The Jimmy Stewart Rule

Falling through the universe at the speed of life. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

By David Glenn Cox

I suppose that it is much like Watergate or any other political conspiracy. The more you shake the tree, the more the fruit begins to fall. One little piece of information leads to another, leads to another. Familiar names begin to pop up as new avenues and vistas of investigation cry out. Expanding like a puddle of oil on the floor, ever growing larger and gathering up the dirt.

The Jan 6th committee has suspended upcoming hearings due to a “Deluge” of new information. And just like Watergate, there is only room for one John Dean. We are reaching the point where we are in casting for the New Watergate. The part of John Dean will be played tonight by somebody. Someone will go first, and someone will go last. It’s better to be first to tell the truth than last, because as the full true story comes out. The truth teller looks better and better, isn’t he or she so brave?

Her or his name will be remembered as the truth teller and not as the co-conspirator up to their eyeballs in the thick of it. Or related by marriage or blood or even…Daddies favorite, daddies’ little girl. To quote Jimmy Stewart in “It’s a wonderful life” “One of us is going to prison (Daddy) and it’s not going to be me!”

I’m young daddy, young and beautiful. And we’re rich, so rich, that we don’t need you anymore. While you, Daddy, are well, yeah. It’s not that I don’t love you, Daddy. It’s not that at all. Its that I have no idea what actual love really means, beyond the barter for sex or personal advantage. Take a look at my husband why don’t you? And then look at me.

You really think it was his dashing good looks and gangly physique that drives me wild? Six foot four and 165 pounds. For Pete’s sake, I have to tie a string around him to keep him from going down the shower drain.

She has learned from the best and learned at the foot of the master. She has everything to gain and nothing to lose. This ship is going down either way. The Daddy/daughter relationship appears to be fractured and crumbling, ala the Jimmy Stewart rule. By the time the third or fourth truth teller comes along, they’re just another scumbag hat in hand, trying for a lighter sentence. Her information is only valuable once. If she plays her cards right, she can come out smelling like a rose.

Another eighteen months or so, and she could be on The View. “Here to discuss her new book and New York Times best seller. The author of “My Brave Choice” or “Doing it to Daddy Before Daddy Does it to Me.” Five years on and she could be a vapid blank TV host with her own show on Vapid TV. But most importantly, she would be prison free and Daddy free.

Alabama conspirator/congressional criminal Mo Brooks hid out when he was first subpoenaed by the committee. He literally hid out from the subpoena. A loud and vocal Twump supporter on Jan 6th, he gave the lead in speech to Twump riling up the troops for war. Now, strangely, he asks the committee to subpoena him again. From hiding out in a Civil Defense air raid shelter and missile launch complex to gladly willing to cooperate.

A story of deception and woe, I bet. I suppose he was also mislead and used by that bad man. (Show us where he touched you!) He’s just a poor, poor country boy used by the New York sharpies. “Golly, Sargent Carter.” A fish story of the hunt for a great orange whale. “And then, do you know what he wanted me to do?” It is now time to dish the dirt on brother rat.

As the “Deluge” expands, the conspirators appear to be growing more and more nervous. Like they know that the rest of the story is out there somewhere. Like they know the story is so explosive and personally dangerous. That now is the time to try and either get out ahead of it or get outta town because of it.

The story now expands to include a corrupt Supreme Court imposter in Clearance Thomas and his wife the torpedo. Her emails and vocal support for the coup d’état label her as a criminal felon to this country. She didn’t talk the big talk, like a proud boy in combat fatigues. She used her power as the wife of a Supreme Court Justice to advocate for criminal sedition. By her actions, she exposed her husbands’ actions, being the lone vote to suppress documents that included his wife’s own emails.

That is a big-time crime. Any judge who cannot be trusted to recuse themselves or tries to hide their connection with an ongoing criminal investigation. Is guilty of a jail door slamming first night at Shawshank fat boy prison sentence.

Now Clearance has a lifetime appointment to the bench. He can only be removed through impeachment. He figures, maybe he can weather that storm, since the congress will be after the elusive orange whale. That the congress will lose its enthusiasm for impeachment, before it gets around to him. But as Twump poisoned Clearance’s wife. His wife then poisoned Clearance, now Clearance threatens to destabilize and poison public faith in the court. The other justices must push Clearance off the bench, or he will become a threat to their own position.

I had wondered before, why none of the conspirators ever expressed the slightest doubt, that if they could get Twump vs. Biden before the court. That the court would the rule in their favor. That’s a damn tall order! That’s not taking pens or rubber bands home from work. That’s a full-blown conspiracy, assisting in a coup d’état. A crooked ruling from a crooked court. Not one individual crooked justice, but the ruling of a crooked court.

If the other justices allow Clearance to stay on their bench. They acknowledge that they are more than willing to work with a man who is proven to be corrupt and a criminally disloyal to his country.

Clearance must go now or they all will be forced to go someday.  

There is still big piece of the puzzle missing out there. I know this because the anxiety level is rising. The conspirators are getting worried that someone is about to find the body. Someone will find the Rosetta stone and tie it all together. And though it seems slow to the casual observer, it is a crucible of building pressure for those on the wrong side of the subpoena. Unsure, if someone has talked yet and implicated them. Unsure, if maybe they shouldn’t talk and spill their guts, implicating others. Besides, Father’s Day is over!

And if you, don’t do it to them now and be damn quick about it. They are going to do it to you. It’s the Jimmy Stewart rule.


“It must be considered that there is nothing more difficult to carry out, nor more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to handle, than to initiate a new order of things.”
― Niccolò Machiavelli 

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