Strict Rules of Behavior

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

After four years of draft levies, all the men that were left to recruit were the very young or the very old. Demographics dictated the number and quality of men would shrink as a mathematical certainty. This same problem was faced on all sides in World War One. They had slaughtered a European generation and were running out of young men. Something had to be done.

The machine gun, the airplane, and the U-boat. With gas attacks, zeppelins, tanks, and storm troopers. Gas attacks were considered fair play back in the day. The main reason they were discontinued, was the unpredictability of the wind. A sudden wind change could really gnarl up the offensive. A weather report was, look out the window and see. Trenches and fortifications dug and stretched for hundreds of miles. In a very strange quirk of history. The first trench networks of fortifications were built outside of Petersburg, Virginia, in the 1860s. Eerie photographs predicting the future like a Twilight Zone episode.

But this was war on a larger and grander scale, everything is bigger in the future. The gas was supposed to break the stalemate and the Zeppelin bombings. But nothing seemed to work, and time was, or men were running out. The British having an advantage in Navy tried to open a new front in Turkey. The Germans having an advantage in U-boats chose unrestricted U-boat warfare. You see chivalry wasn’t dead yet.

The sub commander was supposed to surface and say, “I’ve got you now old boy. So, take your things and get off! I’m about to sink your unarmed vessel under the fair rules of war.” And as crazy as that sounds to us today. To do the opposite was considered barbaric to them. Firing shells filled with chemical death was fine but sinking a passenger liner filled with civilians was considered over the edge.

You can bomb Paris if you like or drop a few bombs on London and kill a few innocents here and there. But killing them all at once like that, that is a war crime. And for species without a good memory or a lick of sense. Humanity has declared chemical weapons over the edge. Verboten, and accepted by all almost. It is the red line in Ukraine. From regional war to World War in one easy lesson. To reduce Ukrainian cities to rubble with thousands of bombs, rockets and bullets is okay. But if you’re thinking of dropping just one bomb to solve your problem, you’ll soon have another problem.

“You see, man is the reasoning animal. Such is the claim.” – Mark Twain

We have rules on this planet. This ain’t no hooligan hangout where anything goes, and you can’t spit on the floor if you want. We have rules and conventions for these things. Which horrible weapons are acceptable on the modern battlefield and which, are considered just too, too cruel.

Adding in that Ukraine was the victim of an unprovoked attack. A paranoid delusional wanting to rebuild the sandcastles of his youth, that never really were. Rebuilding the Soviet Union without all the nasty politics and gaudy parades. You still do as you’re told, you just don’t do it for the Party anymore. You do it because we said so. But is appears that without those political officers to revive their spirit, the Russian army is lacking.

The lack of discipline and the disciplined training that produced planned atrocities. Political murders and abductions. Rapes and drunken shooting sprees. An army barely in control of itself. Seconds away from losing all pretense of being an army at all. A unformed criminal street gang, practicing terrorism marginally under the control of Mister Big in Moscow.

But it’s only a war crime if you can catch us. And you probably won’t catch us if we just murder a few civilians at a time. A mayor and his family or a university professor to terrorize the towns folk. Unrestricted terrorism and It’s Groundhog Day! See ya, tomorrow! Steal your cell phone, steal your car, murder your wife, and rape your daughter. You know, military targets.

The Germans figured by using unrestricted U-boat attacks they could bring the UK to its knees, before the United States could intervene. The sinking of the Lusitania was considered a war crime of the highest order. Fanning the flames of anti-German sentiment. That dirty Kaiser! That’s too much God Damn it! This means war! Along with the Zimmerman telegram childishly promising Mexico, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, if she would rise against the United States. The telegram really shows their desperation and willingness to try anything.

That was it. That was red line for the United States. The first time you sink a passenger liner full of civilians, were going to throw our hat in the ring. But provided, that we don’t have to see the horror and experience the horror and you promise to kill fairly, following the rules of war. Feel free to carry on, we won’t try and stop you.

But theoretically at least, we have learned. Making deals with dictators is a sucker’s play. Giving back the Sudetenland is but temporary fix. This conflict has been going of for years. A larger nation attacking a smaller nation. But as long as it was only taking small bites, the world looked away. Now the monster has gotten angry and gone mad and wants to settle things once and for all. And he’s right, the world needs to settle this once and for all. The red line has been crossed; European genocide is verboten. One is not safe unless all are safe.

There can’t be any kind of peace agreement or ceasefire with Vladimir Putin’s signature on it, Without making a mockery of the entire world. You see, they have this piece of paper with ribbons on it and colored wax stuff. And once you sign that paper NATO will spare no expense to save you. But if you don’t have the paper, they will watch and cheer you on all they can.

Maybe choking off their money and throttling the Russian economy will work while Ukraine is being flattened. But the problem is not in Ukraine, is it? The problem is in Russia, isn’t it? Is the world or Ukraine willing to settle its differences with the most vicious war criminal the world has seen since the of the days of the Third Reich? Adding his name to histories dishonor roll of mass murderers.

The only honorable course of a war is in stopping a war. If the west is too challenged to stand up to a murderous war criminal, then we’ve already lost the war. And have chosen dishonor before death. Let the Russians make a mockery of all our fine talk about justice and freedom. Let the children die, let the mothers cry. As long as they follow the rules and even if they don’t and we can’t catch them. Then they can get away with murder, but don’t you think for one minute, that you can just go round spitting on the floor. Humanity has strict rules of behavior.

“It is not, believe me, my American friends, from any ignoble shrinking from pain and death that the British and French peoples pray for peace. It is not because we have any doubts how a struggle between Nazi Germany and the civilized world would ultimately end that we pray tonight and every night for peace. But whether it be peace or war, peace with its broadening and brightening prosperity, now within our reach, or war with its measureless carnage and destruction-we must strive to frame some system of human relations in the future which will bring to an end this prolonged hideous uncertainty, which will let the working and creative forces of the world get on with their job, and which will no longer leave the whole life of mankind dependent upon the virtues, the caprice, or the wickedness of a single man.

– Winston Churchill

2 Thoughts

  1. I agree with everything he said and I am so ashamed of my country bc you have to do more than kill children to rouse us! Our schools are killing fields for children! A five year old must die so some sick empty person can feel alive! We lost what little honor we had at Sandy Hook! Don’t expect us to care about ppl being killed in a far away place we can’t find on a map!
    To see brave honest ppl die for their convictions is not something we are not use to and don’t understand !
    So we will stand around and say how we support Ukraine and do nothing and Evil wins again!


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