The Ohio Sausage Hunt Inspection Act

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Last time I checked it was still legal to have you own opinion, even in Florida. This guy DeSantis beats anything I’ve ever seen. Florida Reich’s Fuhrer DeSantis is Texas Governor Gregg Abbott with a bad hangover and a toothache. If he could, DeSantis would be building reeducation camps outside Orlando today. Setting the curriculum in the public schools and the orthodoxy for the churches.

Famously going after Disney for publicly answering a question, asked by the media. The orange peel Fuhrer and his lemon-yellow Reichstag stripping away Disney’s special arrangement. Disney never started a campaign against the governor’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill. They were simply asked a question by the media, and they answered it. And for this, the orange peel Fuhrer was angry and will upset the applecart and kick that golden goose right in the ass.

Somehow, it doesn’t fit my idea of a public servant. If you disagree with the governor, “You’re gonna get it!” If you don’t like it, you best keep your mouth shut if you know what’s good for you. Then there was the time he had a state employee arrested for misuse of a government computer. When the employee misused the computer by saying the governor was lying about the Covid numbers. And then there was the time he tried to have two state college professors enjoined testifying against him as expert witnesses in a lawsuit.

The court ruled, even in Florida state employees retain some vestiges of freedom of speech. You have the right get your resume in order; cause Ron’s not finished with you yet! He’ll get that rubber stamp Duma of his to defund your school or make you teach class on the roof. Maybe take all the room numbers off the doors or have the power turned off.

This week, despite knowing better, the Tampa Devil Rays Baseball Club tweeted their support for gun control. What were they thinking? Isn’t there someone in the organization tasked with getting the Governor’s approval before having an opinion? Coming right out like that publicly with an opinion and knowing full well, the Fuhrer will be very angry.

If you don’t know by now, you should. You can’t speak against the Fuhrer and get away with it. DeSantis has vetoed, $35 million in funds approved by the state legislature. As being for the good of the citizens of Florida to build the team a new practice facility. A Major League team generates millions in tax revenue for the state. It is considered a real plum to a city or a state.

Ron’s gonna give them a good swift kick in the ass too, for having an opinion without asking permission first. The Ray’s aren’t starting a media campaign or having “Ban Guns Night” at the old ballpark, just having an opinion without asking permission first.

No one is immune, DeSantis threatened the Special Olympics with a $27 million dollar fine if they didn’t drop their vaccination requirement. Could you imagine how difficult it would be trying to explain to these poor crying developmentally disabled children what an asshole is? It’s the Special Fucking Olympics for Pete’s sake. Can’t you let anything go? What’s next, Garden parties or Bridge clubs? Cruise lines, the court ruled DeSantis should shut up and let the Cruise lines run the Cruise lines.

After DeSantis had mandated guests couldn’t be asked about their vaccination status. That put the cruise lines in a bind. If they couldn’t ask, best they not even untie from the dock. They didn’t want to disagree with the Governor but were forced into it by logic and sound business practices. What fun, fourteen days locked in your cabin on the hospital ship “Mercy” dragging the Covid virus around the Caribbean on vacation.

A Republican running for office in New York has dropped out the state primary after admitting he was a Communist spy, pedophile pornographer and drug dealing kingpin to children. Actually, all he said was that he would support an assault weapons ban. Heresy! He’s lucky he’s still breathing and it’s hard to find loose feathers on the shelf anymore to go with the tar. You gotta buy pillows then and tear them open and you never know if you have enough.

Obviously, even in New York, you can’t speak against our sacred guns and be in the Republican party. You can’t even talk about it, hint or imply that your mind is open the least little bit or you’re out of here, instantly! Given a choice between the mentally ill’s right to own and operate assault weapons versus a child’s right to grow up. They choose to defend the assault weapon. No question, it is an article of Republican Faith, guns before children.

It screams of a cult, the obsession with guns, big guns. With military grade weapons to create a façade of an overweight tuff guy with a crew cut and erectile dysfunction. All bow to our sacred leader! “I bought an AR 15 because I couldn’t afford a Corvette. Wanna see it? I keep it in the trunk of the KIA in case I run into someone who wants to see it. Looks just like the one’s in the pictures, you wanna see it?”

Not to be out done in Ohio, “The Birthplace of Presidents” and spawning grounds of madness. The legislature met to resolve a very, very important issue. They met and legislated an end to Transgenders conspiring and coming in here and winning all the scholarships in Ohio, and making it tough on the biological women.

In Ohio, you can be your own gender now and compete against others like yourself. So, if there are no others like yourself. You are your own softball team (XY) If you come up eight players short, I guess you can’t play. Now you might ask yourself, what outrage motivates them? Surely, there is some imputes  behind this to put it before all other state business.

And don’t think you can pull a fast one. Don’t think you can slip one by us. Because the new bill has inspection requirements. Under the Ohio Sausage Hunt Inspection Act, you might be required to drop em ladies, and let the state have a look see. In drag racing, you can protest and make your opponent show what’s under the hood. In Ohio, you can do the same thing for women’s athletics. “Did you see the way she jumped on that fastball? That ain’t no girl.”

There is reported to be (1) one Transgender athlete playing high school sports in all of Ohio. Just one kid playing high school softball. She’s not trying to take all the scholarships or destroy women’s athletes, just one kid playing softball. “A batter, batter, swing!” Too baritone, definitely too baritone!

Obsessed with genitalia and firearms. Willing to pay any price to keep their guns, ten thousand dead children if needs be or twenty. Because as of today in the United States.  It is political suicide for a Republican to even hint or imply, that they’re in anyway even open to a discussion on banning assault weapons. Even after repeated almost daily massacres unwilling. For it is their article of faith, their sword and shield. Let the heavens fall and let the children bleed, so sayeth the cult.

“It was miraculous. It was almost no trick at all, he saw, to turn vice into virtue and slander into truth, impotence into abstinence, arrogance into humility, plunder into philanthropy, thievery into honor, blasphemy into wisdom, brutality into patriotism, and sadism into justice. Anybody could do it; it required no brains at all. It merely required no character.”
― Joseph Heller

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