A House Divided

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It now appears that Brett Kavanaugh’s crying jags during his confirmation hearings weren’t as contrived as they first appeared. Crying and whining seem to be his first line of defense when threatened. Privileged upbringing syndrome. What are the chances it would rain on my day off? Life is so unfair! I only parked my Mercedes in that handicapped space for a few minutes and look, I got a ticket!

Poor little boo hoo Brett was forced to leave Morton’s Steak House out the back door and without his desert. A crowd had formed and began protesting Kavanaugh’s appearance in public. The steak house condemned this flagrant display of Americanism. They then declared themselves a Capitalist free zone. We have a right to make money, so you have no right to protest.

The crowd had called the restaurant manager and asked him to expel the Kavanaugh party. So, he can’t really say that he wasn’t warned. Next time, the Kavanaugh’s might want to make that reservation under another name, or the Restaurant manager might not have a table. Or maybe next time, he might not have a restaurant. It’s really very simple, nobody wants OJ hanging around. Some celebrities aren’t a good draw for a business.

A celebrity who creates negative press and angry mobs of people creating a disturbance outside the building. Thus, causing patrons both inside and outside anxiety and a sudden desire to alter their supper plans. Then they discuss the restaurants they are never going to return too, all the way home.

The problem is this punk Kavanaugh. He’s the one who created this disturbance in the first place. The nerve, the raw nerve. To think that he is welcome to show his face in Washington or anywhere else in public for that matter. One of the most contemptable members of one of the most contemptable Extreme courts in American history. History will remember this court and him specifically unkindly.

An exposed public liar and a corrupt and dishonest jurist. He thinks that he can shove a corrupt ruling down the throat of this country and then go out for beers on Friday night.

You see, he is entitled. He expects to be served with the trappings of the purple even as he disgraces its majesty. I Claudius, the cripple who thinks himself a king. “How dare those peasants disrupt my meal! Waiter! Kindly have those protesters executed and bring me the Chocolate Lava cake.”

Perhaps, he doesn’t realize it yet, but this is forever land. Like a Rod Serling episode about his pact with the devil. “You wanted to be famous Mr. Kavanaugh…and ha, ha, ha, now you are.” This is your life from now on. He could always order take-out, if he’s not afraid of someone spitting in his food or worse. Check that pizza out real close and maybe give the first slice to the dog, just to be on the safe side. Did you order broken glass on your half? ”Hey look, they threw in a chocolate pie!”

Tyrants must live in fear, same as it ever was. Unpopular rulers will always remain unpopular. It’s all downhill and private clubs from here on out. This is a sour stomach that’s about to turn into a brain tumor. A corrupt court captured and surrounded, hounded, and driven from the public stage will react how? A corrupt court cannot be made uncorrupt ever. Even if they just decide on what to have for lunch,  it is still corrupt.

Would you play poker with these people? “No wait, I’ve got a two, a four, a seven and a Jack. That’s a Supreme Court full house, I win!”

Besides, you wanted to be cowboy. So quit crying about getting shit on your new boots. No one expects judges to be popular when judges can only be invisible or unpopular. But to issue judgments wildly unpopular with the public. Rescinding established law to the disparagement of millions of our citizens. There is no other word for it but unjust to describe it.

It is no less than the Dred Scott decision of our time, and we all remember how that turned out. Is a slave always a slave? Is there no place where a slave can run to and obtain the freedom of their own person? The freedom to do with it whatever they wish? Get a tattoo, drink alcohol, get fat or end a pregnancy? Maybe get a nose ring or put a bolt through your tongue? You either have freedom or you don’t and right now, we don’t.

They have earned themselves a life sentence of banishment, issued by the high court of public opinion.

The Extreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe has been condemned by the European Parliament. It puts the US on the same footing as Iran and North Korea. The mullahs of the American Taliban want to institute a world based on biblical justice. Your freedom as explained to you by the bible. But the bible can be troublesome document. So, they will cut out the religious slang and dogma, and just tell you what you can and can’t do with your own body.

Their religious rights are superseding your civil rights. The American Puritan heart beats strong, if you didn’t have sex, you wouldn’t have gotten pregnant! Sex is pleasure and every knows that pleasure is bad! God hates pleasure! “I suppose you’ll want the whole day off at Christmas.” You can have sex only to procreate, those are the rules! Only after a full Christian ceremony can you enjoy the nuptials of sex. Only one man and one woman, no exceptions! No oral sex or use of toys or foreign objects of any kind, you disgraceful infidel!

It is as Lincoln warned, “A house divided against itself can’t stand.” A court acting against the will of the majority disqualifies itself. A court acting with an unspoken desire to modify existing law to please a certain religious minority is not law, but conspiracy. If a political party conspired to bring back slavery by appointing judges who supported slavery. You still couldn’t bring back slavery. SLAVERY IS WRONG!! No matter what the judges say, no matter how they dress it up in legalese.

Don’t you see? That’s where we are headed. Women can’t do this, anymore and Gay people can’t do that. Unions can’t do that. The kid’s lucky the cops didn’t shoot him 61 times. This protest has been declared illegal and you’re all under arrest on a felony charge of ruining a big shot’s dinner. You’ll all get twenty years! If you aren’t going to church, why not just get back to work. That’s why god put you here… to make cheeseburgers for minimum wage.


“This is the thing to bomb. This is the beginning—from “I” to “we”. If you who own the things people must have could understand this, you might preserve yourself. If you could separate causes from results, if you could know that Paine, Marx, Jefferson, Lenin were results, not causes, you might survive. But that you cannot know. For the quality of owning freezes you forever into “I” and cuts you off forever from the “we”. ”
– John Steinbeck

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