The Sandbags of Chernobyl

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

In the video, the Ukrainians put on display a captured Russian helmet. Underneath the liner of the helmet was inscribed with a peace sign and over that was written, “Born to Kill.” Straight off the big screen ala “Full Metal Jacket.” Joker being dressed down for commenting on the duality of man. Being commented on by a captured Russian soldier or art imitating life, in such a way as to super impose itself on our collective subliminal memory.

Another video showed a Ukrainian man playing guitar beautifully, in a bombed-out apartment complex. I thought, wait a minute. I’ve seen this before in an episode of “Band of Brothers.” A German string quartet were playing classical music in the bombed-out city square. The music was wonderful, the backdrop horrific, giving it a weight and a poignancy.

The PR Department is on top of their game. These folks don’t appear to be clumsy or leave any food on the table. The Ukrainians have lost 74 tanks due to combat or breakdown. Fortunately, the Ukrainians have captured 128 Russian tanks in full operating condition.

This something new in war, the internet war. The Russian media was so overjoyed by the landing ship delivering desperately needed supplies to the Russian troops. The video news story aired, and the location was hit by Ukrainian cruise missiles less than 12 hours later. Somebody was watching and said, “Hey, I know where that is!”

I mention this only as a preface that this is professional level propaganda. George Orwell said, all media is propaganda. The national anthem is propaganda. Tucker Carlson is propaganda. And once you hear the story, you’ll understand why all this talk about propaganda. A captured Russian officer said, the reason the Russians attack civilian areas was to terrify the public. And make them too afraid of the Russians to fight back. If true, it paints the Russians in a particularly bad light.

But as the old saying goes, you ain’t heard nothing yet! The narrative is the Russians are awful and don’t give shit about their own people. But we’re all human at least somewhere. Putin does his best George W. minus the aircraft carrier and the “Mission Accomplished!” banner. Announcing, “we’re redirecting the focus of our mission.”

To a Russian soldier out in the field, just exactly what the hell does that mean? What, were just gonna quit now? Is the army leaving the field or are you just abandoning the army where they stand? All these men and all this equipment was lost for nothing? Never mind? Forget it?

It’s ingrained in our culture, the evil super Russian villain from “Rocky LXII.” The raging cruel bastards from “Red Dawn” Yea ha, get yer guns out children! So enough with the buildup.

Apparently, according to Ukrainian sources, so it must viewed in such a light or it begins to drift into the realm of crazy. The Russians for some odd reason, set a great deal of importance around capturing the nuclear plant at Chernobyl. That the Russians set great store in this place, like some sort of a monument of Soviet achievement from back in the good ole days. Much like we’d view the slave quarters at Tom Jefferson’s house.

There is also the question of nuclear terrorism to consider. “You get out of my country, or I’ll blow this containment building to the moon! We’ll all glow together, I ain’t scared! I’m crazy, but I ain’t scared!” So as such, it is a legitimate military target. But what do we know about the failed nuclear plant and its surrounding exclusion zone from all the PBS specials? Something about not stirring up the dust, because it could be lethal, if you breath it in.

Ukrainian reports say the Russians have made the Chernobyl plant a base of operations of sorts. With big trucks and tanks coming and going at all hours and driving all over the property and stirring up the dust. You just want to say “no,” they can’t be that dumb. But according to reports the Russians are “Digging in.”

Digging trenches and filling sandbags. “No,” they can’t be that dumb. “No,” they just couldn’t be so callous or heinous, could they? Tell me it’s just slick propaganda. Tell me they aren’t really filling the sandbags of Chernobyl with radioactive soil. Breathing it and carrying it on their shoes and on their clothes into their vehicles, where it will contaminate the vehicle and all its occupants from now on.   

The mechanics will change the oil in the dusty engines and wipe their hands on their pants. The General will walk through the shop and get the dust on his shoes, while he breathes deeply taking his afternoon nap in his office.

The Franklin expedition while looking for the Northwest passage ate food tainted by the lead solder from the can goods. They all went slowly mad, until they all died from the poison.  Yeah, like that. “Gee, I’ve seemed to have lost my appetite and my hair is suddenly falling out.” It is almost outside the bounds of believability, but we fall back on our cultural examples. “You men, guard the ocean floor. And you men, guard the inside of that burning building.”

In WW1 Sargent York brought in 132 starving prisoners. The Ukrainians are taking more and more Russian prisoners this week. Officers and technicians, soldiers left behind on the battlefield due to the rapid departure of the defending force. Russian soldiers running so fast the hounds couldn’t catch em. With not even having the time or the good manners to say, “See ya!” to their co-workers.

The Ukrainians report the Russians placed four attack helicopters at an airfield. The Ukrainians destroyed them and three days later, the Russians placed four more attack helicopters at the airfield. Which the Ukrainians then destroyed. Until the Russians placed four more attack helicopters at the airfield, etc. Leading one Ukrainian soldier to add, “We’re lucky, the Russians are so stupid.”

Combat skills are best learned through practice and experience. Radiation exposure skills are best learned about in books. I’m no expert, but experience is not always the best teacher. (See: Venereal Disease) I don’t think that radiation is going to be one bit cowed or intimidated by shelling civilians or by the might of the Russian army.

It is just sooo stupid, that I don’t want to believe that it could possibly be true, yet I have no fear that it is not so.

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    > posted: ” Falling through the universe at > the speed of life By David Glenn Cox In the video, the Ukrainians put on > display a captured Russian helmet. Underneath the liner of the helmet was > inscribed with a peace sign and over that was written, “Born to Kill.” >


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