Beat It!

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I am reminded of the Billy Joel hit, “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” Because we didn’t, but we know who did. Think tangerine in a blonde wig. Outside of Kansas City, there was problem brewing. Because of rising home prices and rents, with stagnant area wages.  More and more renters were doubling up, sharing homes and apartments.

To the Republicans in Kansas, the answer to this problem was very simple. Pass a law to outlaw being the working poor caught in the whirlwind of 21st Century America, in their fine city. Known affectionately as “Get out of my town, you lazy bastards act!” Though officially, known by something more gentile sounding, like “the landlord protection act from the dirty working scum. ” That’s right your honor. I rented her the apartment a year ago, now, she’s got a kid in there with her! I’m being robbed.”

The landlord has every right to limit the number of tenents in a unit. It’s a bedroom, not a dormitory, but the Republicans, those champions of liberty loving people everywhere, want to take it a step further. They want to include familial association.  Two unrelated women each with one child in a two-bedroom apartment is illegal. Two women legally married to each other each with one child, is still illegal, as the children are not related to each other, unless legally adopted. Two sisters, each with one child fine.

It is expected the “Get out of my town, you lazy bastards act!” Will end the sufferings of landlords forced to endure the financial shenanigans of these unrelated scofflaws. Making laws to punish people for daring to be poor and live under the same wages they themselves impose. An unsustainable recipe for disaster. “Gee, we can’t get any workers?” Maybe because no one can afford to live around there and ain’t driving that far for the peanut shell wages offered.

Meanwhile, in the Republicans twit Olympics. The race goes on to decide which hotdog, will be crowned as the king of all hotdogs! Who will wear the crown of “Savior of the lunatic fringe?” You know, “That Slurry with the racist fringe on the top.” Death ray Ron DeSantis is getting more headlines with his “Kill the Golden Goose” campaign, shadow boxing with a cartoon character.

But since Tehas Governor Gregg “Bubba” Abbott, doesn’t have a cartoon mouse to beat up on. He does the next best thing and clogs up the border. Costing employer and employee alike, a lot of money. Well sure, maybe that plan backfired. But he’s still got National Guard troops down on the Mexican border, with not much to do but hang out. “Bubba” sent them because it was a good stunt to get attention on Faux News, but the attention didn’t last. But problem is that once you declare an emergency and send in the Guard, there is no way to declare victory and let em go home.

Bubba is going to redirect $500 million from the Tehas state budget to pay for the Guard to hang out. $210 million from Tehas Health and Human Services. $160 million from the Department of Public Safety.  Department of Health, and juvenile justice services. The usual suspects, “I suppose we could always squeeze some nickels and dimes from the widows and orphans Smithers.” Half a billion dollars for a Macy’s parade that never even moves.

The National Guard can’t stop immigration any more than the army could stop the measles. But Bubba has to convince you, that he’s tough. He’s doing something, even if it’s nothing at all. He’d punch a cartoon mouse too if he had one to punch.

But since he doesn’t, he must fan the flames of immigration hysteria or find a mouse. Bubba needs $500 million to pay for his folly. And the best ideas he can come up with is to take the money from the police and Public Health Service and minor children in legal trouble.

“Who remembers, “Defund the police?” Bubba’s all about defunding the police. No new police cars or raises this year fellas. What do we need with a Public Health Department anyway? You know, if we only have a pandemic every hundred years or so, we should be cool! Kids? Hey, kids grow up don’t they, problem solved.

But while Bubba and Death Ray jockey for position, another candidate oozes forth stealthily. Growing like a mold or a bacterium strain. It was just the other day when Mississippi Governor, Tate “Pappy O’Daniels” Reeves, announced the largest tax cut in the state’s history. Eliminating the lowest tax bracket entirely (The one that nobody paid anyway) and cut taxes for the state’s wealthiest residents.

Yesterday, “Pappy” vetoed the $50 million dollar appropriation for the University of Mississippi, University Medical Center. Here’s the best part, the money came from the rescue act. And the governor is saying, it’s time for the hospital to stand on its own two feet. We won’t give you the money, even if someone gives it to us to give to you.

“There is little reason that Mississippi taxpayers should radically increase the commitment to further subsidize the operations of UMMC to the detriment of competitors,” – Tate “Pappy O’Daniels” Reeves

You see the hospital is also a teaching hospital and a trauma center and treats a lot of poor people. So, what have we learned? What is the Republican solution to the problem of too many poor people using the hospital? That’s right, you starve it.

Sure, it means people will probably die. So? Texans will suffer because Bubba is converting $500 million of their tax dollars into a long running campaign stunt. They don’t care, it will always be Joe Biden’s fault.

If you can appeal to their classism, and their racism, their sexism. And if you can probe for their frightened sense of entitlement and threaten it. It’s very easy to understand Republicanism. You have the right to just as much life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as you can afford. Otherwise, beat it! Before I call the cops on you.

Get out of my town, get out of my state! Jesus loves you; God bless America! Now fuck off, best of luck to ya. Don’t call us, just clock out and scram. We’ll call you again when we need you. And don’t steal nothing! We’re watching you! We know about how you people are. This land ain’t your land this land is ain’t your land, this land ain’t your land, this land is my land!

“No business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country,” clarifying that “by living wages I mean more than a bare subsistence level—I mean the wages of decent living.” – Franklin Deleno Roosevelt

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