The Echo of a Noise

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

A high-water mark has been reached and we are now approaching critical mass. In Nixon’s time, they had used the Kubler/Ross grief scale and had reached that final last stage of acceptance. Then Nixon was gone, and we could move on with our lives. “Our long national nightmare blah, blah, blah.”

The committee hearings have left Twump like the battleship Bismark. Battle damaged with her rudder jammed, steaming her in broad circles as her enemies converged. All alone, just him and what’s her name now. “Shall we adjourn to the bunker?” The legal cases swarm around him and there is no way out, no escape, ever. He’s fighting bare handed on two fronts now. He must try and sway public opinion and to quell dissension among his own ranks.

 This is new, having to gin up the faithful. The committee testimony has put Twump in a permanent downward spiral, and by association Faux News. The plain clear concise evidence sits on the table for all to see and examine. You have eyewitnesses and eyewitnesses to the eyewitnesses.  Plot, opportunity, and motivation. A full cast of crooked and cringing Renfields. Why would Faux expend their precious airtime exposing themselves to their audience as frauds? There is no upside to it.

How is little Tucker TV Dinner going to frame that? “Well, it’s glaringly obvious now to everyone, what a complete sleaze bag Donald Twump really is. Gosh, we here at Faux News are just as surprised as you to find that out!  We were completely taken in. If we had known for one minute, half of the crazy shit he was up to. We never would have kissed his ass so relentlessly.”

Faux is facing billion-dollar lawsuits for defamation for knowingly telling falsehoods to their viewers. About my clients completely innocent voting machines to support the Twump Big Lie. There is literally no way that they could cover the hearings, without implicating themselves.

“Never talk about rope in the house of a man who was hanged.” – Harry Truman

It’s very Orwellian, the selective filtering of public news but at the same time industrial. Winston Smith white outing the parts of the news that make Winston Smith look guilty. All these guests who have been so popular are off to the land the TV cameras forgot. “Let’s all talk about something else!” But the bad news is, there’s no good news.

Don’t want to talk about the extreme court, too much bad blood. Don’t want to talk about Europe because that means Russia, and that one’s a little too close to home. Don’t want to talk about election denial anymore. That sad day when they called Smokey the bear into the office to let him know they were going with a different angle.

“You’re too old Smokey. The kids today want young and sexy, we’re going with the bear in the smock that rides motorcycles and turns into a robot. Leave the hat, but you can keep the badge. We’ll deduct it from your last check.” Not one word of the committee hearings on the Faux News website.

The lead story, “What Ted Cruz thinks will happen if Donald Twump decides to run in 2024.” Ted says, other candidates will drop out. “Thanks Ted!” Another Faux News exclusive, remember you heard it here first! This is known as happy talk. We’re all well pleased with Donald Twump, aren’t we? Why he’s so big and strong, why would anyone else ever want to run against him?

Complete amnesia is the diagnosis as January 6th has been removed from the Faux News calendar. Nothing happened on January 6th, the Democrats made it all up. But try as they might, they can’t put Trumpty Dumpty back together again. Ominous warnings of what Twump might do in his second term, but I have better chance of being elected President, than Twump does.

If Twump runs Twump loses, and that’s good news. But the even better news is another Twump run will put a wooden stake through the heart of Republican Party. If the groundhog sees his shadow; two more years of Twump. How can they plan for the future, with this geriatric unbalanced loadstone on their backs?

Twump was elected on a fluke, the quarter landed on its edge as neither heads or tails. That could never happen again. It’s doubtful Twump could even win the nomination at this point. His negatives are way up, and his positives are way down, until they meet in the middle. You knew it had to come to this, sooner or later. Like the end of disco leisure suits or riding on the mechanical bull wearing a cowboy hat. Someday that slot car track was going to close.

The tree swinging Twumpers are still in his corner. But the very image of a Twumper has become a stereotypical poorly dressed overweight hillbilly missing teeth and brain cells. Driving a pickup truck three stories tall, and illegally parking in handicapped spaces.

The Reagan Republicans, sometimes also known as the reading and writing Republicans are abandoning Twump in dwoves. They Remember Watergate and they remember Nixon. “Yes, yes, he would.” They aren’t so virginal or cultified as to accept any Twump lies peddled by Faux News unquestioned.

Twump is no longer on the offensive. He is offensive, but only as “Old Hat.” You can only be new once in America. He’s not running for anything, he’s running away in a circle. Running because in his delusions of grandeur. He idiotically believes he can’t be prosecuted if he is elected President.

The counter puncher is losing steam and adherents and praying for miracles. Fundraising is way off but Don Jr. has stopped sending me E-mails, because his dad needs more money to fight Nancy Pelosi and the Liberal Democrats.

Twump is now asking Americans to pray, the last refuge of a scoundrel. Reverend Twump says, bow your heads. “Contact light! Houston, we have reached rock bottom!”

What’s left are the remainder, the true believers cultified through and through. Waiting for the worms, but unreachable is also unelectable. Lonely confederates out on the redoubts of reality, still waving their stars and bars. Still thinking that they are relevant when they are nothing but the remainder. Only the echo of a noise once returning.

“The question is not what you look at, but what you see.”
― Henry David Thoreau

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