What are We Burning Tonight?

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It just gets curiouser and curiouser, here in the age of the orange darkness. Like a horrible plague wrenching society apart with the madness of the Franklin Expedition. A Star Trek script: “The Madness on Colony Earth V.” Curious Captain, they seemed to have lost ability judge things logically. They fall back on primitive superstitions and shamans, despite knowing better. The situation down there is pretty fucked up Jim.

Alabama just banned drugs designed to prevent the onset of puberty, until you’re grown up enough to make that decision for yourself. They use drugs like that to treat Transgenderism. I don’t know nothing about the science; all I know is when a pipe leaks you call a plumber. When your tummy hurts you call a doctor, In Alabama, you call the State Legislature and get their advice.

The legislature decided that they didn’t believe in Transgenderism. Ergo, any drugs administered for a condition they don’t believe is real, is a malfeasance of a doctor’s principles. The State decides what is wrong with your child. Based solely on their personal beliefs and the beliefs of their voters. Medicine by popular acclimation. “Dunk the three times in a swimming pool after midnight, under a full moon!” Leaches! You can never have too many leaches!

Perhaps a prayer vigil using the love Jesus Christ to beat the shit out of the devil and bedevil the poor innocent. Maybe yelling, “Be gone Devil!” Or “the power of Christ compels you!” a couple of hundred times, while you guys recite the lord’s prayer might work. We can hose him down with a seltzer bottle a time or two, if you think that might help.  “Forty-two hours and Satan still refuses to admit that he’s inside you! This devil is strong in this one! Time to call out the big guns. Send for the red-hot poker and the Astro glide.

In Missouri, the place named after that famous WWII battleship. The legislature is taking things a step further. State licensing boards and Pharmacists can no longer question a physician for using off label prescription drugs. Off labeling is prescribing a drug for other than it’s intended purpose. Using radiator stop leak to fix a noisy muffler. The bill labeled the “Prohibition against Pointing and Laughing Act” as the drugs specifically in question are Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.

Both creations of Donald Twump and Reich wing crackpots. And well, the state of Misery just got all tired of all those complaints from Pharmacists and state licensing boards. The state decided it was time to take the bull by the horns and act, by stripping Pharmacists and state licensing boards of the power of complaining.

If a doctor wants to prescribe cattle wormer for a virus, what’s wrong with that? Leaches! You can never have too many leaches! And don’t discount the power prayer and scripture! Or maybe, beat the patient senseless with a Jim & Tammy Baker prayer stick, until the devil gets discouraged and goes away.

It doesn’t matter science says it doesn’t work, Donald Twump says it does. This the geneses of the whole mask conundrum. Twump don’t like masks, so twumpets don’t like masks either. It’s all slavish hero worship. God says, drink bleach or shove a light bulb up your ass as calls to the poison control center and Underwriter’s Laboratories soared.

We must codify the teachings of Donald Twump into state law! This state needs a law to prevent overreaching bureaucrats and nosey licensing boards from snickering at doctors pedaling crazy folk remedies, endorsed by former Presidents. A law with no basis whatsoever. If a doctor recommends cattle wormer and prayer for a broken arm. That’s between the doctor and the patient. There is no basis for the use of either drug, except that Donald Twump said so. People on their deathbed coughing out “cattle wormer” with their last breath.

Before Covid 19, nobody had ever even heard of Anthony Fauci. He would have served in obscurity and retired quietly like Richard Bucket, without garnering any public notice. But he dared speak as a doctor speaks and wouldn’t buy into the whole Clorox and General Electric plan.

So, he was declared an enemy of the people by Twump. Too popular to fire, “But, I’ll get you, my pretty!” He drives a fancy electric car you know! He makes all kinds of rich doctor money. And wears nice clothes and talks like he’s an expert or something! The nerve! Do you believe this guy? I don’t know why Twump doesn’t fire him.

If it’s not a cult, what is it? They don’t believe in the same laws of the universe as you and I. They think a self-obsessed millionaire fat guy. Who has never done anything for anyone, without some vested blatant self-interest would piss on them, if they were ever to catch fire. A guy who wanted to secretly bomb Mexico, cause he thought they’d never figure who did it. “Oh yeah? Prove it was our Tomahawk cruise missile launched from a Navy destroyer out in the Gulf of Mexico!”

Malaria Twump says she didn’t do any covers for Vogue Magazine while in the White House because, she was too busy being the First Lady. It wasn’t that they didn’t ask, because they didn’t. It was that she didn’t want to be on the cover of Vogue Magazine. Reality is whipped cream and they didn’t ask because they knew in advance, that she was too busy being First Lady. Or they were biased and bigoted, never allowing one single former Republican porn actress to grace their covers and give it some class. Special Malaria Issue! “My Life in Porn – The ins and outs.”

They don’t have to answer subpoenas, though they’d put your ass in the slammer if you didn’t answer theirs. That committee is illegitimate because I said so. Based on an already court discredited theory of Executive Privilege and so, the committee has no right to issue subpoenas. It’s all politically motivated anyway, they’re only  going after all the Republicans suspected of sedition.

Steal my government and make me a slave? No, you got it all wrong friend. Donald Twump is on the side of the working man! The Presidential election was stolen! We know that because Donald Twump said so. Evidence? Any fool can win an argument with evidence! We don’t need evidence because we have faith, Donald Twump said so. Now, what are burning tonight? Books or heretics?

“I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: Oh Lord, make my enemies ridiculous. And God granted it.”

– Voltaire

9 Thoughts

      1. Hydroxychloroquine wasn’t designed for worms and isn’t used to treat worms. In other news, hydroxychloroquine is being looked at to treat multiple sclerosis.

        Fun fact: drugs sometimes have multiple uses.

        Hydroxychloroquine is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Also malaria.


  1. Why was it that the FDA said to only give HCQ to hospitalized patients and not to ambulatory patients with mild covid? The hospitalized patients went through the mild covid phase before the disease progressed. Shouldn’t high risk patients with mild covid be treated with an antiviral in order to prevent progression? So, what sense does it make for the FDA to say to only give HCQ to hospitalized patients?

    Here’s the quote and the link.

    “Hospitalized patients were likely to have greater prospect of benefit (compared to ambulatory
    patients with mild illness)….”



      1. Oh, but it WAS approved. I referenced the document retracting the approval. The section I quoted from the retraction document provided the rationale for only giving HCQ to hospitalized patients in the first place.

        Why doesn’t this concern you? This was a big deal. It’s such an elementary error that even people without medical training can see that. And it went on with the FDA ignoring people trying to correct the error. It’s like the FDA and Monsanto ignoring people yelling about Roundup causing metabolic syndrome because of the research.

        The FDA shouldn’t be ignoring the science. It’s a slight problem.


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