’s vaccine mandate for larger employers.

Unless of course, that employer was a hospital. It’s really a simple concept to understand. Hospitals have a lot of sick people in them from the Covid pandemic. Ergo, their employees must be vaccinated for their safety. The people who work at say Walmart or the grocery store, or a hundred other occupations, have no contact with sick people… that we know of…yet.

Can we speak frankly here? Never before in human history has a population resisted a vaccination in the face of a deadly disease. The fact that a legal case has even reached the Extreme Court, makes the politicization as plain as a big red nose and floppy shoes. Why oh why, does the court involve itself in a health matters …again?

But trusting that the court isn’t political, why bring the case to them at all? The Court ruled that the Biden Administration could not mandate vaccinations for larger employers. Even though those vaccinations would help the employer to keep his business staffed, and his health care costs down and works for the common good.

There is no upside; no one will benefit from this ruling in any way. The court attempts to hamstring the Administration, in its efforts to fight a pandemic. While saying its not political, why it’s not political at all. Over the years, the court has upheld the legitimacy of belt guards, handrails, eye wash stations, seat belts  and fire extinguishers. But why? If my coworker doesn’t have to be vaccinated, it’s just my tough luck. You can’t go impinging on his or her freedom like that. If I get splinters in my eye or the office catches fire because of my co-worker, I’m covered. But, if somebody comes to work sick, I guess you’re on your own Paco.

The rights of the few to infect the many. And it is the few, as after years of Yahoo’s, Moon pies and Marlboro’s. They suddenly take an interest in what chemicals they allow into their body. It’s no more dangerous than siphoning gas out of the lawnmower or kissing that girl you met up at the redneck bar. No more dangerous than those Oscar Meyer all beef wieners in the fridge. One stop at McDonalds and you have more chemicals inside you, than the Jet propulsion laboratory.

It’s been political since the beginning, Twump began pointing fingers and accusing everyone of wrongdoing, except of course. Just go back to work they said! You’ll be fine, they said! Just pretend it’s all gone, and you’ll be fine, really.

Recently, the Orange Apocalypse has begun telling his supporters that they should be vaccinated, which has really blown their little minds. “Oh, Donald, we love you, Donald! My 300-pound spandex and sweat stained tee shirt wearing bloated backside, wants to have your baby!” Everyone should get vaccinated! “No! Oh, we love you, Donald. We’ll die for you Donald!”

Nothing but political, thunderously political, murderously political. Convoluted pretzel logic that somehow a fire extinguisher is less safe than the fire. And it’s wrong to oppress our freedom with the unreasonable fear that our buildings might suddenly catch fire. George Washington never needed a fire extinguisher! After all, if fire extinguishers really work how could my house ever catch on fire? Why are American businesses burdened with oppressive fire extinguisher maintenance and paperwork? There’s no guarantee that they will even work! And our international competitiveness is at stake!

The Extreme Court of the United States has ruled the Federal government has no right to impose public safety ordinances or to attempt to protect public safety through vaccination. While in the same breath, stripping women of control of their own bodies, but while saying, it’s not political.

Dred Scott was property. Child labor was Constitutional. Separate but equal was equal enough. But its not Political.

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