What Brought Us Here

Falling through the Universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Chechen volunteers who offered to fight in Ukraine for Russia, have now volunteered to go home. And strangely, the remains of a Russian anti-ship missile have been found outside Kyiv. Either someone read the label wrong, or they are reaching the bottom of the inventory to the point where they say, close enough.

The Russkies are firing their vaunted hypersonic missiles, but I wonder how many of those they have left in stock? History is showing us a military that talks a good game, with a real good PR department. They take great photos and put on wonderful maneuvers and operations, designed to sell their military hardware to leaders of the world, who are shopping on price alone. This is what your Army would look like, if you bought it from Walmart.

We are in the fog of war, so everything could be true but is just as likely to be false. Unconfirmed reports say Belarussian railway workers have dismantled switches and track work, effectively cutting off Ukraine from Belarus by rail. The Belarussian Army has refused to mobilize, with reports of whole Belarusian army units defecting to Ukraine. If Putin loses Belarus, he loses the Northern front and any chance at taking Kyiv.

It’s a little harder to cinch down the Internet in Belarus when it’s so close to the front line. Witnesses in Belarus, report hospitals crammed with wounded and refrigerated rail cars full of corpses. And if you think the Russians were well prepared for the invasion, you can only imagine how well they prepared for the casualties. But Vlad has a problem, he can’t send them home without the people noticing.

The CIA estimates put Russian causalities at around seven thousand. The Ukrainians say fifteen thousand dead or wounded. Split the difference, and you can see the unfolding nightmare. The dictator’s conscript Army poorly equipped, poorly trained, and poorly led.

An ambush caught on video, showed Russian infantry bunched together, huddled hiding behind their fighting vehicle. No one bothering to mention during their training that on today’s modern battlefield. That vehicle is what is called in military parlance, a target. “You men, drive down the road and look for Ukrainians. If you’re not back in an hour, we’ll know that you found them.”

Vlad is calling up reserves and culling equipment from around the empire. But by doing so he is only adding confusion to mystery. The Russians don’t have enough trucks. They didn’t have enough trucks to begin with, even before they became targets. The Ukrainians have put a premium on capturing and destroying the Russian trucks.

So, by attempting to add more troops and equipment into rail lines and two-lane muddy roads already clogged with men and undersupplied now. Raiding gas stations for food because? (First dibs on the Slim Jim’s) And the Russian assaults have gone quiet because? They are shooting anti-ship missiles at the Capitol because?

Any chess player can tell you when the attack fails, it fails. You can’t will it or order it to succeed by throwing in the kitchen sink or by pushing pawns. If plan “A” fails, chances are, plan “B” isn’t as good as plan “A” or it would have been plan “A” in the first place. So, the dictator, will now send in more men and equipment when he can’t support the men and equipment, he has there now. You know, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

On the one hand, Putin empties out his warehouse while on the other hand, state of the art western supplies pile up on the Polish border. Leaving terror as Russia’s only true weapon. Flogging the victim before the eyes of the world, hypnotically drawing us in deeper and deeper. Each Russian atrocity hardening the hearts of the world against them. Each day murdering hostages before us all. Each atrocity to be paid for by the Russian children and their children’s children. The Russian’s can mark the rest of this century off their calendar.

But the Roman Empire didn’t fall in a single day. It slowly disintegrated, losing power and velocity. Becoming the toothless tiger. The dictator was going to rebuild the empire like Mussolini, and instead, it fell further down. The collapse of the Soviet Union 2.0. They still have delusions of greatness. “Yeah, we can get it all back.” They still have dreams of the golden past. “It’ll be just like in the old days!”

This began in 2008 and continued into 2014. This isn’t froggies first jump, this is his third jump. And the West says, “Oh yeah, step across this line and see what happens.” Instead, the Russians murder civilians and dare the west to do anything to try and stop it.

The threat of nuclear war is real, but are we willing to be bluffed into watching a genocide? The willful destruction of cities and civilians? Just terror bombing for terror bombing sake. But if you cross this line. Boy, then you’re really going to get it.  

Russia has lost the war for Ukraine; the battle is now for Russia itself. The Dictator can’t lose the war, or it’s the end of the Dictator. The world won’t let Ukraine fail, but won’t stop the Dictator from trying to succeed. What does never again mean with the caveat, if you cross this line? You can kill all the innocent civilians you want over there, but if you cross this line. Brother are you gonna get it.

After a while it begins to sound shallow and weak, allowing civilians to be bombed indiscriminately. How can any sort of terms be reached with such a dictator? What do peace accords mean to a man who intentionally bombs children? Who invades without reason, and kills without purpose? Who has a clear long-term plans and intentions for destabilizing the world? Yeah, that’s where we are at. I don’t like it, and I’m certain that you don’t like it either. But the time has come the walrus said to talk of many things.

The war is upon us, and the war will not end until Vladimir Putin has been removed from the world scene. We can’t make a deal and hope he goes away. Ignoring him is what brought us here.

‘The time has come,’ the walrus said, to talk of many things: of shoes and ships – and sealing wax – of cabbages and kings. ‘ – Lewis Carroll

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