The Passion Behind the Obsession

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I was asked the other day if I was getting paid to write these articles/scribblings. The short answer is yes and no. Yes, I’m getting paid, but not enough to compete with the high paid field of pizza delivery in the third world or participating in a medical research study. Paid enough to show how frightening an obsession can become. Approximately, one US dollar for every one thousand views per day. On a good day, I’ve done 2,200 views, on a good day.

But what did the Beatles get paid for playing in Hamburg? Opportunity to perfect the things that you do that you would like to do better. A crucible, do something everyday and you are bound to get better at it. Besides, I’m too old to join the Black Block and too young to have joined the S.D.S.

Tucker Carlson took two million dollars and started his website from scratch, from a lot of scratch. (Do these brains make my ass look dumb?) It’s easy, just point your fingers and hold meetings. Have salesmen go out and sell ad space to advertisers in blocks. And if you need more money, just ask. Or as Woody Guthrie once put it, “They’d pay me not to sing the songs I sing.”

“Hear the drum pounding out of time
Another protester has crossed the line (hey!)
To find the monies on the other side” – Green Day

You don’t do this for money; you do this because this is all that you can do. The most pivotal time in American history since the Civil War. We are on the cusp of a civil break down brought about by a win at all costs, Fascist Republican Party. There is my employment problem in a nutshell. You can’t call them Fascists, even though that’s exactly what they are. An editor holding a paycheck over me would have me reform that sentence in a heartbeat, down to “win at all costs, extreme Republicans.”

Everything must be homogenized and made mainstream palatable. ( Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry) An editor would encourage an article on the low public approval rating of the Supreme Court. But would decline one on the low public performance of the Extreme Court. You just can’t go around telling people exactly what you’re thinking. You can’t call Milania Trump, Malaria Twump. “Why not?”

I consider her a disease that no mask or vaccination could prevent. Black and blue marks after being touched by a ten-foot pole. An abomination, a cheap porn actress that hootchie cooed her way into the White House and embarrassed America with Anchor Baby the first. The entire Twump Klan is like a biblical plague. But rules are rules, you must make nice with those who would stab you in the dark. When we go high, they go for the throat.

And so, the goal is to build an audience to prove to a prospective employer that the audience is out there, and nobody is currently speaking to them. You just can’t say Lindsey Graham is a chicken-shit bastard, for refusing to testify about his phone call down to Georgia, looking for a better outcome for Twump.

Graham is falling back on the lamest excuse ever. Congressman have immunity passing through states on their way to Washington. Lest they be waylaid on their way to vote. This is what Lindsey is falling back on. He doesn’t have to testify because he has immunity from prosecution as a Congressman in transit.

I also won’t write scare articles. Articles written for the sole purpose of upsetting you. “Democrat’s Prospects Look Weak in November!” The goal is to upset you and demoralize you, and not to inform you. Some think that they must frighten you into voting. Articles about what Joe Biden didn’t do. Considering the circumstances, I think that he’s doing the best job possible.

A war in Europe, a fragile economy, and a seditious Congress. Not since Lincoln, has a President had to put up with more sedition and outright treason. The Congress is littered like a cat box with Congressional turds who were not only willing, but anxious to overthrow a Democratically elected government. Yet the focus is always on Joe Biden.

“Gavin Newsome gains in popularity” says the Republican headline. Who wants to see a challenger to Joe Biden in November? That’s right, the Republicans want to see a challenger to Joe Biden. Because the Republicans know they are headed for defeat and their only hope is to break Democratic unity.

Maybe, you’ll forget about the Mullahs of the American Taliban, stripping away your rights between now an election day? Maybe they will stop now, but history says they won’t stop now.

They won’t stop until they are stopped, just like all fascist movements in history. It is a great and wonderful time to be alive. Horrifying and dangerous, but also real and tangible.

The lakes are drying up in the west, and many are fast reaching the point of dead pools, useful to no one. We are eyeball to eyeball with climate disaster, but we mustn’t say anything. (Shhh,) You can talk about the lakes drying up, but not about why the lakes are drying up. You can’t connect Republicans to the policies which cause the disaster. Disasters are strictly non-partisan.

Republicans fight raising the minimum wage until it becomes a ridiculous figure, forcing millions of Americans into brutal homeless Dickensian poverty. Then the Republicans blame the people that they made poor for being poor, while they grow rich from stock profits bolstered by the low wages. The Republicans also offer a real fine alternative to Obama care which has been invisible now for six years, under the code name of “Operation Nothing.”

Singing in a rat race choir and doing ablutions, let me tell you about what some other folks want me to tell you about. I’d rather get a job a Burger King. I am an FDR Liberal with Eugene Debs leanings. I will fight for my corner, and I will stay until closing. I write because it is an obsession, but what I write is also what I think. That is the passion behind the obsession.

And sure, I’d love to make millions of dollars and be on all the talk shows. But not if it means compromising the message. Not if it means smiling and saying yes, when I really don’t mean it. The media is the message, but the message is also the media.  I’m alive and feeling. So yes, I’m very well paid. Much better paid than if I said nothing at all.


“No sympathy for the devil; keep that in mind. Buy the ticket, take the ride…and if it occasionally gets a little heavier than what you had in mind, well…maybe chalk it up to forced consciousness expansion: Tune in, freak out, get beaten.”
― Hunter S. Thompson

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  1. Bravo and thank you for giving meaning and hope to situations that evade both. We need you more than ever!


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