Inside the Wall

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

For five years, I lived and worked outside of the fourth largest Amish Community in the United States. I learned a lot about the Amish both good and bad, but mainly good. The bad comes in at dreaming of being a scientist or running off to Broadway and becoming a dancing sensation. When the Bible says, “Be in the world but not of the world.” The Amish take that stuff seriously, no Amish will ever win a Nobel Prize for Science or Mathematics.

They have their own schools, and the big ones teach the little ones. If you misbehave in class, you aren’t punished for what you’ve done. You’re punished for what you’ve done to the class. You are expected to be good for the good of all. But I was standing in line behind an Amish gentleman with a small boy in tow. Ahead of them was a Black man with dreadlocks. The little boy had never seen such before and was curious, staring at him. Without a word, the father gently turned the boy’s chin. As if to say, “None of your business.”

Being neither hot nor cold. Wet or dry approving or disapproving. That’s all on the other side of the invisible wall. A sheltered community without homeless or the uninsured. Work hard, do as your told. Find a nice girl and settle down. Live your life with god and a plow, or carpenters’ tools or construction work. But if you happen to be different or deviate from the lifestyle in anyway, you won’t stay. But I always admired their “We mind our business, so you mind yours.”

There was talk of wild Amish sex parties. But it was mainly just talk. Because you had to be to be Amish to attend. And if the person telling you about it wasn’t Amish. Then it was just talk. “Oooh, I bet they do scandalous dirty things, when we’re not looking!” Isn’t that just the way though, Jews Catholics and Democrats, are all accused of blood rituals and cannibalism but with the Amish, it’s wild sex parties! Some people have all the luck.

But I think the Amish are correct about walls. The wall between you and yours, and the outside world. If you catch your kid skipping school, you’ll take care of it. No need to get the cops involved. If you catch your wife cheating on you. You call a lawyer, not the cops. That’s nobodies’ business but your own. The most conservative of religious ideologies in the country say, “Mind your own business.” You can’t drag them to heaven against their will, and they can’t drag you either. Each person’s road to heaven is their own, and it is wrong to interfere, unless you are inside the wall.

I want to be clear that this thinking is the most truly religious conservative thought in America.

But, because the Amish refuse to participate in politics, they don’t have politicians pandering to them. “And if elected, we’ll make everybody drive a horse and buggy! It will be agin the law, not to wear suspenders or a straw hat in Summer. We’ll get rid of the school tax, because we don’t send our kids to “your” schools. While the Amish would never approve of an abortion, they would never agree with a law criminalizing Abortion.

The Texans have found their first young abortion lynching victim. As expected, young poor, scared and alone. Do you know why there are so many stories in our bygone lore of young women drowning in the river. Or throwing themselves off cliffs, when their lovers fail to return? Yeah, like that. Two deaths are better than one death and shame. What will everyone think of me? Poor child, just drowned in the river.

It’s a law without a crime, it is the biggest fucking nanny state move ever, that the Republicans are always railing against. Let’s see what they’d say, if we handled gun control the same way. The state interfering in the personal life of an adult, based on moral grounds and instructions not to eat shellfish. Let’s send that Paddy wagon over to the Red Lobster at dinner time. Let’s arrest those working on the Sabbath, both Saturday and Sunday, just to be on the safe side. But we don’t do that, we let you sort that out between you and your god. It’s none of the state’s business if you wanna drink whiskey on a Sunday.

“The Hard right has no interest in religion, but to manipulate it.” – Billy Graham

But they’s murdering babies! Won’t you please send half of your 401K to this address so we can bomb them. Jesus is so pissed off; he’s got his army boots on and is stomping on puppies again, and only you can stop him! The end of Roe is the end of the fundraising road. Imagine trying to fundraise off of gun control, after all the guns have been banned. It kinda let’s the air out of the balloon. Dated, like a Daughters of the Confederacy meeting. “Today, I’d like to speak about the glorious dead again.”

But the events in Texas, harken us back to the days of ancient Rome. Where the victim will be used for political sport in the coliseum to amuse the crowd, before releasing the lions. All for the pleasure and benefit of the Emperor sponsoring the games. Remember, never tell anyone the truth in the hospital. There could be Rudolph Hess Jr. Nazis spies listening, who are willing to turn you in to the cops. Not for a reward or anything, but just because they wanna help. Trust No One at the Hospital! Better to just bleed to death at home, than go to the hospital and face life in prison.

The Emperor baths himself in the white light of the god’s love. See how tough he is! He can push a lonely, scared women into hurting herself, and potentially ending two lives. To keep from facing the outrage and charge of the indignant state. Backed into a corner by an unjust and repressive law, which only applies 50% of the state’s occupants. If anyone should be charged with a crime, it’s the Governor of Texas.

Aiming for higher office by surreptitiously utilizing Jesus and climbing on the backs of poor women. As long there are airports in Texas, there will be Abortions. Women with means, will simply fly to wherever access to safe abortion is available in the civilized world, and then fly back to Texas. They won’t be checked or asked, why they flew wherever they flew. It is a net that only catches the poor and unfortunate, and works as its designed to work.

It is designed to get a politician elected to higher office period. On an article of protested faith, that they and their family will never have to face. They have Master Card and American Express with frequent flier miles, which make them not subject to the laws which they inflict on others. We want to outlaw abortion, but only for the poor and desperate.

You know, take their day-to-day misery, and somehow find a way at great expense to the taxpayer, for the state to somehow make it worse! The rich and affluent are free to come and go along their merry way, but you know those poor people. “Oooh, I bet they do scandalous dirty things, when we’re not looking!”

“I like your Christ. But I don’t like your Christians” –  Mahatma Gandhi

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