No Man is an Island

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

June 6th, the quasi-world day of remembrance, the longest day. When reality had velvet ropes around it and American’s cooperated with each other. Only now, is the paranoid mummer of mask mandate mumbling madness beginning to die down. (bad pun) From under the floorboards and out of the night sky came the demons. That mask is tool of Satan! Designed to keep in the devil’s bad air and keep out Jesus’s good air. Those little fibers would get in your lungs and cause cancer and make you die a slow and horrible death!

“Good, I’m glad you think so, because your surgeon thinks so too.” Willing to jump through hoops, turn convulsions and show their ass at The Home Depot. “I got a note here from my mom. And under the terms of the secret Constitution 1675, it’s valid! I don’t have to wear a mask. “You’re all fools Ha, ha, ha! I’ll tell the world! I’ll tell everybody in the Kroger!”

“I got a religious exemption right here, see here is my crucifix? The Pope outlawed masks; It’s like condoms; Catholics aren’t allowed to wear one at Kroger!”

How do you prepare for such an event? How do you drive to the store, park, and get out of your car and head for the front door? Do you plan what you’re going to say at home first? Maybe flashcards with bullet points. Or just wing it and trust in the lord? Pretend you don’t know about any mask mandate (Wha?) Mask mandate you say, and then when cornered revert to plan “B.” Best damn grocery store Constitutional lawyer anyone had ever seen in these parts, when arguing with an Assistant Manager.

It’s all a plot! There’s an evil little man in an evil little room someplace, with an evil plot in mind to do evil things, because he’s evil. He hates us and so spends his every waking hour trying to deceive us with mask mandates and stories about dinosaur bones.

Americans on June 6th, 1944, had their gasoline rationed. No stamps, no gas. They couldn’t buy tires for the old car without stamps. They couldn’t buy a new car, cause big govment wouldn’t let the car companies build any! You needed government stamps just to buy food! If that doesn’t sound like an evil plot, I don’t know what does. Sure, they’re telling you it’s for the war effort, but that’s just a cover story. It is really a plot by the 14-year-old George Soros to take over the world.

The big government encouraged people to grow gardens, but you didn’t get anything for it. No check in the mail or break on your income taxes, just vegetables. No one complained about undue government influence, the nerve. Telling hard-working tax paying Americans what they should do in their spare time. It smacks of Communism brother! Plant you’re “Victory” Garden Comrade! The government should just mind its own business!

 I’ll grow a garden if I feel like it. Not because some Washington bureaucrat commissioned a wall poster from some Hollywood west coast “Artist” type, telling me that I should grow vegetables! If you ask me, they’re all in the pocket of the seed lobby. It’s all a plot to impose a one world government led by this Jewish kid in Europe and DuPont. War Bonds? What did Washington do with the money I sent them last year?

We can’t set goals for a better America, because we can’t agree on the simplest goals for a better America. Even a goal of self-preservation. How about water? Can we agree that we all need water? That it’s irrational and irresponsible to built upwards of a half a million homes in a drought plagued area with promises of sooner or later, it’s bound to get better and there will be plenty of water.

Can we agree, it’s wrong to shoot each other on general principle? Agree that arguments and disputes should be settled some other way? No, we can’t agree on that either. And the more the streets run red, the more Republicans will dig in their heels. They fear any small surrender, will bring about a total collapse of the front.

The answer to the problem of too many guns they say, is to arm the teachers with guns. Because they believe the answer to the gun problem is more guns. Let’s test the theory; the problem of too many grasshoppers eating the crops is solved with more grasshoppers. The answer to the problem of too much shit on the floor is solved with more shit on the floor. The problem of traffic congestion can be solved by…It’s like the name game, anyone can play. The Republican’s suggest the Mad Max approach of building fortress schools out the wreckage of the former middle class and arming the teachers.

That’s a real good idea I suppose, except in this modern era of specialization it dictates specific training for specific jobs. Society in its inherent wisdom created a specialized force of individuals to defend the community. They armed them and gave them the power of lethal force. But now, because we can’t agree on guns, the cops don’t want to defend us. “Wait until he runs out of bullets men, then we’ll fire off the artillery, get in the armored personnel carriers and then, the sixty of us we’ll rush him!”

Arming the cops hasn’t worked, what makes them think arming the teachers will? So, if that doesn’t work, maybe add an armed deputy in each classroom to cover any blind spots and cover the teacher’s back, when she writes on the blackboard. Maybe armed drones for air cover or those big honking security robots that look like Daleks as hall monitors. “No running in the hallway! Stop human, or I’ll shoot!”

Maybe we need to train the children the same way they trained me in school. In the event of a nuclear attack, hide under your desk! They’ll never find you there. And I’m still here today. And training the children is important. “All right class, get out your lesson book. In the event of an emergency, what do we do?” We dial 911! “That’s right. Then what do you tell them class?” Help, help, come quick there’s Black man outside selling loose cigarettes and I think he’s got a phony twenty-dollar bill in his pocket.  Oh, come quick, you gotta save us!

We can’t agree that people need a decent pay or food and water, or even a roof over their head. Can’t agree to let people marry who they want. There’s a huge debate over even providing them healthcare. “As a Christian and not my brother’s keeper! My taxes are too high already, so die you bastard die! We can’t even let people decide for themselves what they want to do with their own body. We can’t agree on the books in school or teachers or schools, as even the school bricks themselves are assumed bad.

And you think they’d give up one category of guns to save someone else’s children? Agree to simple regulations to make everyone’s life a little better? Not a bloody chance in hell.

I value my rights and don’t give a jumping jackass, jumping Jack Flash shit about yours. I’m a proud American, in my nation of one. No man is an Island, but some ought to be.

“In everyone there is some willingness to merge with the anonymous crowd and to flow comfortably along with it down the river of pseudo-life. This is much more than a simple conflict between two identities. It is something far worse: it is a challenge to the very notion of identity itself.”
― Václav Havel

3 Thoughts

  1. “Let’s test the theory; the problem of too many grasshoppers eating the crops is solved with more grasshoppers. ”

    Did you have covid? You seem brain-damaged somehow….

    Answer me this…when did the first school shooting occur? Do schools have a legal obligation to protect children attending school?


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