We Don’t Interrupt the Following Program

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

The committee continues to prick the countries attention and consciousness with superior ratings about the pricks. Faux Snooze held to their position that nothing preempts their prime-time hosts. Hosts who took time out to pour derision on the hearings, what else could they do? The hearings are important but not so important as to disrupt the entertainment division at Faux News. But too important to ignore as they keep firing broadsides that rake the Faux News decks with fire.

A powder magazine won’t blow up destroying the ship in a cataclysm of a fireball and smoke. Instead, the ship is slowly taking on water and no longer answers to the helm, And the event is rapidly becoming every rat for himself. Polls show support for Twump and Twumpism is waning among seniors. The polls also show a drop in support for Republicans in general. Outtakes of what Twump really thought of Republican leaders and vice versa, doesn’t leave much for the Party to build a party on.

“All those in favor of removing this moron and or clown, under the 25th Amendment raise your hands; any opposed?” The cat is out of the bag. The Republicans were just as afraid of this abomination as the rest of us! King Kong on roller blades in the China room juggling hand grenades.  Kevin McCarthy’s “I’ve had it with this guy!”

Confirmed reports of a struggle inside the beast. Arguing and tussling for control of the beast, inside of the beast. “Whaa! I wanna go to the riot!” No Magila, it’s a riot, it’s way too dangerous! “Duh, but they like me!” Yes, but they like you way too much. And if it comes down to shooting some of these jokers, you could get in the way and catch a stray. “Whaa, but I wanna go!”

Meanwhile, up at Capitol, Mike Pence is refusing to get into the car because he doesn’t know for certain, where it will take him. (Maybe to meet Jesus.) That should be our first red flag about the Secret Service; Mike Pence didn’t trust them.

He’s seen enough Godfather movies to know better than to get in that car. He knew instinctively, there was no new job waiting for him in Las Vegas or that they’d send his wife and kids along later. Pence can claim whatever he likes, but the fact is, he wouldn’t get in the car. And history has shown us that was the correct decision.

The outtakes of Twump parsing each word of his message are devastating. “I don’t want to say, “Lost the election.” (stomps foot) Now, here is a man lucid enough to parse each word out looking for the lightweights to bat clean up. They were forcing him to make a speech with a safe word in it, when he didn’t wanna stop.

His whole plan was dependent of the rioter’s violence in the most poorly planned Coup in world history. Wild eyed rioters, illiterate goofballs, and fungus covered basement dwellers with their buttholes all puckered up with smoke. They will attack the Capitol and so terrify the legislators and the Vice-President. That they will then be willing to break the law and bend to my will and do as I command of them. Gee, what could possibly go wrong?

But Mike Pence was hip to the jive. He’d been warned by a law dude, that it was nonsense. If he tried to alter the count or disallow slates of electors, he would open himself up to criminal liability. In a plan which could only succeed inside the head of a mad man. A man poisoned enough with an orange cosmetic to believe the coup had a Florida snowball’s chance of success.

Then after thwarting the will of the people and bamboozling the House. Twump would immediately ask for a ruling by Clearance and the Ball Breakers, aka the Extreme Court. And nothing but net, Twump wins! The court is the easy part, like Amazon, if you put in your order today, you can have it tomorrow. But the violence of the penny stinkers, that’s the tough part, the part that can’t be quantified.

That’s why Twump so desperately wanted to go to the Capitol to keep the crowd ginned up. Lest their violence subside and the coup plot would fail. Without enough violence, the coup couldn’t force anyone to do anything. Again, that’s why Twump thought that hanging Mike Pence sounded like such a bully idea. “Come on, we need some blood! Come on, show em we’re serious! Anybody can talk about hanging a Vice President. It’s a small price to pay. Come on, put your back into it, he’s getting away!”

Wrestled back into the White House, the orange ape watches on his Tee wee. “Come on, what’s wrong with you people? You’ve got guns, I know you do! Why won’t you use them?” As the White House staff stood stunned around him and evaluating their career choices, Twump was like a ten-year-old riding on the arm of the couch watching the Lone Ranger. This strange dichotomy, lucid enough to parse words, while looney as a coot enough to believe this coup had one chance in a thousand of succeeding.

“Come on! Somebody pull a gun and start shooting! Then the Proud boys and Oath keepers can run to their safe houses and get the real firepower and then the Congress will vote my way. Once there is an armed pitched battle going on outside, then they’ll will certainly do what I say.” How could he be that savvy and that clueless, all at the same time?

And while we’re on the subject, Malaria Twump the former First Porn lady in the White House. Gives us her alibi; “On January 6th, 2021, I was fulfilling my duties as First Porn Lady of the United States,” and accordingly had all my clothes on. “I was unaware of what was simultaneously going on at the Capitol.” (Sounds just like her.) As I was shopping for Presidential First Porn Lady jewelry on Cartier website. My credit card transaction information proves, I couldn’t have known what the big ape had up sleeve.

You might not believe this but according to the First Porn Lady, it was somebody else’s fault. Had the First Porn lady known, she would have immediately done all the right things, in the all the right order. The First Porn Lady claims it was “a clear dereliction of duty!” Her press secretary Stephanie Grisham should have told her about the riot sooner!

On January 6th the First Porn lady was busy doing the countries First Porn Lady business. Meeting with photographers, activists, and designers. Yeah, I can see why Steph wouldn’t want to interrupt any of those important meetings. Grisham for her part says that she did tell the First Porn Lady all about it. So, somebody is lying…I wonder who?

“This is not the first time a former staffer has tried to maintain relevancy and profit by using my name to create a false narrative,” – First Porn Lady

“Everything she said is bullshit, and she knows it,” – Stephanie Grisham

“Memory likes to play hide-and-seek, to crawl away. It tends to hold forth, to dress up, often needlessly. Memory contradicts itself; pedant that it is, it will have its way.”
― Günter Grass

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