Into the Black

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Also not in the news today, Donald Twump made a statement. A sign of improving times everywhere, because few noticed. Twumpy not to disappoint stalwarts, makes the claim of shenanigans in the recent Georgia primary election. And you said he wouldn’t dare try that again, but it’s the old dog and new tricks impediment. He would if could, but he can’t so he won’t.

What makes it interesting, much like the end of the movie “The Fly” is the discorporation. Pieces falling off with goo still attached. Twump repeats a story by a reporter once fired by Newsmax. Fired by Newsmax for repeating conspiracy theories and gonna cost your boss man a bundle. Such available talent was quickly snatched up by “Lindell-TV” yes him, of course. You were expecting someone different? On CSN, the Crack Smoking  Network!

Twump suffered an O for with his chosen candidates not doing very well. That’s the basis of their conspiracy theory. “Twump picks winners, so if his picks don’t win, there must be something crooked.” Well sure, it makes perfect sense in a deluded and over medicated sort of way. Brian Kemp soundly trounced Twump pick David Perdue. As Perdue trailed in the polls, Twump worked his special magic by calling Perdue lazy. You see, Twump picks winners and if you don’t win. Well, then, you must be lazy.

The very fact that Kemp got 74% of the vote should tell you it’s either crooked. Or the voters didn’t want to throw their votes away on a candidate they didn’t believe could win in the general election. The totals were worse for Perdue than predicted by the polls. A fact sighted as proof of something shady going on. 74% against a Twump pick? Impossible!

But as a side note; how much money does Mike Lindell actually have and how did he really get it? Pillows? Really? He’s got more money than Pablo Escobar from selling pillows? On a long, strange sojourn to obscuria , “The Idiocy and the Oddity.” Flying cross country with a film crew to speak at a symposium of prominent conservative crack smokers. Doesn’t this guy have a job or a company to run or something? But spending money is apparently no object somehow for a man whose products have been taken off of most of America’s shelves.

How much money can you make in this country selling pillows? If only I’d known, my life would have been so different, Ferraris and Monaco. Instead, Lindell squanders his fortune searching for the golden fleece. Is there no Mrs. Lindell? Is there no one to impress upon him the lunacy of his course? Lindell-TV…really? If you haven’t found the holy grail by now, there probably isn’t one to be found.

But the real news is, that it’s not news. Georgia voters decided that they weren’t listening to Donald Twump this time. The spell has broken, and Donald Twump made a statement, and no one cared. The media carried it softly, no need to tell public the scales are falling off Puff the Magic Dragon. That little Jackie Paper no longer gives a shit about the ravings of an old orange dragon living in a Florida cave with a bat.

The Durham investigation has fallen and can’t get up, after the case against Hillary Clinton’s lawyer returned a not guilty verdict. You see, it wasn’t Twump playing footsie with the Russians, it was Hillary Clinton trying to make him look bad by tying Twump to Russia. But it was just a rock and roll fantasy and Faux News fodder. The Seth Rich investigation redux, just a few breadcrumbs for the chickens to nibble on while they preheat the oven.

Before the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, there was Hillary Clinton and Russia and Benghazi scandal and a hundred other made up conspiracies. Do you know who is lying to you? Everyone! Everyone in the whole world is lying to you about everything, except Donald Twump. Special report tonight on Lindell-TV.

This is the point in the story where Dorothy throws the bucket of water, and the wicked witch begins to melt into the floor. The Department of Justice concludes the Obama Administration properly outed General Mike Flynn as a traitor to the country, and not just to make the Twump campaign look inept.

Flynn was working for Turkey for pay while working for free as the campaign manager for Twump. Do you know what they do in Turkey for fun and to pass the time? The Turks act as a go between for people who want to talk to Russia, without being seen talking to Russia. It’s a local cottage industry.

So, we see a recurring theme again and again. “If its not the way we say it is, somebodies lying to you. If Twump picks don’t win, somebodies cheating you or somebodies lazy. If soundly beaten there must be something crooked going on. If Twump cases are defeated or dismissed in court, the judges must be crooked. Proof that it is not a political movement but a cult of paranoia. Like most cults, anyone on the outside is viewed with suspicion. Anyone who questions the cult is the enemy. The truth must be maintained regardless of the facts and not because of them.

Did you know the orange apocalypse called the massacre in Texas “a hoax?” This is the end of the road, the swan dive from the balcony into the parking lot below attempting to jump the shark. Twump nosed out of the news tries going full Monty to get the microphones back. Despite the horror in America’s eyes, Twump will do or say anything now to get the spotlight back on himself. No limits and no boundaries anymore, but the spell is broken. And it can’t be retrieved or repaired, like Disco, it’s all over.

Few heard his obscene remark and fewer still cared what he said. Red meat for the Deadenders and red warning lights for suburbia. Each lap around the track a little more extreme trying to get their attention back because it’s not working anymore, the way it once did. Literally melting into the floor before our very eyes and no one cares to watch the last chapter of the lemmings on parade.

Out of the Blue and into the black

They give you this, but you pay for that

And once you’re gone you can never come back

When your out of the blue and into the black – Neil Young

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