All But He Departed

Falling through the Universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

A New Mexican official has issues over confirming the primary vote count, because Dominion voting machines are involved. Like when we were kids in school. And we passed around that secret little note telling all of us to drop our pencils or all turn our desks around at nine-thirty. Then, come the time and only one kid turns his desk around and we all laugh, because we know why. Because it appears stupid and we’re still giggling, while the teacher writes a note in her big book to the school psychologist

The shell of the “Dominion” story has been cracked. New Mexico Republicans are using and old and out of date script. The hearings have proved who created the “Dominion” story and why they did it. Like the Watergate hearings a generation before, they are successfully cracking the foundation beneath the Twump Crime Syndicate.

Raising doubts in many minds that had no doubts before. Raising spirits inside the ruins of the Republican Party, that the devil is almost dead. But it’s square dancing in a hall full of marbles on the floor for the Republicans. Waiting for someone to finally make little Anthony wish it away into the cornfield. Matt Gaetz says that Jim Jordan is the spiritual and intellectual leader of the Republican Party. Like Moe; he’s, their leader. Case closed.

You know, Mike Lindell offered to testify, but for some reason the committee declined his offer. “You can’t handle the truth! He’s too hot for you.” He reminds me of the that old movie, where the guy must spend all his millions as fast as he can. Destined to become a Family Feud question. “Someday soon, Mike Lindell is going to be what?” BROKE! Good answer, good answer!

It all sounds tinny now. Like the end of “Wish You Were Here” with all the sound pushed into a single channel. Giving it a distorted and unreal quality, still pushing the old story and not putting the new cover sheet on their TPS reports. Making the officials look goofy and distorted. As they try to discredit an election and instead end up only up discrediting themselves by turning their desk around.

My Mother told me the story of the original “America Firsters” in the 1930s. They were based in Chicago and so was she. Telling me, that they were very popular with people wearing lapel buttons in the street. I supposed today, they’d jack up the ole Silverado and paint stuff on the tailgate and nail down some flag poles. But after December 7th you couldn’t find any “America Firsters” anymore.

Dad told me in 48 elections; the media had Truman dead and buried. They were holding discussions on air, who President Dewey should pick for his cabinet. You couldn’t find anyone vocally supporting Truman. But after election day, everyone said they had voted for him. And they had been certain that he would win all along.

To question a “Dominion” vote today, after what we already know about the big lie is delusional. It’s declaring Magic! After Penn & Teller just told you how they did the trick. “ En then, there he was Bigfoot! His own self, big as life! He was a just sitting on a tree limb eating a ice cream cone, when I first saw em. En when he saw me, he dropped the ice cream and run for it. The ice cream melted, but I kept a part of the cone as proof!”

The great fade out has begun as even Twump loyalists begin to understand that they are headed down the one-way street of diminishing returns. Fade to black, the leaking air mattress can’t be fixed and must be replaced eventually. If only to end the frustration of constantly blowing air into it trying to keep it inflated.  Newspaper headline today, fish wrapper tomorrow.

Humpty Dumpty is in the process of having his great fall. The ants are gathering for the anticipated banquet. As the Family Feud asks “All, the news from Donald Twump’s court cases is what?  “Oh, I know this one! They’re Bad! Real Bad!” Good answer! Good answer!

Who cares says Faux News? Who cares? We didn’t want to cover your old stinky hearings anyway. We don’t care if the hearings got great ratings! Great television is about more than ratings you know! We think Tucker Carlson prattling on and on endlessly, about some bullshit or other is important television too!

But the bloom is off the rose and all that’s left are the thorns. Faux can’t help Twump anymore, and Twump can only hurt Faux. They put his calls on hold for reason! Due to a higher-than-expected call volume, your call will be answered in; “the second Tuesday of next week.”

The committee has put the bitter truth on a collision course with the Twump cult. Making it obvious, irrevocable, and unavoidable. The source of the Big Lie was Donald Twump himself! And his drunk little hatchet man Rudy Patootie. A man for all whiskeys, wasn’t it obvious? The Congressional appearance wasn’t clue enough?

But as long as the checks kept coming in, Lawyer Rudy would say he saw Bigfoot too, if you asked him! “You go get em boss, I’m right behind you billing hours.”

A story of Twump’s actions paints the orange apocalypse as scheming and out of touch with reality. If someone had told him the Communist Chinese had kidnapped Mickey Mouse, the nuclear war would be over by now. Inside that twisted conglomeration of brain cells, the orange fool thought he could blow smoke up the ass of the whole country.

Or at least enough Americans to keep him in office. First Republicans recoiled in horror over the events of January 6th. Then the cult told them to shut up and defend the coup. As the usual suspects wanted Twump to give them a preemptive pardon. Innocent people don’t seek or need preemptive pardons.

The committee has opened the refrigerator door and the light has come on. The roaches are beginning to scatter and seeking cover. Matt Gaetz says Jim Jordan is the spiritual and intellectual head of the Republican Party.

What happened to Twump? I thought Twump was their spiritual and intellectual leader? If Gaetz is right, it means that Twump is losing the bonehead idiot vote. (One of the largest and most important Republican demographics.) and will no longer allow Twump to be viable as a candidate in the Republican Party.

“He stands as one who all alone in banquet halls deserted. Whose garlands dead, whose lights have fled and all but he departed.” – Winston Churchill

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