And So, Here We Are

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I’m going to have to disagree with Joe Biden here. He says that we need two more Senators when we don’t. We need twenty more Senators! Life will get way easier with a super-majority. FDR gets all the credit, but Roosevelt only proposed. The solid majority in one house of Congress and a super-majority in the other, they are the ones who really made it happen. In 200 days, they passed the legislation that saved the economy and laid the foundations of modern American progressivism to this day, in just 200 days.

The world is within our grasp, and a new world is possible. (200 days) Do you want to protect Roe vs. Wade? Do you want to see it protected by law forever? Do you want real gun control? Or settle with a bipartisan salve come up with over the weekend over cocktails? Do you want to see these issues settled and pushed off the table, once and for all? (200 days) For something better and more important? Are you tired of the cat lady at the city council meeting, railing about Jesus and dirty books? For just once in your life, would you like to see school funding expanded?

We’ve all been waiting for this, and in the back of our minds hoped that this time would eventually come. They’re having a Shindig subject Twump. The wheels are coming off the little orange clown car. He’s spinning out and the heat is rising. And the guilty man says… nothing. Nothing about the Congressional hearing downtown? The one that drew NFL sized television ratings.  Instead, he mumbles out a secret threat to announce his 2024 candidacy in Florida, so as to “scare” death ray Ron DeSantis.

“Hello? Hello operator? I’m trying to reach reality. Am I reaching reality?” Orange Porky hasn’t checked the polls lately, and still thinks that he’s in them. Sit down fat boy, you ain’t going no place. Even the family is starting to turn on him. “Sorry Daddy, but it was you or me and well, you know the rules. Daddy, meet Mr. Greyhound.” Come on cheer up, those are the days’ worth living for!

The curtain is about to rise on the third act. The one where all the Republicans begin to back away from the radioactive old guy. Quietly at first, until a stampede. Who? Republican Congress people in the basement hiding again. He must be getting lonely about now, in that grand old asylum for the living dead. In the muddy swamps of the Florida Xanadu. Just waiting for the phone to ring and looking for your old sled in the basement. (Rosebud) Hey look! Someone broke a snow globe.

 Talking to groundskeepers all day with hoses over their shoulders. Who don’t speak English and answer “sí, señor!” a lot. Telling them about his politics and about what his plans are. And all about what he’ll do differently in his next Administration. “Sí, señor Twump.”

Twumpism is bleeding out, it’s losing its identity and now becomes a synonym for “Cray, Cray.” Crazy cat lady or Johnny Neo-confederate. Put that on your resume and see where it gets you. Show up for your job interview with a Twump flag and an American flag hanging off the back of your jacked up pick-up truck. “I proudly worked for Donald Twump!” Next!

As the employer silently asks himself, “Which applicant is most likely to bring a gun to work if he gets pissed off ?” I think that’s a fair question for an employer to ask him or herself. Which applicant has most likely brought a gun to a job interview?

But it’s so good and gets even better. Kelly Ann Conway (Insert Beverly Hillbillies theme music here.) She says that the January 6th committee “doesn’t have the balls to indict Twump.” (Knock this chip off my shoulder!) She no longer professes orange Julius Ceasar’s innocence. She says rather, “you wouldn’t dare!”

The bullies last retort when faced down. “Step across this line. I double dog dare you!” You’re all invited back next week to this locality to have a heaping helping of their hospitality. Republican that is! Pizza parlors and peach tree dishes! Aluminum foil and paranoia! Ya’ll come back now, ya here?

The WPA sent a free circus across the country. It kept the circus workers employed and the animals alive. And in a real bad time in America for children, it lifted their spirits. There were also orchestra and band concerts and dances. Because unemployed musicians needed the money too and Americans needed more than just a sandwich.

They needed to know that life could be good again. The summer Day Camp programs offered children a free lunch. To make the family food budget stretch further. Sewing classes taught young girls how to make new dresses. Because they needed a new dress and couldn’t afford one. The lessons and fabric were all free, just show up.

Somebody thought of that and had it implemented. That government can actuality give you something besides a cold shoulder. I bet you can’t even conceive the like of free summer day camps for children. Free night schools and free trade schools, just show up. (200 days) There are solutions to the problems. But there is only one political party that currently has any interest in you or in saving the world, if it effects their stock portfolio.

The only way you’re going to change them is to replace them. And well, they don’t want to see the world go to hell in hand basket any more than you do. “But the man is offering forty pieces of silver! Silver! Come on get real! Quit being a wuss, a few more tons of carbon in your air won’t hurt you! Ha, ha, ha!”

“No, the drought and the forest fires aren’t caused by climate change! It’s god’s fault! He’s angry because you took prayer out of school. The world is only 7,000 years old, ya know, and scientists really don’t know what they’re talking about. Get you some cattle wormer, that will set you right!

Twump and Twumpist extremism have burned off the crust and exposed the Republicans for what they actually are. They serve themselves and their masters when we let them. Shills and corporate yes men, bilking the country folk, racists and bible thumpers because it suits their purposes. Remember what Matt Gaetz once said, “Congress is a great way to meet girls! Girls who don’t charge a whole lot of money.”

Raise the minimum wage? “No.” Do something about gun madness? “No.” National health insurance? “No.” Protect women’s rights, double “No!”  Protect our environment? “No.” Do something to help the homeless. “Never heard of them.”  Make billionaire’s pay their fair share of  the taxes. “You gotta be kidding?”

200 days and the world changed forever and can do so again.

And as a side note; I have to go and buy gas today, and it will pinch. But I’m not going to cry or pout. Just buy the damn gas and move on with life. I won’t shake my fist in the air and shout! “Boy! I remember when I could fill up my Pinto for FIVE dollars! A Coke was only a quarter, and a candy bar was only a dime! High gas prices aren’t a punishment, they’re a reminder of a warning. A warning Jimmy Carter gave us back in the 1970’s A warning the Republicans said, that you should ignore. And so, here we are.

One thought

  1. “Are you tired of the cat lady at the city council meeting, railing about Jesus and dirty books?”
    This is the problem of democracy, there are too many factions campaigning on different issues. It takes something nuts like Trumpism, to, just about, unite them, and maybe if you have enough mass shootings….
    But how many is enough? When you’ve been so desensitised. ..
    Good luck America.


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