Workers of the World Unite!

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

He who plays parlor games betting his head, probably won’t live to see the quickening. We’re gonna hang Jeff Davis from the sour apple tree. It’s the last gasps of a dying man, trying to stoke the embers of a dying flame. “Oh no, he didn’t, he didn’t go there.” He learned this trick from an old friend of his in Germany. Let someone else say it, and then you just nod and agree. That way, if it goes down wrong, you never said it.

But as the Orange Apocalypse defends himself and his followers in court and Congressional hearings. Insisting that he would never tell anyone to go down to the Capitol and start a bunch of shit. He mirrors a comment (nods and agrees) on his Twuth social media outhouse, that they might need to start a civil war.

“Who’s we?” Does he mean “we” like a bunch a dumbass’s, who’ve ruined their lives facing Federal prison time, and gonna be an Ex-cons with a parole officer from now on? That “we?” Practice this question for your next job application; “Explain the nature of your offense in full.”

You can almost see it forming; he’s pumping the bellows harder and harder, but still can’t get the necessary flame. His endorsements are a grab bag of winners and losers. Which means his endorsement doesn’t mean all that much anymore and so, probably won’t be asked for again. The Republican Party is on the ballot and not the orange tea pot Fuhrer. So, if you’re on the outside looking in and you want them to hear you, you have to say something extreme to get their attention. It’s the Alex Jones/Faux News rule.

Blowing for all they are worth trying to keep their sails full of hot air and invective. Today, we condemn Joe Biden for the baby formula shortage. Tomorrow, we vote against Joe Biden’s plan to import more baby formula.

 “It’s a sad day in America when Joe Biden has to go begging for baby formula from foreigners! Who knows where it’s been! Who knows, maybe it was manufactured behind a barn someplace by people with strange sounding names. You don’t wanna give that to your baby, do you?

Then they’re gonna set up state bureaus, with baby food panels to decide just who get’s this baby formula. You’ll have to show them the keys to your electric vehicle and stand in a government line, or turn in a gun before you can get any! We don’t want any Communist baby formula shoved down the throats of our proud American babies!” Fucker Carlson asks, “Is the Baby food shortage, another deep dark sinister plot? (Like everything else, like Thursdays?) Is Joe Biden taking over our democracy, one baby at a time?

They call him pinwheel George Orwell up in heaven these days, but his friends know him as Beethoven. The poor man has rolled over so many times there’s a rut. The sometime state of Mississippi bans abortion at first lust, because they just love those little babies. “Oh yes sir, they’re God’s most precious gift, and we just loves em and loves em.”

 Then votes down extending Medicaid for post-partum mothers to one year from the current two months. It was argued that all the mothers in question used to be unborn babies themselves, but it was no use. But the state says it has a good reason, if you go extending Medicaid for Post-partum mothers, then everyone wants healthcare. And it just sets a bad example.

It is their very fluctuation, like a flashing neon sign on a cheap diner in a bad part of town. Yes – No, Up – Down, Off -On! We fully support Ukraine against Russia, but we don’t trust those Ukrainians any farther than we can throw them. We denounce Vladimir Putin’s aggression, but look what Joe Biden’s done to oil prices!

Apparently, the Orange Apocalypse is abandoning Democratic government altogether before the mid-terms, which won’t help the voter turnout and towards a revolutionary government. It is a reckless and stupid remark made by Che Twump, burning bridges, and signifying the coming end of the story. It’s the nude scene, the cum shot, the nuclear option, jumping the shark trying to keep them interested. When he knows, they’re beginning to lose interest.

The sun rises and sets until what is was. Marcus Aurelius advises, “The days of your life are short. The days of your powers, shorter still.” (Taps on watch) The Twump revolution is a Hodge podge of goomers and Gomers. Angry old men and evangelical church folks, inspired by Faux News and the 700 Club. Killers and con men, preachers and lunatics selling pillows and magic cures.

It’s not the young Communist league, they’re all coming for a different message. Their theology is so muddled as to be nonexistent, they dislike immigrants, except in Florida. In Florida they love immigrants, in Texas, not so much.

I know it seems frightening but remember, there was a time in this country when the Shakers were all the rage, and everyone was doing it. Loving the lord, being celibate, making nice furniture all day and dancing to exhaustion as a primitive form of birth control at night. Despite heavy recruitment drives, the cult eventually died out. It’s the same problem the snake handlers have, everybody wants to go to church, but nobody wants to handle the reptiles! Their faith is weak! They love the lord, but don’t trust him much with holding a venomous snake.

Their radicalism signals their grand Finale. After calling for Civil War, what else is left? Gathering up powder and shot and parading on the village Marge Greene? Playing their last card, kicking in their last chips. The idea that the over fed, overweight and overage middle-class Americans with cable TV and mortgages are going to rise up against the government is delusional. But then, that just illustrates the point, doesn’t it?

They haven’t even gotten rid of Roe yet, and they plan other radical laws. Until you could be executed for saying the name of Jehovah out loud or criticizing the Dukes of Hazard. Like a Chinese finger trap, the more you pull away the tighter it becomes, until the recruitment drives just get tougher and tougher.

That is the inherent problem with radical Fascist extremism. Everybody wants to go to church, but nobody wants to handle the snakes. Everybody wants to fight the revolution, but no one wants to go live in the mountains or fire the first shot.

The Billionaire calls for a revolution of the Proletariat, to rise up and revolt against the man. Because the world is unfair and unjust, to the Billionaire. “Workers of the world Unite! You have nothing to lose but your brains!”

“You say you got a real solution
Well, you know
We’d all love to see the plan
You ask me for a contribution
Well, you know
We’re all doing what we can

But if you want money for people with minds that hate
All I can tell you is brother you have to wait.”
– Lennon and McCartney

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