What Me Worry?

Falling through the Universe at the speed of life

Glenn Youngkin, freshly elected Republican Governor from Virginia had promised the electorate during the campaign, that he wasn’t one of those crazy wild-eyed Republicans. He insisted, that he wore shoes and normally crapped inside the house. Once ensconced in the Governor’s Mansion, he proposes tax cuts, lowering the minimum wage and drum roll please…doing away with the mask mandate in schools. Consider this a practice test America.

He couldn’t help it; it was orders from upstairs. As Lindsey Graham so aptly pointed out, if you don’t have a good working relationship with Donald Twump, you can’t play here anymore. That’s the way it is. That’s the way it works with Fascism, One people, one Reich, one Fuhrer. Winner takes all, and the loser takes his turtle shell and leaves town. Because under the Fascist principles, we don’t need him any more anyway. He dared to have his own opinions, despite the orange Fuhrer telling him not to.

The leader makes all the decisions, congressman and Senators are just there to carry them out. The courts are just a rubber stamp to add an air of legitimacy. Mitch McConnell doesn’t represent Kentucky. He represents Twump in Kentucky, like Colonel Sanders represents a chicken franchise. Lindsey Graham is just Twump’s cross-dressing Gauleiter in South Carolina. He doesn’t represent the people; he represents Twump and the Dress Barn.

If you don’t want to risk falling out of favor, bend and scrape early and often. Declare the Kool Aid’s not strong enough and demand more cyanide. Like any authoritarian cult, you have the denunciations of heretics and whispers of spies. Everyone is loyal until they can’t be trusted. Let the ethnic cleansing begin! Are you Pro Twump or on your way out of here? Like a flightless bird, there are no wings in a Fascist political Party. You bob your head up and down and answer, “Yes sir” a lot.

The Republican National Committee herein referred to as Donald Twump. Has a problem with the commission on debates. In a word, they aren’t Twumpy enough. Twump had a problem with the timing of the last debates. He didn’t like the milk toast hosts either. Maybe Laura Ingram or Sean Hannity, should host. Twump wants to take control of the format and if he doesn’t get what he wants. He threatens to walk away and boycott. Either turn it into a three-ring circus or turn it off. My way or the highway, sound familiar?

“If I don’t get what I want, there will be hell to pay! You’ll never work in this town again Tirebiter!”

That’ll get the Doocy boys up and groveling, “Twump’s passing out plums.” Oh, oh, oh! Pick me! Pick me!

That’s just the way it works since the leader makes all the decisions. It doesn’t really matter who pushes the button. They just have to look nice; curry favor not pick their noses or fondle the help and do as they are told. Just a face on a bubble gum card, Bats: RH Throws: underhanded. Favorite saying, “I love the Fuhrer more than you do!”

Handpicked Republican Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker, insists that there is a “Dry Mist” that you just walk through the room and the “Dry Mist” will cure you of Covid-19. Insisting the process is both FDA and CDC approved. A treatment that the powers that be, you know… them! Are keeping hidden from you because they don’t want you to know about it. Letting tens of thousands of Americans to die needlessly.

Just so those money grubbing doctors, and scientists, can make the big bucks (Sinister Laughter) and drive new Tesla’s. When Hydroxychloroquine, cattle wormer, drinking your own pee or wearing aluminum foil head gear for shaper, clearer thinking, works just as good. And it also helps to prevent those pesky Alien listening devices from knowing what you’re thinking. He’s doing very well, don’t you think? He’s hardly touched the fourth wall. Reality has barely managed to bleed through at all.

You must believe if you really want to save tinker bell. Lindsey Graham calls him, President Twump, not Former President Twump. They all do it because up in Twumpville, they all like to play pretend and some like to play dress up, as well. When the comet gets here, we’re all getting new Addias!

Death ray Ron DeSantis say he has regrets. He wishes that he would have spoken out louder when former President Twump locked down the economy in response to the pandemic. Revisionist thinking at it’s finest. “I don’t think the former President was extreme enough.” We had the time, and we had the opportunity. We could have burned those hospitals to the ground, but it’s too late for that now! But I still have my regrets.

Every cult must have its foil. Big Brother needs its Goldstein like the Republicans need a George Soros, or a Hillary Clinton or Anthony Fauci. Without them, it’s hard to get two minutes of hate to barely last more than ninety seconds. Fauci is the new Hillary Clinton, the new Goldstein. The state approved Fascist symbol of dirty dealing and underhanded tricks. The symbol of resistance to both modern healthcare practices and common sense.

Party purity uber allis. Let no one allow words to escape with their breath that aren’t filled with his praise. If you say Twump jumped over a ten-story building, I say it was twenty stories. But build the fire larger and gather up together all of the heretics. Little Tucker TV dinner excoriated Extreme court dweeb, Brett Kavanaugh for upholding Joe Biden’s vaccination mandate for health care workers.  Calling Kavanaugh a “cringing little Liberal.” How dare you have an opinion; you “cringing little Liberal.”  You know what we want. Now give it to us! How dare you question our leader! Who the hell do you think that you are anyway?

Twump Steaks, Twump Airlines, Twump University and now, Twump Republican Party, “What Me Worry?”

“No sympathy for the devil; keep that in mind. Buy the ticket, take the ride…and if it occasionally gets a little heavier than what you had in mind, well…maybe chalk it up to forced consciousness expansion: Tune in, freak out, get beaten.”
― Hunter S. Thompson,

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