Ground Rules for Reality

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It is a peculiarity of the mind how a song can get caught in our head and we keep hearing it over and over. “Sugar, ah honey, honey. You are my candy girl.” Or a loose idea and undigested bit of beef that just keeps coming back into our mind feed. I was watching a story about the water shortage here in the West. As the reporter looked coiffured, but dimly at the camera and asked, “What should the Governor or the State Legislature do?”

That comment just stayed with me like a relative from out of town. “What should we do?” Now? Or 150 years ago, when we were first warned of the shortage. Back when “Big Govment” first surveyed the West back in the 19th Century and in its final report determined: Not Enough Water for Everybody!

A century of dams and canals built at public expense for the public good, soothed the issue while never leaving its memory. I remember reading about the Mayans in school and how they built an ingenious and elaborate system of irrigation. School taught me what they did, only now, I know why they did it! And it all worked so well, and they were slapping each other on the back congratulating themselves for being so damn clever and smart. Then it stopped raining, and you can’t fix that part. No matter what the National Enquirer says about: “Joe Biden’s Secret Weather Machine!”

That’s why I’ve always loved the cheesy Sci-fi films of the 1950s, back when you could still get things done in this country. You and a team of scientists could march right into the oval office and tell the President. “If we don’t get twenty billion to build rocketship X-1-9 the Venusians will destroy the Earth.” Then the President ponders the issue for a moment and asks, “How soon do you need the money?” We will begin construction in my back yard tonight! Someone call the titanium store, and someone call the rocket engine store, and tell em, we’ve got a big order!

Maybe that’s what makes things seem depressing, here in reality (so called) when we can’t even come to an agreement that there really is a place called Venus. Climate Change? Oh, that hoax. While, I freely admit the climate has changed thousands of times before. I refuse to believe it would ever do it again. Not on my watch mister! And it’s certainly not because any of my very good friends from the Petro-chemical industry or the auto industry, have anything to do with it.

“Mister Speaker, I rise to object. I think I speak for the senators of all forty-eight states here, when I say there’s no such thing as outer space! It’s just another big liberal project looking for unicorns! It was back in 1942, when Christopher Columbus first sailed off the edge of the Earth and was never heard from again. Proving conclusively (Except for the skeptics) that the Earth is flat.”

We will never get anything accomplished here, until we can agree to a set of  ground rules for reality. Water freezes at thirty-two degrees (0) whether we want it to or not, even if Jesus helps. The resources of the planet are finite. (Water included) But we could mine an asteroid from out in deep space and get all of  the resources we will ever need! We send probes out into deep space weighing a few hundred pounds. To mine an asteroid, you’d need something about ten thousand times that size, with a price tag to match.

And we can’t even agree on what to do about a water shortage. We can’t agree about climate change, no matter what the facts say. “I want my boy to grow up in country where Exxonmobil can still post record profits. Dodge their taxes, and we can all still have the freedom to blame the President for it.”

I’m sure most of you have seen the Facebook Meme. A plastic sticker of Joe Biden stuck on the gas pump. Pointing to the price saying, “I did that.” I want to get some made of Jimmy Carter pointing to the gas price saying.“ I told you that was going to happen, didn’t I? Dumbass!”

Around me, five miles from here in any direction are hundreds of beautiful new home sites, just waiting for you! Here in water shortage Arizona. Building them just as fast as they get the nails and the paperwork done. Where’s the water going to come from? Don’t know. You see, all the figures they used prove water will still be available in the future, are based on past projections made before the drought. Figures which might no longer be relevant. As the drought is expected to last between one more year and six hundred years, and no one knows for sure which. Government by amnesia, stifling any act of consciousness for corporate interests.

You don’t need a mask, that’s just big government trying scare you. Come on, back to work everybody! Chop, chop we’ve got cheeseburgers to sell, and you have minimum wages to earn! What do I care if a few people I barely know get sick and die, I don’t have to pay for it. It’ll get better, it always does, somebody will fix it they always do.

Archeologists believe that they may have found the mystical mythical city of Atlantis. On a once thought to be dormant volcanic Island. History wrote of their ancient wonders and of their secret power source. I.E., the volcano. History says, then one day that ole volcano, she just blew up and they were gone forever, without a trace. But come on now, we all know enough about volcanoes today, to know better than that. Volcanoes don’t just blow up one day, without any warning.

There had to be warnings, “Did you feel that earthquake?” No, there’s no earthquake. I didn’t feel anything! Everything is fine! “There it happened again.” No, it didn’t, those are just good vibrations! We’ve nearly cornered the ancient boiling water market and the laundry project is looking great. I just don’t want my hard earned Atlantean tax dollars spent on a big liberal program looking for unicorns! Besides, I think if this island were a formally thought to be harmless volcano, I think we’d know it by now. One of the gods would have probably warned us about it.

“I feel that the dormant goodwill in people needs to be stirred. People need to hear that it makes sense to behave decently or to help others, to place common interests above their own, to respect the elementary rules of human coexistence.”
― Vaclav Havel

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