Gimme Some Twuth

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

As predictable as a prat fall, if you call Domino’s a pizza will come. If you go into business with Donald Twump, you’re going to need a lawyer and at some point, and an alibi. You’ll need to be able document those days when you were out of the office and had no prior knowledge of any conversations on those subjects. “I was in the Bahamas that week, I couldn’t have known about any of that.”

Twump’s “Twuth” website otherwise known as the world’s longest running campaign advertisement is in trouble with the law. (I know! I was shocked too!) They have this little game they play on Wall Street. Companies that do nothing but look for other companies to merge with. The idea being, that if you do it right 2 + 2 = millions. Joining a small software company with a large distribution network. Perfectly legal and almost admirable.

The company in question is “Digital World Acquisitions” and its desire to merge with Twump’s Twuth website. According to the rules of the game, Twuth must be up and running with the intent to go public BEFORE talking to companies like “Digital World Acquisitions.”

While what this appears to be, is bottle fed operation from the cradle. The goal from day one was to build a shell company with Twump’s brand name on it to lure in the suckers.  Then sell out quick after the merged companies had raised an estimated $1.3 billion dollars in capital.

This isn’t an airline or a university with “fixed” assets or employees to deal with. This is a website where the patrons create their own content. The content they all want to hear, repeated back to them. You could carry the whole company in the back seat of a sedan all $1.3 billion of it. How small is it, she asked? Twitter has 300 million active accounts and rarely makes a profit. Twuth has 2 million active accounts and was looking to lure in $1.3 billion in capital. Anybody else, see the problem here?

It’s Mel Brooks and “The Producers.” Take in a billion dollars in capital to put on a Broadway show, then the show closes on opening night and everyone loses their money. Twitter can’t make a profit with 150 times the Twuth audience.  It’s a sure thing, a sure thing to fail.

Not long ago, young Madison Cawthorn was pushing the “Let’s go Brandon” crypto currency. Then the “Let’s go Brandon” crypto currency flashed like lightening before collapsing overnight and all those who had wished for Brandon to go, lost all their money. Millions of dollars, Yeah, Let’s go Brandon! As easy as taking candy from a baby, there ought to be a law against it. Oh wait, there is!

Always true to form and as consistent as dysentery. Donald Twump and the little Twumpets Donny Jr. aka Eight Ball, and his brother from under the stairs Erc, have distanced themselves from any ownership or management aspects of the Twuth.

 “Me? I’m just an innocent stockholder. I just come into watch and help out from time to time. Heavens, what would I know about running a website?” And no sooner had they left the building when the subpoenas began to arrive from the Security and Exchange Commission and a Federal Grand Jury.

It looks like what it is, just another of his famous Twump grifts. Just another Twump Steaks or Twump Airlines or “Let’s go Brandon” Crypto coin.  The secret message on your decoder ring is to send more money and drink more Ovaltine suckers. Fleece the sheep one more time. Take everyone out for a nice round of Snipe hunting and talk about a luxurious future.  “Why, if you owned this bridge, you’d be the most famous man in Brooklyn!”

Donald Twump had been mildly criticized for his scant appearances on the “Twuth” platform. For mildly is the only way the cultists ever criticize the Twump. But gee whiz, if you walk all the way to the Emerald City through the forest and all, you’d like to see the wizard once and a while. But Twump had done his part, he allowed his name to be used to lure in a fresh batch of suckers. He had made enough appearances to meet all contractual obligations. Next is Twump gets a large check and abandons the “Twuth” platform altogether.

Oh, but it’s not to be now. “If it wasn’t for those meddling kids and that dog of theirs with the speech impediment, we might have gotten away with it.” It’s a well-known and time-tested Wall Street fact. SEC investigations and Federal Grand Juries are tough on fund raising. So, the merger will never be, and the “Twuth” platform languishes headed for obscurity.  Nine out of ten companies under investigation by the SEC fail, within the first five years.

That’s the SEC’s job to root out stock swindles. And Twuth has all the earmarks of one. The company is nothing but hot air. It has no product and produces nothing for sale but advertising space. It has no appreciable assets; it rents a storefront on the Internet. By which it hopes to lure in investors short on smarts and long on coin up to and including $1.3 billion sucker dollars. It is affiliated with Donald Twump, probably the greatest grifter and career criminal this country has ever produced.

In a perverse sort of way you almost have to admire the bastard’s level of criminality. I don’t think the man could take a dump without breaking the law first. Just bouncing from crime to crime to crime! A one-man crime wave. “Let’s go Brandon” that 401K of yours is just sitting there doing nothing! What you really need is some Twuth! Gimme some Twuth!


“Yes. We caused them to steal. Penny at a time. Nickel at a time. Dime. A quarter. A dollar. We were easy going. We were good-natured. We didn’t want money just for the sake of having money. We didn’t want other folks’ money If it meant they had to do without. We smiled across their counters a penny at a time. We smiled in through their cages a nickel at a time. We handed a quarter out our front door. We handed them money along the street. We signed our names to their old papers. We didn’t want money, so we didn’t steal money, and we spoiled them, we petted them, and we humored them. We let them steal from us. We knew that they were hooking us. We knew it. We knew when they jacked up their prices. We knew when they cut down on the price of our work. We knew that. We knew they were stealing. We taught them how to steal. We let them. We let them think that they could cheat us because we are just plain old common everyday people. They got the habit.”
“They really got the habit,” Tike said.
“Like dope. Like whiskey. Like tobacco. Like snuff. Like morphine or opium or old smoke of some kind. They got the regular habit of taking us for damned old silly fools.”
– Woody Guthrie

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