Where Would We Be?

Falling through the inverse at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

As a general rule Republicans don’t care about much of anything regarding the law. They see no problem with corruption, no problem with theft or dirty dealings of any kind. Generally, when called on the carpet about their corruption problem, they will simply smile or laugh. They see corruption as getting over on you. It’s all just a big game to them. Playing by the rules is for suckers. They think corrupt judges are groovy, provided they rule crookedly in their favor.

They don’t care how they get what they want provided they get what they want. They repeatedly claim to love this country. Love it, like a pimp loves a whore. They rage, and rail, how dare someone take a knee during their anthem. But they look the other way and snicker and smile, when Republicans shit on this country.

They try to call an idiot a hero, Tried to make it out that the cops had shot an innocent woman. That the police were somehow wrong in shooting someone, trying to push open a door with a loaded gun waiting on the other side.

You see, the Republican weren’t sedious criminals out to overthrow the government. They were loyal programmed propaganda droids. They believe what they are told without question. That’s what happens when you watch Faux News all the time. Like a boat slipping its moorings they just drift off, drifting away, further, and further from shores of reality. Becoming Proud Boys or Oath Keepers’ or some other patriotic Fascist group, without any love or affection for democracy.

Rambo in body armor, big tough guys who claim to love America while they attack its Capitol and murder its police. Unable to discern that they are chumps, being used by an insane murderous conman.  “Duh, Okay boss! Whatever you say!” To completely turn the narrative around, police bad, criminals’ good. We might have some problems on our side of the aisle, but nothing like corruption inside the Republican Party.

The problem has become so profound that the number of honest and loyal Republicans can be counted on one hand. After a man has tried to overthrow Democratic government once, there is not much more that needs to be determined about his character. Would they rob you if they had the chance? You bet they would! Rob a bank, steal from the elderly, or end Social Security. Without a doubt, millions of Faux News suckling’s, cheer for the end of public education.

Wonderful, you may die choking on your own vomit someday, while the poorly educated paramedics can’t find your house. No one ever taught them the odd numbered addresses where on one side of the street and even numbered addresses on the other

Anyone remember the “Superfund” to clean up environmental waste sites? The Democrats instituted a fund made up by a tax on producers of toxic waste. Two dollars per ton, create toxic waste and it’s going to cost you Two dollars per ton. The General Motors aluminum block casting facility waste site in upstate New York is estimated to cost more than a billion dollars to clean up.

The Republicans thought that tax on toxic waste was odious. So, they altered the provisions of the bill. From now on, toxic polluters would no longer have to pay that awful tax of $2.00 per ton. The Republicans did away with that tax, letting toxic polluters go free. The Republicans decided that YOU, the American taxpayer should pay for the cleanup. Seems fair, doesn’t it? General Motors makes a profit because you get to pay to clean up their mess.

I’ve hit this angle before, but I’m going to hit it again. After the Arab oil embargo, President Jimmy Carter gave a televised address. In it, Carter explains that the US was in and energy bind. The only way to escape the bind was to focus our efforts on alternative energy in 1976. To raise the fuel efficiency of automobiles and weatherproof buildings to save energy. He warned us and told us this country would fight oil wars and be at the mercy of blood thirsty dictators for the next fifty years.

It was all washed away by Ronald Reagan with his Exxon uber Allis policy. For years, the Republicans have tried to get permission to drill in the National Arctic Wildlife Refuge. Read that title again and ask yourself why they don’t want any oil drilling going on in there. Test wells have been dug and have come up with zilch. But the oil companies don’t believe it. There should be oil there, but so far there is not. The Republicans don’t care, they’ll drill until its Swiss Cheese, then throw up their hands at the spoiled preserve and say, “We’ll we tried!”

The Republicans are the party of small government, the smaller the better. We don’t need public schools. America will be successful in the future by luck and homeschooling. The  Republicans  really hate it that those prepubescent little bastards are soaking up their coins learning their ABCs. They hate you; and they hate your dirty kids too.

They don’t care about your problems. Chances are, it was the Republicans who helped to create them. They will end Social Security if they get the chance, and Medicare too. They don’t give a shit about anything, but money and themselves. They tormented a man with the corpse of his brain-dead wife for weeks. Even calling Congress into  a special session on an Easter Sunday.

With crocodile tears in their eyes, they wailed that this poor woman with zero brain activity was being starved to death by her heartless murdering husband. Willing to torment an innocent family in crises for cheap headlines. Gut the school budget sure.

Close the emergency room, make it impossible for smaller hospitals to compete.  Cut the school budget, because there are plenty of doctors in India who would love to move here. Cut taxes and give all that money to those who don’t need it. Shut down America, close the schools and hospitals. Let the polluters rape the landscape and let the American taxpayer pick up the tab.   

We stand on the precipice of disaster, Drought and wildfires have become everyday occurrences. The Republican answer, “No its not! Let’s just ignore it or the polluters might get mad.”

No climate change, no rising seas, no pending disasters. The Republicans represent big money and insane greed. Until voting becomes somewhat of an intelligence test. If you vote Republican and don’t have millions of dollars in the bank, you’re an idiot. Voting for those people who really don’t give shit about you or your children, or your planet.

Yeah, maybe Ted Cruz has the answer to our problems or Rand Paul. Maybe, Mitch McConnell or Lauren (Low Rent) Boebert has all the answers for your family. We’ve got to take care of the environment you know, maybe selling oxygen cylinders, so children can breathe. That could be a real growth field. We’ve need to protect the economy, or else, where would we be?

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