Americas Favorite Non-Reality Show

Falling through the Universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It’s a great mystery to me, just how much of Twump’s bullshit is really just bullshit, and how much is a game or a con? The stories and tell all books, make you wonder how this guy could eat his corn flakes every morning without professional assistance. And yet, he appears publicly in a suit and tie. Ambles in from the limo under his own steam. Steps to lectern and begins to spew unadulterated nonsense. How can that be?

How do you balance this equation? Shaved Gorilla in a three-piece suit? Or cunning politician gone mad. Maybe, Al Capone after the infection took hold. Bringing brain Jell-O to life’s picnic. How does this guy function from day to day? The books say in a word. He’s a goofball. Unfocused and easily distracted, irascible and willing to agree with whoever speaks to him last. As if, he has no conscious memory of those who spoke to him only moments before.

Not keeping up with the class, but only just reading along in the current chapter. How can he be clueless, yet cunning? He knows what he’s saying. He’s conscientious of the message he’s trying to sell and who he’s trying to sell it to. He hasn’t had any Spinal Tap moments or verbal gaffs yet. His gaffs are intentional and pointed, even if disjointed. But every once in a while, the mask slips and Twump will say something very telling on himself.

“Wow, can you believe I lost the election to that guy?”

“What? I’m sorry, could you repeat that again OJ? I wasn’t listening. Something about a knife in your Golf bag and killing your ex-wife?”

Conscience or unconscious, maybe forgetting to whom he was speaking. (Did I really just say that or just think it?) Maybe he’s like that old buzzing neon sign. On sometimes, and off sometimes, making strange noises and flickering in between.

“No wait! I mean, I didn’t lose to that guy! I mean wow, how about those Yankees huh? Anyone seen the new Top Gun movie…I hear it’s pretty good! (Buzz crackle, short flicker.) “Boy, it’s lucky for me these Doo fuss’s don’t have any comprehension skills or I’d be sunk!” (Oh shit, did I just do it again?)

In Texas, the whackiest of all the fifty states and two years into the Biden Presidency. The Texas legislature tries to take back it’s election certification. “If we say you’re illegitimate pardner, you’re illegitimate because we say so. Nothing Biden can do about it now. Texas declares him illegitimate and hence forth should reject all money sent from Washington, but they won’t.  They declare reality to be whatever they wish it to be. But only for the domestic public consumption.

A candidate here in Arizona has campaign posters that say, “Endorsed by President Twump.” But there is no one out there by that name. There’s a former President Twump listed and an Ex-President Twump. She could say, “Endorsed by the former Chief Executive Twump. Or even  Baboon tested – Twump approved!

The desire to create their own reality and set up their own narratives. Twump is still the President and Biden has been declared illegitimate by order of the Texas State Legislature. Being Gay or Transexual has been declared abnormal by the same Texans who want to decertify an election nearly two years after the fact. And yet, they have the gall to call someone else abnormal. You could even go as far as odd or peculiar with that Tehas bunch.

They lost the election. They lost the recount; They lost the court case. The principals have all testified under oath about it or publicly confessed to their crimes in it and yet, still they believe in Tinkerbell. There is no Santa, I can assure you and I promise you, there is no Santa. “What time is Santa coming?”

But it’s just pandering to the crowd, ginning up the hoosters and the country folk, with words like pre-born. Orwellianism at its finest, creating words which destroy meanings. You are either born or you are not. You can pre-order the new Bruce Springsteen album or pre-order a car, but you can’t be pre-born. There’s no such of a thing. What’s your pre-birth day?

But it doesn’t matter, because they don’t believe any of it anyway. It’s all just advertising copy, show business acting on the public stage without acting on the public behalf. The Boebert boo, boos and Planned Parent rewards club program. One more abortion, she could have got her card punched for an additional 10% discount. (a regular $29.95 value with a complimentary Tee Shirt)

When the Republicans say they are against Abortion. They don’t mean for themselves, just for you. Just for poor women without dependable transportation or cash on hand. Issues that won’t ever affect them, and yet they make the laws for everybody.

Future former Extreme Court Justice, Clearance Thomas has violated the time-honored tradition of recusing himself in cases where he has a personal interest. But he didn’t do that. Its no different than lying. Having a vested interest in a case and not disclosing it. That is the legal definition of corrupt and it’s a crime all by itself. It’s not just what Ginni did anymore. It’s about what Ginni did, and Clearance tried to cover up as the lone vote in favor of suppressing incriminating documents.

With enough pressure the nut will crack, Steve Bannon wants to be the tough guy. “Go ahead, I dare you, put me on trial! I double dog dare you! I’ll show you; I’m going to put YOU on trial! You’ll see, just wait!” Ah Steve, do you have your own prison system, because Nancy Pelosi and shifty Schiff sure do! Got big high walls around that sucker too and orange jumpsuits, the whole nine yards. People stamping license plates and making leather craft for their close friends. You go ahead and put em trial Steve; I can’t wait. What judge did you pick to hear your case?

Steve Bannon is facing jail time and is powerless. There’s no chance Pelosi or Schiff will come to him on bended knee begging for a plea bargain. But he pitches his non-reality gypsy wagon. “Oh, the future looks dark for you! You are about to make a very bad mistake my friend. You guys had better back off, or else! I will put a Gypsy curse on you! I will give you the evil eye.

Your cows will run dry, and your hens will stop laying. There are a thousand daggers in the Gypsy’s Curse! I can see a large mistake in your future my friend. The Gypsy says “you better leave Steve Bannon alone or else and the crystal ball never lies.”


“The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him.”
― Niccolò Machiavelli

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