The Devil’s Goal

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It is the very reason that I try to always avoid the mainstream media. I was running on the treadmill and couldn’t hear what was on the TV, until I stepped off. The CBS streaming service was on, and the banner headline read, “The Debate over Abortion Rights!” That stopped me in my tracks. “What debate over Abortion rights was that? There is no debate over Abortion rights. That’s settled law. You ask any of the liars on the Supreme Court if you don’t believe me.

We already had that debate decades ago, and it’s decided law. It’s like calling a bank hold up, “The Debate Over Who Really Owns the Money!” Or try this one; “January 6th was just the debate over who owned the government!” Have you heard them debating any other rights lately? “The Debate Over Free Speech.” To get any more Orwellian than that you’d have to be drinking gin, playing chess, and thinking about rats eating your face. That really deserves a Winston Smith Award.

It’s not Fascist Republicans trying to strip women of their reproductive rights…it’s a debate! It’s a debate between established law and what the Republicans want. Some genuinely believe in a book found in most motel nightstands and popular with the suicidal. And because they believe it with all their hearts, they want you to believe too. And if you don’t, we’re gonna have a debate over an open fire and put you in it. Convert or die, this is the new crusades.

Fascism requires an enemy and it cannot get by without a crisis stream. The enemy must always be at the gates and the faithful kept at a fever pitch. Now here’s where irony meets the Alka Seltzer. Most conservatives won’t watch CBS, because CBS is considered too liberal! The politicians play the suckers like a violin for all they’re worth, before being found guilty of raping a 19-year-old intern or frequently visiting teen prostitutes. Dennis Hastert rots in jail convicted of raping little boys. Tell me again, all about your morality.

When Jim Jordan was the locker room attendant at the Ohio State University, during a locker room sex scandal. Jim Jordan didn’t see anything. Lots of other people did, but not Jim. Some said it was even common knowledge, but not Jim. Boy oh boy, an eyewitness could have cost the University a fortune. Jim, he kept his head down and kept ironing the wrinkles out of those wrestling tights and athletic supporters. He cleaned the laundry and kept his mouth shut.

In the name of religion, we’ve thrown virgins into the volcano. But in the name of religion, most of the virgins have been converted, no matter how devout their beliefs. “Duh, how can we get more women to have sex with us?” Ooh, that God sure looks angry today! You know what that means!

God says, you should give me 10% of your income. That is to say, only a cheapskate gives 10%. If you really want to go to the head of the class, it’s gonna cost you. Like Alice’s Restaurant you can get anything you want. “I know as the Pope; I really shouldn’t be saying this. Because the Bible and Jesus say on nearly every page, that you shouldn’t be going around killing nobody. But these folks done pissed me off. And didn’t send the money, and by my hand this day, you may kill as many of those mother fuckers as you like! It’s okay, it’s got God’s gold seal of approval!”

Burn their crops and villages, rape their women, and steal their cattle and enslave their children! It’s all good. God approves! The blood of heathens on your sword will smooth your path into heaven, just as long as you keep up the payments.

A dark ages confidence game. The king pays the Pope, for the Pope to approve of his majesty’s piety. If his majesty doesn’t make his payments, the Pope soon discovers he’s been consorting with Satan again. And then said Pope places a price on his head, while threatening to rise the populace against him. “Your payment has been received! Thank you! The Papal Bull against your life has just been lifted.”

If it was a scam in 535 and a scam in 1450. What is it today in 2022? There’s this guy there is no proof who ever existed and who never said anything about reproductive rights, in a book they wrote down 4oo years later. He is their champion, and he’s agin killing little unborn babies, and thinks it’s the greatest fundraising ploy, since the crucifixion.

 And if elected you can dry your wetted eyes. Your closely held religious beliefs will always trump the legal rights of others, with me in office! Why with your closely held religious beliefs and financial donations, along with our criminal nature (Praise Jesus!). We can loot the treasury with tax cuts and destroy the public schools!

Jesus never went to a public school! “I let Jesus choose the books in our school Library!”

Invisible enemy’s and demons, boogity, boogities (The best kind.) all hiding behind the trees. All out to get you, and steal your immortal soul, because the devil is everywhere. The devil is in the junkie’s needle and in the demon rum. The devil is in the suggestive neckline or working on the Sabbath. The devil fouls our purity and piety, and he is relentless. He places dinosaur bones under the earth to beguile us and builds space telescopes to question the teachings of our lord.

Abortion is a medical procedure; can you think of any other medical procedures regulated by church gospel? “Sorry, we can’t do your heart surgery. You see, the heart is a sacred organ, and it would be morally wrong for a surgeon to try and repair it. It’s God’s decision your child should die, rather than having a simple surgery. Quit being a baby about it and accept it, before you go making God angry again and he decides to kill someone else.”  (Shhh, be very quiet.)

Fascism requires an enemy and it cannot get by without a crisis stream. Are you just gonna sit there on your big fat wallet, while Jesus cries like a schoolgirl jilted at the barn dance? Theys killing unborn babies and your taxes are too high! There’s no such thing as climate change, and besides don’t worry, if we’re wrong, Jesus has got it all covered.

Don’t talk to me about dark ages, I know one when I see one. Deciding issues of modern human rights with ancient teachings, from a book of ancient myths and legends from the nightstand of the Day’s Inn. Why not throw bones in a circle or divine sheep entrails or throw I Ching? Summon the court Astrologer, we have a moral question decide.

The number of the beast is 666 – Ronald (6) Wilson (6)Reagan (6)

The beast will be assassinated for all to see yet will not die. The Reagan’s moved into their new California home with the street address of 668. The address changed at the request of Nancy Reagan from 666.

Dig this one, “The scarlet beast is shown being ridden by a harlot (From Eastern Europe perhaps?) who “reigns over the kings of the earth”, You know Scarlet is like Red. Like with the mark of the beast on their forehead, like with a baseball cap?” Boy! Does that one ever hit close to home.

It means whatever you want it to mean. It’s gobbledygook. Nostradamus quatrains, “He’s either talking about the rise of Mussolini here or the invention of television, WWII or the 1962 Yankees and Whitey Ford. One of Noah’s relatives was forced carried malaria and typhus during the flood, or it would have died out. It’s mighty thin. But I think we can still use it for tax cuts and to destroy the public schools

The devil’s goal is to deceive.

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