Like My Mother Said

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

There is no such thing as a leak at the Supreme Court. As my mother used to tell me, “Don’t be stupid.” This was only a trial balloon to gauge the public reaction. Tell them now, in May, and let sink in some, so it won’t have the same stinging reaction again in September before we take it away for real. Accidentally releasing information certain to incite angry mobs on a Friday night news dump. “Oh, heaven forfend, now how did that happen?”

The justices were probably peeking out from behind their office blinds to see if it was safe to go home. They know, this has been more than twenty-five years in the making. It’s important for the appearance of integrity and comic sans justice and the dignity of their robes. That everyone pretend they didn’t know what those conservative justices were up too.

A safety valve used to overrule the will of the people with “Justice.” You know, like my mother used to say. When the issue of the day was, does a runaway slave still belong to his owner? Survey says; sure! No matter where you go or try to hide. Through time and topography, you will always be a slave cause that man over there, he showed me an official looking piece of paper that said you were. A runaway is cheating his master out of the services that he paid good and fair money for! Let’s be clear, the runaway slave was considered the criminal here. Stealing from the master.

When the question of the day was, labor unions pushing for the end of child labor. The Subprime court ruled that there was nothing wrong child labor. Nothing wrong at all, with eight-year-olds working twelve hours a day in a coal mine. “It’s easier, because they don’t have to stoop as much.” Their little hands are good at grabbing the spindles in the looms in sewing mills. Adults lose fingers, but those little hands make it easier for them, unless they are a clumsy sort.

As the country slid towards bedlam with food riots, massive unemployment and social unrest. The Administration proposed the National Recovery Act. A set of rules for business to play by. You agreed to pay fair wages. You agreed to not overcharge the customer, by taking advantage of the situation. You got a sign put in your store window. It told the consumer that your business was committed to playing fair. The court declared that unconstitutional. If the government gives you a sign that says you play fair. It is saying inherently that others don’t.

Never mind that people were starving; it’s the principle of the law! Let them all starve before we will allow you to hamper big business like that. Slander them with baseless accusations of price gouging. Why, how dare you imply John D. Rockefeller took unfair advantage. Jeffery Skilling can get his appeal before the Supreme Court before a Black teenager on Riker’s Island, accused of stealing a book bag can even get a hearing.

Do you want some more Justice? Or have you had enough? When the issue of the day was the theft of African American tax dollars to be spent on White schools that their Black children could not attend by law. The court ruled…? Why that’s just fine! Don’t bother us with these trifles anymore! “It’s separate! But it’s equal! See? Isn’t that fair to everyone? Just call us Solomon and call the next case. This stuff is easy. See, we get a drinking fountain, and you get a drinking fountain too! We get a part of the bus, and you get a part of the bus too! We get a window at the Dairy Queen, and you get a window at the Dairy Queen!”

On the eve of triumph, there only now dawns the realization that the end of the quest is the end of the road period. No more fundraising off the backs of all those poor aborted fetuses, that Jesus won’t allow into heaven. Because they’ve never heard his name and must suffer in purgatory for eternity because of it. Life begins at conception. Oh yeah? What’s your fetuses name? Will I be invited to the conception party? Are there little dick and vaginas candles on the cake? Maybe plastic figures on the cake, drunk and fornicating. Their success is their failure, their certain victory is their certain defeat.

They let this cat out of the bag to get you used to the idea, and to hopefully calm down some before election day. But why should they donate their money and show up for the primary now, if the babies are safe and Jesus is happy? They have placated their base and energized their opposition.  They want to try figure out how many Congressional seats they will lose in the mid-terms. The correct answer is all of them. Every single Republican has played a part in this conspiracy and in this fraud. Susan Collins with her, “Oh gee, I think he lied to us Toto!” The penalty for stupid is the same as the penalty for smart.

In the hour of defeat are found the keys of victory. Unhappy? Pissed off? Think both parties are just the same? We can change the world; they are badly outnumbered demographically. This is Pearl Harbor; this is the Coup Part Two. “When Justice Reigns!”

Remember, the January 6th plan was to get alternate sets of Twump electors appointed. Then make the Supreme Court decide what to do. And in all of the conspirator’s mountains of text messages, none ever expressed slightest doubt the Supreme Court wouldn’t play along. No one doubted even for second that the Supreme Court wouldn’t rule for them. It was a given. No matter what bullshit argument they put forward. Yeah, just like my mother said.

This is the farthest exponent of Twumpy McTwump Face politics. Seedy and slimy smarmy, corrupt, and capricious. If this doesn’t motivate the American voter to rise up in anger at the sham perpetrated upon them. They deserve whatever sad fate awaits them. To look you right in the eye and say, “Oh, that’s established law. I’d never touch that, Senator!” There will be no more conservative justices  appointed, if you make it so!

Two sets of laws separate but equal. If a rich woman wants an abortion, she need only grab her passport and fly to the city of her choice. If a poor woman wants an abortion, she can do the same thing. But this isn’t about God or babies or making Jesus happy, this about control. This is about placating the base with the only stunt they had left in the bag to pull. Not because they are strong but because they are weak, and their sails are flagging. Like my mother said. Passing laws based on religious texts which only apply to the poor, under the principle of separate but equal.

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  1. Lots of rich old white men money in adoption, foster care, private christian schools, cheap employees in prison and sexual exploitation.


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