Ain’t Got No Choice

Falling through he unvierse at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Angry? Pissed off? Upset? It was a long time in coming. The Bible thumpers, self-taught preachers, the blue haired ladies against freedom and the general do gooders. Convinced that we can’t handle this life all on our own and require their assistance. We are so muddled and confused; they feel it necessary to interject, offering their help, because they don’t like it, and they know better than you.

A monopolar movement, quickly overtaken and corrupted by a corrupt political Party. Who used them like show pony. They were a monkey dancing in front of the organ grinder picking up cash. Then through a network of evangelical churches, who would just love to vote for a bible believing good Christian. You don’t have to promise to build them highways or bring good jobs to town. You don’t have to promise to make the schools better or take care of seniors. No plans to build a better world whatsoever.

Cry a few crocodile tears over them poor babies and pretend to pray to Jesus and the money spicket opens up. Mayor Dickweed becomes congressman Dickweed. Who then becomes Governor Dickweed or Senator Dickweed. The payoff for the politician is nearly free. He or she can make them all happy, just by signing a proclamation. A 72-hr. Waiting limit or forced to listen to a heartbeat, while they refuse to listen to your heartbeat. In the land of the free, your opinion doesn’t matter. (Anyone else think that is an ugly and un-American ideal?)

Convicts also have no control over their own bodies, what have women done to be treated so? But not all women, it’s just certain women. Just women of a certain stature and a certain age. Not affluent women or even middle class. But less than middle class or poor women forced into purgatory, already struggling to make the rent. Now she not only has to come up with the money, but also the transportation.

Now, at the same time they are squirting tears out of both eyes like a TV preacher. May I be frank? They don’t give a shit about nothing or nobody. Twump promised a really great health care plan. Pure bullshit never was a plan and was never going to be a plan. A straight up look you straight in the eyes and lie to you. But it doesn’t matter as long you’re a Republican, you can date teenager hookers, rape little boys or try and take over the government. Clearly criminal acts are easily condoned by the Republicans. Al Franken was pushed out the Senate for inappropriate behavior by Democrats. See the difference?

Our strength is our weakness; the Republicans organize really well to do shitty things. Democrats organize poorly to do the right things. Because the Republicans are mono polar, you just have to think like everyone else, or else. And it’s better still if you don’t think at all. If you have any doubts. Just vote Republican and never ever worry about what they’re up too. You’re a Republican; you don’t have to think. Climate change is myth end of story. See how easy that is? No worries for your children, Bubba and Gretal.

Fifty years ago, when the Republican Party was bought and paid for by the tobacco lobby, they said the exact same thing. “There’s not enough evidence. There is no statistical proof that smoking is harmful. If you throw out the lifespan data of nonsmokers living much longer than smokers. That’s just the one study, you can’t go by that! But yes, the Republican Party was the Party of smoking. They didn’t give a shit if you died. No interest in public parks infrastructure or decent schools or neighborhoods. Seat belts and airbags are just too expensive. Republicans were against both of those. Do you have a handicap parking placard? Thank a Democrat.

The Republicans are the Party of land barons and billionaires who discuss politics at clubs the public isn’t allowed into. The reason is simple. They don’t want you there. Their plan isn’t a plan to govern, it’s to rule. And the reason for the plan is even more obvious, they are becoming more unpopular every day and feel the need to bank up the fires and hold on to what they got. They gerrymander districts not because they are strong, but because they are weak. One tidal wave will wash them all away. You can’t gerrymander a landslide.

Did you know? That back in the old daze, if you lied on your job application or during the interview process, you would be fired immediately. If you were to say during an interview that “Roe vs. Wade” was established case law and then immediately voted against it at the first opportunity. That is lying. They lied their way through the interview, squirting tears and playing the victim card. Now, they think that they’ve crossed the border and are somehow untouchable.

One bad apple won’t spoil the whole bunch. But such is not the case for judges. A judge doesn’t have to be guilty of a crime to no longer be a judge. A judge must be seen above even the appearance of impropriety or corruption or his or her ruling become illegitimate legal fantasies. What sort of panel would you accept, if one of the judges was obviously tainted and corrupt? What defendant wouldn’t get a new trial, if the judge was shown to be corrupt. So, while the crooked Extreme Court has taken the first step towards 21st century feudal society, it has not done so legitimately.

There are only two ways to resolve this, either a bloody Civil War or we vote the bastards out of office and put them on the endangered species list. In 1932, the Democrats needed 218  house seats to be in the majority, they ended up with 313. The Republicans were invited to sit in the back of the room for the next twenty years. Picking up 11 Senate seats improving their majority to 58 seats. With these majorities, Franklin Roosevelt changed this country forever in 200 days.

I know, it seems daunting and out of reach. Nothing good ever seems to happen anymore. It’s hard to be positive in a negative world. A media preaching doom and gloom twenty-four hours every day. But the numbers are clear and inescapable. Every four years the Democrats carry a new state and every four years the Republicans lose what was once a “safe” state. When Democrats vote, Democrats win.

The sun also rises, understand that overturning Roe was the end of their strength. They’ve been working on this for decades and they’re spent . All you’ve got to do is vote. Swear a holy vow to vote. If they say you can’t, throw a fit until the cops get there. Make them carry you out screaming. We no longer have a choice in more ways than one. This is the pre-curser of George Orwell’s future, of a boot smashing a human face.

John Steinbeck once said, “it don’t take no courage to do somethin, if you ain’t got no choice.” We no longer have a choice. A crooked court can’t issue a legal ruling. That’s an absurdity.


“The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerated the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than the democratic state itself. That in its essence is fascism: ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or any controlling private power.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

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