How Green is My Astroturf?

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Far be it from me to ever defend Disney. They are scum sucking, money grubbing exploiters of children, as far as I’m concerned. The Standard Oil of media. Back in the day, Standard Oil would open gas stations and use their wealth to always be two cents under the competition. Until the competition was all gone, and then the price went up. A money machine through animated adolescence. Formula movies bleached and sanitized for your protection, with catchy pop tunes for the kids to sing in the car all the way home. Nothing wrong with that at all really, it’s not Mister Rodgers Neighborhood. But no one gets hurt.

Just films with action figure opportunities and play sets. “Hey kids! Collect all 127!” Everything is marketed and available. For the right amount of money, the director will even come over to your house and sing your favorite tunes from the film. And if we can’t think up a hit franchise ourselves, and someone else does…Buy it! Never mind what it costs! We are going to squeeze every last damn nickel out of it anyway, as we run it into the ground. They bought the Muppets just to put them to bed. We can’t have those damn silly Muppets, interfering with the new Disney DVD releases. Rent em out for TV commercials!

Disney bought Peter Jackson’s “Let it Be” just because. Because that will drive viewers to their new streaming channel along with “Star Wars.” Generating their own franchise to maximize on their investment. Creating proprietary content, which they can exploit to its maximum earning potential. I’ve waited fifty years to see “Let it Be” I’ll wait a little longer. Because once “Let it Be” is over, there is nothing else I care to see. Disney is to acting and theater, what “Modern” is to music. A formula, an algorithm, with a drum machine. (Add laugh track here.)

It is Disney’s very bloodsucking corporate nature, that provides them with a good alibi. When Reich’s Fuhrer DeSantis began with his “Don’t Say Gay” get my face in public bill. The CEO of Disney asked himself a few questions. “Will this help me to sell more tickets or get us any free good publicity?” Yes or no? He chose “no” and never said a mumbling word about it.

Then as the bill progressed, the CEO said that he didn’t care for the bill personally. But wasn’t going to make any noise about it, only to try and use his influence from the inside. “ I got a checkbook and I gotta big check! Who wants one?” Innocent, innocent, I tells ya! The Disney CEO gave a milk toast response to a direct question, backing up as he said it. Because of it, Disney has been declared, Dun, dun , dun, duh “Woke” by the friendly folks Faux News. “You vegetate and we decide.”

Why this must be the scandal of the century! Why this is way more important than a Supreme Court nominee. Miles ahead of an investigation into a bloody insurrection. Corrupt wife of a Supreme Court Justice, where did you hear that? Even more important than Twump’s failed appearance in Michigan, “I hereby declare this Kroger store officially open!” Why this is even more important than Hunter Biden’s laptop. New clues in the Seth Rich obviously murdered by Hillary Clinton case. Why this is even more important than a war with a friend of Donald Twump’s.

“Gentleman, Gentleman, we need a scandal. And we need one right away. So, we’ve picked you!” How green is my Astroturf? Disney says, they don’t believe that this is a fair application of the law. That doesn’t mean “Woke.” And while they may be scum sucking,  kiddie exploiting bastards, they still have a right to their own opinion.” Disney Corporation does have a right to their own opinion, even in Fascist Florida.

Disney just chose to have one during Republican scandals, which is their misfortune. They have been named, the designated distraction. I saw a Faux thumbnail, “Disney Woke under California Liberals.”  Margie Greene declared that Disney was pro pedophile but hasn’t sold her stock yet. In yet another Kindergarten attempt to tie Disney with a failed Republican attempt to smear a Supreme Court nominee. After Marge, having only read the memo herself yesterday. You see, when you don’t have any committee assignments. The office is just good place to put your purse away.

Smear, smear, smear, “California” “Pro pedophile” “Woke Liberals!” Evidence?

Disney doesn’t ever want to engage in political dialog. But only because they can’t make any money from doing it. Job one! Sell more tickets Bubba, sell them the big, giant plush mouse doll and Princess Dildo commemorative cups. Sell em hotdogs! And a Caribbean cruise, sell em the hotel, and dinner and drinks and DVD’s. Sell the whole package. Don’t let them suckers leave here with one single fucking dime in their pockets. “Come on daddy, it’s only $200.” Turn them over and shake them for to loosen the jingling money inside their pockets. After that, Disney don’t give a raging shit about nothing!

A scandal without a victim, “Disney “Woke” says Faux News. The problem being, that Disney is not without resources. Every story Faux does about “Woke” Disney, lessens the chances that statewide Republicans in Florida, are going to get their calls returned in the fall. You threaten Disney; you just threated the biggest badest mo fo in the woods.

The largest employer in the whole Fascist Florida Republic. “Let’s kick Disney in the nuts for no good reason. Oh wait, we do have a good reason. They dared to disagree with the Governor and dared to voice their own opinion. And everyone knows, that you can’t do that in Florida. Not without expecting to catch a bunch shit about it.

The new Republican Goldstein, wreckers and woke fifth columnists. With the irony of it being, it’s a Faux News, AstroTurf scandal with a predictable formulas, scenarios, and plots . Against another media company that makes formula Television and movies, with predictable formulas, scenarios, and plots. They could probably raid each other’s writer’s rooms looking for new talent! Someone who understands the algorithm and drum machine, and the value of the laugh track.

“I think you guys are going to have to come up with a lot of wonderful new lies, or people just aren’t going to want to go on living.”
― Kurt Vonnegut

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