Blow the Last Bridge

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It has been suggested that rather than subpoena Twump advisor Peter Navarro. We simply invite him on MSNBC and allow him to talk. His appearances seem to prove the old adage, that you can always judge a leader by the quality of the people he keeps around him. If you can keep your cool when all others are losing theirs, you’re definitely not Pete Navarro.

“Eureka! I’ve got it. I’ll go on national television talk about my crimes publicly, then claim it’s all covered under executive privilege!” Only Twump must first give you that executive privilege before you can claim it. And even if he did which he didn’t, Biden waved it. And what’s more if you talk about it publicly, then you can’t claim executive privilege later. That really sticks in the Republican craw that Biden waved executive privilege, because that’s never been done before. Of course, we’ve never had a President who tried to overthrow the government before either.

The FBI and the prosecutor’s office must have just let the DVR run and laughed themselves silly. “Pause it; this is the part where the veins stick out in his neck and his voice starts to climb up the register.” Navarro appears to be nearly panicked. “Have they figured out who they are going to throw under the bus yet?” Yeah, they’ve picked a guy, but he don’t know about it yet. Like the cheap dramatics in a film noir. They don’t return his phone calls as he runs down a darkened alley, pulling on locked doorknobs. And looking for a way out with a saxophone playing jazz music in the background .

“Here I go on national television and talk about my crimes in a highly animated and barely lucid manner. And the Justice Department up and has me arrested as I board an airplane! Do you believe that? Flight risk? What made them think I was a flight risk, besides being at the airport with an airplane ticket in my pocket? Why would I run away? I have executive privilege he, he. Destroy evidence…Me?”

I don’t know if it’s the best part, but it will certainly make the highlight reel. Navarro claims it’s all political and shameful and disgusting. The other people that is. It’s terrible what they’re doing to this country. Hounding people involved in high crimes who simply refuse to testify. But under the Bill of Rights, you have the Right to take the fifth amendment during questioning. You don’t have a right to refuse questioning.

“But just you wait! Because when the Republicans take over, were going to do exactly the same thing! We’re sending Dr. Fauci to Guantanamo and impeaching Joe Biden for border issues over a century old! Just you wait! If Republican’s get back into office their agenda is vengeance in the name of Twump. The cowards really hate to do this, but they’re gonna have to vote against us again. And they hate that, cause they don’t like Twump either.

But the committee is illegal! Kevin McCarthy appointed Republican members he was certain would sabotage the committee’s work and Nancy Pelosi rejected them and said, “pick again.” Kevin stomped his foot and said “No.” So, Nancy appointed the only two Republicans in the house willing to serve. She would have chosen more, but there weren’t any more.

So, cry me a river how it’s all unfair. It’s just the way the Republican leadership wanted it. Any excuse or reason to cry foul, while trying to murder the infant in its crib. The broken cover up is as bad as the original crime. I read in news stories all the time, about how Republican leaders all secretly hated Twump too. But they lacked the testicular fortitude to do anything about it. Hiding ducked behind their desks, “We hate Twump too, but don’t tell anyone.” With friends like that who needs enemies?

We have the sympathies of the Republican coward caucus. They wish us well, secretly. They won’t vote or comment in our direction, but only knowingly wink secretly from across the room and encourage us in our efforts after hours.

The panic in Navarro’s eyes is that of a man on the run. A man headed to the Texas Theater to meet his contact, but his contact won’t show. A man who looks worried about staying vertical in the world. A man whose fear, tells us he has a big story under his hat. The kind of story that some people would go to any lengths to silence. To finally blow the last bridge between Twump world and reality.

That’s the only reason I can think of that a member of the Twump inner circle would appear on an MSNBC program. He want’s light and heat on himself while repeating over and over, “I won’t talk! I won’t talk!”  But I don’t think he’s talking to us. I think he’s trying to get a message to someone else. “Call em off, I won’t talk!”

Farfetched? Hyperbolic? On January 6th Mike Pence refused to get in his limousine because he didn’t know who he could trust, or where it would take him. Lake Meade perhaps! “Goodfellas,” the director’s cut, the Presidential edition. “How do I amuse you? Like a clown?” What are they all so afraid of? Mortality? Single car accidents or shocking suicides?

The former Vice President was being moved through the Capitol on January 6th while a mob screamed for his head, Pence wasn’t sure who he could trust. A Pence Secret Service agent warned of a threat to the Vice President on January 5th. It’s the story inside the story. That Mike Pence was running away from Donald Twump as much or more, than he was from as the from the mob. The Vice President feared for his own safety and wouldn’t get in the god damned limo. Now, you ask yourself, what that means?

Why a member of the inner circle would draw such heat on themselves, while projecting intense fidelity. Navarro’s only looking at a couple of years at Club Fed maybe, so take along your tennis racket.  Navarro obviously doesn’t have a lawyer, or he wouldn’t be appearing on TV. Why doesn’t he have a lawyer, has he been excommunicated? “If I were to take your case…”

Never mind what anyone tells you including me only ask yourself, why Pete’s so scared. Why Mike Pence would visit Georgia just to campaign against the Twump candidate. Why an inner circle Republican would appear on MSNBC, just to maintain his innocence.

It’s not the jail time, this is something else. This story exceeds the original crime and Navarro’s panic tells us, we ain’t heard nothing yet. I’d wager, he couldn’t buy life insurance today, at any price.

“Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them…well I have others.”
― Groucho Marx

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