Would any of You Dumb Suckers Like to Play Again?

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Wow, that was quite a presentation the house put on. Sometimes those Congressional hearings can drag a bit but not yesterday, there was a hot pace about it. A narrative laid out clearly and examining the insurrection story from all different angles with similar testimony from people in different jobs. The lawyers, the politicians and the would be, (Kings, your unelected masters.) thugs like Mike Flynn and Rudi Giuliani, facing off against the “Sane” West wing group.

With Twump as their addle minded arbiter sans tin pot despot, willing to follow any shiny thing that offered him any hope of retaining power. The sane group was offering, “it will never work, you’ll never get away with it.” While the opportunists in the less sane group had much to gain and much more to lose. Both Rudy and Mikey made their real denarii pedaling influence. So, if Twumpy goes home, it’s going to noticeably hurt their bottom line. No more half million dollars checks for Mikey, just for being so nice.

And it’s not the amounts on the checks, it’s who they’re from. If they were from Canada or New Zealand, it might seem odd, but few would see anything suspicious or sinister behind their motives. But if the checks are from say Saudi Arabia, North Korea or Turkey and you hadn’t really done anything, that looks suspicious. But what looks really suspicious is that when Flynn was first asked about it, he lied to the FBI. “Who me? Oh no never, I’d never work for those guys. Oh, those guys!”

Then he told the court, he forgot. He forgot that he had to fill out a government form and tell everyone he was working as a paid agent for Turkish government and possibly Russia. While at the same time being a part of Twump’s presidential campaign. That’s bad optics as they say in Washington.

Back in the good old days of the Cold War, all secret dealings and secret exchanges were done in divided Berlin. The Cold War is over, and Berlin just doesn’t work anymore as a conduit. The place where the secret dealings are done these days is in Turkey. That’s the backdoor to Russia, the back door to the oligarchs and the dark underworld, the back door to the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin. And out of the mouths of babes, “We get our money from Russia.”

Watergate was complicated, this is simple. Watergate had break ins and burglars and hush money. Money men and dark shadowy figures moving on the edges of legitimacy. This was nothing but a grand giant bluff. If we all say we won and can get all the other monkeys in the Reich wing media monkey cage to hoot and holler and throw enough shit at the world.

Then maybe if we can make enough noise, maybe we can win. Then by the time they figure it all out, we can get Twump named President by the Extreme Court. There is no question at this point whether Twump knew he had lost the election, he knew. That changes him from an aggrieved Presidential candidate seeking office to a wanton criminal in a conspiracy to defraud the United States. It’s just as plain as the orange nose on his lunar face.

If you have watched the witnesses and heard the evidence and processed it all fairly, and still believe in Twump. You are in a cult. You are a brainwashed cultist, out in the woods hunting for Martians after listening to “War of the Worlds” on the radio. You’re buying snake oil and selling your free will.

They are marking themselves, and popular culture will from now on, characterize and satirize Twump followers as bunch of duped dumbass rednecks. Hillary called them deplorables and they should aspire to become deplorables. Maybe someday on a good day, they’ll make deplorable. Even a  deplorable would have caught on to the scam by now.

The outrage the average American feels must be nothing when compared to the outrage of a Twumper. To have it all explained to them on national television. Explained, how they were all used and shortchanged like a cheap hooker on a cold night. How Twump had them all rolling peanuts with their noses because of his lies.

I’ve been cheated and lied to before, but never on anything of a scale of that magnitude. Boy, that just screams rube! The poor droid from Ohio, just caught up in the Twump flatulence and he loses his home and his job. He’s still got his wife, but something tells me the dynamics of that relationship have changed.

“Nothing but country music on the radio from here on out! And remember, we agreed. No more Faux News. No more militia groups and no more playing Army. We’re gonna get rid of all those freeze-dried beans down in the basement and take those damn flags off your truck. I’m so tired of the neighbors always staring at us.”

Twumper = Dupe, easily taken in. Will possibly trade last family cow for a handful of magic beans. Will trade career for a bunch of lies and hot air and then defend the lies and hot air.

With the testimony of the committee as the landscape, the lawsuits against media moguls make it look like it’s time to settle up and start writing checks to voting machine companies. And they better do it quick, before someone starts asking just how deeply involved in this conspiracy they were? Maybe it was just a few rogue hosts maybe, but maybe, it went even higher than that, Hmmm? The world would love to find out.

We now know that Mikey Flynn and Rudy G. are sedious traitors of the worst kind. They have no political ideology other than their bank account. I have some respect for a revolutionary who starves in the mountains for years, preaching his ideology of building a better world whatever that means. But these two would sell you into slavery and subvert the ideals of this country just to line their pockets and to be big shots for one more day. And we now know that they weren’t just participants in the conspiracy, but ringleaders.

Ringleaders more than willing to bring death and violence to our streets and conspiring to subvert the rule of law. To involve the Extreme Court in the conspiracy as well as sedious Congress people. So aware of their own guilt, that they even ran to Twump asking for pre-emptive Presidential pardons which is no different than making a public confession.

The shit hit the fan yesterday, and it’s unavoidable now. Either you are loyal to the United States or you’re a Twumper. Either you honor and respect our system of government, or you are a Republican. It’s the big reveal and the Republicans by in large, have all been exposed as criminals and their followers as the most oafish of morons. Following the pied piper down the garden path as he promises them nothing, nothing but chimp noises.

Bury your head in shame or bury your head in avoidance Republicans, but bury your heads. Jaba the Twump has conned you out of your lunch money and your honor, yet again and made you all look like damn fool idiots. And now, only the most cultish remain. “Would any of you dumb suckers like to play again?”

“The tragedy of modern man is not that he knows less and less about the meaning of his own life, but that it bothers him less and less.”
― Václav Havel

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