A Universal Human Constant

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I want to repeat something I said a few months back because I’m vain and narcissistic. That feeling that you get when you throw your hand up in class, certain that you know the correct answer.  But it is a universal human constant which makes it easy to remember. It is the same principle in ancient Greece or Rome, as it is today, or was in ancient China.

When Jesus was proclaimed as King of the Jews, the other king. The one in the palace with all the soldiers and weapons took offense to that remark. Because there wasn’t but one king of anything around here Junior. And to prove my point, I’m gonna have you executed. Just to prove, I’m the only king around these parts. Same as it ever was.

I said months ago that it was time for the January 6th conspirators to liquidate their assets to crypto coins, grow a beard, leave the country, and change their name to Nigel Rangoon or Pavel Hagedorn. Run damn you run! Run you damn fool, before they seize your passport. Run before you have to sneak out of the country in a private jet, in crate marked auto parts.

John Andre’ was executed by the Americans for aiding Benedict Arnold. They’d have hung Arnold too, if they could have caught him. They’d have hung Arnold even if it made their lunch late. If they had laid hands on him, they’d have surely killed him. No doubt and no question. They hung everyone involved in the Lincoln assassination, guilty or not. The plot to kill Hitler? You bet.

If you try and subvert the government through deed or violent action, you forfeit your life period. They killed Guy Fawkes, didn’t they? It is a high stakes game and worthy of a Las Vegas VIP room. It’s quite literally the original high stakes gambling, gambling with your own head. If you win, everything is golden. But if you lose, everything goes to black, and you don’t get to live around here anymore. (House Rules)

I was overwhelmed and astonished at how the January 6th conspirators had gossiped and spoke like school children on a field trip. Their every incriminating word is recorded for posterity. Almost as if unaware that they were violating their most basic sacred trust and leaving themselves wide open to a possible death sentence someday. For what other purpose was the guillotine or the electric chair invented? To stop chicken thieves and peeping Tom’s perhaps?

Mark Meadows complains his seditious texts are being released to the public in an effort to make him look bad. Much in the same way Al Capone’s tax returns or the concentration camp films made the Nazi’s look bad at Nuremburg. “It’s not fair, they are telling the truth about me.” But it’s like the conspirators were under the influence of some drug or in a stupor. Acting without any fear of security cameras, It’ll be alright. They won’t execute us!

For a day or so, they felt remorse like the guilty hangover after the office Christmas Party. Then the game became “Huh what?” Gaslight 101. Insurrection? Why, whatever are you talking about? Why, you mean that little patriotic idiotic display? “Those aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” But they’re skunked and the stink is on them strong, and it is as noticeable as string of tin cans tied to their legs. “Hey Marley? Where did you get all those cool chains?”

It’s all down in black and white, push the phony election story. Claim Twump won and that the election was fixed and work to subvert the outcome of a legal election. You know who should be really angry, but aren’t? Republican voters aka, Faux News viewers. “Tonight’s top story is a bunch of smoke and lies, blown straight up your dumb ass! Tune in and let us talk down to you stupid people. Let’s us treat you just like the morons you appear to be. With stories of things unreal which never occurred from the legends of Death Valley Days, I’m your host, the ghost of Ronald Reagan.”

Faux News was betting the ranch and facing a billion-dollar lawsuit. That’s serious of course, but not near as serious as your head taking a vacation from the rest of your body. In the United Kingdom, it is traditional for the heads of traitors to be placed on pikes on Tower Hill. America has no such colorful equivalent of this fine tradition. Nothing to amuse the tourists and to otherwise deter the treasonous. Someone should call the Chamber of Commerce about this omission.

The really weird part was that their plan never could have succeeded. The chances were one in a hundred at best. “Duh, Twump was in charge. ” Your life versus, one in a hundred. The Vice President didn’t have the power to not certify the election. He was smart enough to know that. He understood that we don’t have a Tower Hill in this country now. But that if he disrupted the election, his head could be first displayed when the new facility was opened. It would have been throwing down the gauntlet of sedition and raising the flag of treason against the sitting government.

The death penalty though harsh, has been proven an effective deterrent against repeated attempts at sedition. Though personally opposed to the death penalty myself, I’m willing to make exceptions. They let the Austrian Corporal out of jail and look what happened. Democracy is precious, and for those who would rise against it are untrustworthy to carry on with us in this existence. For they would consider your moderate treatment of them as traitors, only as an invitation to try again. Because if the tables were ever turned, history has shown; they would have you executed without a second thought.

Their behavior is proof vouch safe, that they have no allegiance to laws or to justice. In their world, there is no Constitution or Bill of Rights. They wanted what they wanted because they wanted it. And if they had to step over the murdered corpse of American Democracy to get it, so be it. For those who would dare to attempt treason, I’m open to the most extreme punishment. They have played cards with the devil, and they’ve lost, and now it’s time to quit whining and climb the scaffold. Treason is treason and the penalty for treason is a universal human constant.

“It must be considered that there is nothing more difficult to carry out, nor more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to handle, than to initiate a new order of things.”
Niccolò Machiavelli

“The argument was made in a filing Friday in Washington’s federal court, where Meadows sued in December to invalidate subpoenas issued to him for his testimony and to Verizon for his cell phone records. In the latest filing, lawyers for Meadows asked a judge to reject the committee’s request for an expedited ruling in its favor that would force Meadows to comply with the subpoenas. The committee requested an expedited briefing schedule Wednesday after filing its motion the previous week.” – PBS

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