You Can’t Steal a Landslide

Falling through the Universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It gets depressing sometimes I know, but don’t let get to you. If you weren’t worried about this, you’d be worried about something else. Because worry is a part of our human nature, and they want you depressed and worried. You’ll be less likely to try and fight back, if you’re depressed and apathetic. Why else would Gregg “Bubba” Abbott announce that he was going after public education on the heals of the Subprime Court News dump? Giving them the old one, two.

It’s amusing to watch their phony outrage, like a house cat fighting with a spider. “That slimy little woke liberal who leaked that opinion, should be hung up by his thumbs!” And the more they dance and the more they prance and jump about is only proof positive that the News dump was all planned from the beginning. This is a revolutionary act, the taking away of rights. The court of an educated nation reversing itself 180 degrees. Saying in effect, that we were wrong, and that right we gave you? We’ll, you can’t have it anymore.

You know what? “We’ve reviewed the case, and we think Prohibition never should have been repealed. So, effective the first of next month…guess what? Of course, it’s nonsense but illustrates the point of a court that swings whichever way the wind blows. And I’m no legal scholar, but from what I remember from school, it’s not supposed to work that way. It’s not supposed be a tennis match with legal, illegal, legal. Okay, legal here but not legal there. Because um, your national civil rights are dependent entirely, upon your state geography.

Down in the south of Colorado they have marijuana tourism along the border. And the out of staters rent a room on Friday night and go by the dispensary and return home Saturday, without ever violating the law. A serious violation of law on one side of the line and a fun Friday night on the other. There is a serious challenge to the national legalization of marijuana. In legal states, liquor sales go down. If you don’t think Jack Daniels and Jimmy Bean won’t whoop your ass over that. Prescriptions for anti-depressants also go down. Well, the law is law, isn’t it? We must respect the law. Marijuana – The Assassin of Youth.

It’s not unprecedented for a court to strip away rights. It’s a signal, like the bell ringing in a boxing arena. It’s ugly but not unprecedented. (Maybe I do need a passport?) In 1935 the Jews were stripped of their German citizenship. The Bush court opened a secret prison in Guantanamo, so they didn’t have to provide civil rights to the inmates confined there. The attack on 9/11 was so horrible, it’s okay if we round up the Japanese and put them all in internment camps. Well, that’s the law isn’t?

She was seen outside her house after nine o’clock. If that’s not proof, that she was consorting with the devil. I just don’t what is! Burn her she’s a witch! But not on Sunday, that’s against the law. In some states, the condemned can choose their own method of execution. “I choose old age!” The state may execute me with old age. Failing that, death by prostitute. Or death by liquor and cocaine overdose at the Viper room. I promise, I’ll try harder this time.

I know and accept that things may appear to look dire. But look at the situation through the other side of the mirror. What happens when you give a crying baby what it wants? It stops crying and sucks its thumb contented. What happens when you take something away from baby? Baby becomes quickly motivated. This is the last act of the desperate trying to hold on before the popular tide washes them back from whence, they came. The scarlet beast is gone and no longer protects them.

They are literally strangling their golden fundraising goose for a cookout. The Republican Party without abortion to cry about, will gut them like a fish. You just can’t reach the same level of enthusiasm with just plain old racism alone. “Gimme dat old-time religion, Gimme dat old-time religion!” It was good for Jim & Tammy; it was good for Jim & Tammy! It was good for Jimmy Swaggart, oh no, the hookers not with me!

It’s an empty warehouse without tears and condescension to sell. “Jesus wants you to sign your house over to god to save them poor little babies. Screw your grandkids. They didn’t phone on your birthday, did they? Give it to that preacher with the nice suit and the crazy haircut to save them poor little babies.

“I was out by the cabana in my forty-room mansion, when Jesus spoke to me. He said, “Pastor”, he always calls me pastor when we’re alone. Pastor, you got to save them poor little babies! You got to find them old people at death’s door certain of a harsh eternal judgement. To sign over their homes to you and me, to save them poor little babies and maybe there’s a Ferrari in it for you. I dunno.”

Richard Nixon was a pro-choice Republican. Then the Republican Party discovered that there was a lot more money on the other side of the street. If elected, I’m going to loot your treasury ruin your infrastructure, love Jesus and fight for them poor unborn babies. I mean if it’s okay if we Republicans ride on your backs snickering at you, all the while. Since we’re both going the same way and I’ll say anything you want for campaign donations. The Republican version of “Open says a me.” I love Jesus and them poor little babies.

And with your checks, I mean votes. We can all love Jesus and save the poor little babies! What kind of shit are they gonna shovel when there ain’t no more shit left to shovel? The Republicans have walked the plank of extremism and can’t draw a crowd on tax depreciation schedules. They have served up that which they have promised and now have nothing left cooking to gin up the faithful.

Almost like the O’Henry story where the church sold its hair to buy a watch fob for the Republicans. And the Republicans sold their watch to buy hair combs for the church. Religion cheapens politics and politics cheapens religion. Both shining a light on the other’s greed emptiness and vapid duplicity.

The age of the average Republican is around 57 and the age of the average Democrat is about 37. And there are a lot more Democrats than the Republicans. The futures so bright, I gotta wear shades. And I’ve been waiting for a generation this blue, and this left to come along since Reagan. I’m counting on you guys to not let the side down. If you look at the world and see only good things, you’re not really looking at all. But If you look at the world and see only bad things, you’re only seeing a reflection of yourself. If you vote and we vote, we win.  You can only steal a close election; you can’t steal a landside.

“I have hoped as many hopes and dreamed so many dreams and seen them swept aside by weather, and blown away by men, washed away in my own mistakes, that — I use to wonder if it wouldn’tbe better just to haul off and quit hoping. Just protect my own inner brain, my own mind and heart, by drawing it up into a hard knot, and not having any more hopes or dreams at all. Pull in my feelings, and call back all of my sentiments — and not let any earthly event move me in either direction, either cause me to hate, to fear, to love, to care, to take sides, to argue the matter at all — and, yet … there are certain good times, and pleasures that I never can forget, no matter how much I want to, because the pleasures, and the displeasures, the good times and the bad are really all there is to me.

And these pleasures that you cannot ever forget are the yeast that always starts working in your mind again, and it gets in your thoughts again, and in your eyes again, and then, all at once, no matter what has happened to you, you are building a brand-new world again, based and built on the mistakes, the wreck, the hard luck and  trouble of the old one.” – Woody Guthrie

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