Only Waiting

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

So many Republicans, so little time. They say people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. In the same way that people who hire teenage prostitutes, probably shouldn’t talk about abortion. Matt Gaetz (Soon to be featured in a major prosecution!) is back in the news, with obnoxious middle school grade remarks made in references to women seeking abortions. Maybe seeking an abortion after taking money for sleeping with a little creep, like Matt Gaetz.

Surely, the law has an exclusion, rape, incest or Matt Gaetz.

There is a very old novel by Leo Tolstoy (Don’t let the name scare you. It’s only a book) titled “Resurrection.” One of the hot sellers of 1899. In it, a young house maid is raped by the master of the house. She becomes pregnant and is disowned by her family for losing her honor and is ceremoniously thrown out. She gets a job working nights at an inn (with all the name implies) and falls in with bad company and is involved in a robbery. Guess, who gets called to serve on her jury? The master of the house, the source of all the trouble from the beginning.

The powerless being judged by the powerful for the crimes committed by the hypocritical and powerful. (Sound Familiar?) Throw in a Tinder account and some Ecstasy and Tolstoy would be with it today! The same old story, of the powerful taking advantage of the weak and female, then using the system to escape the justice they themselves created for others. As long as the airports are open, abortion will always be available to the affluent.

Willing to engage underage prostitutes for promiscuous drug fueled non-reproductive sex on the weekends but unwilling to allow reproductive choice Monday – Friday, because they are “Pro-Life!”  And thus, it was explained to us how early man first pulled himself from the primordial ooze to become invertebrate life.

I’d love to be rich and powerful too. And to have discretionary spending money for prostitutes and such. I’d probably squander it on groceries or a new mattress or something frivolous. But then, you only buy something that no one will give to you for free. Things that gain in value by their absence. Things you buy and dispose of when finished. Things that have no intrinsic value to you other than services they offer, like a house maid or a prostitute.

You hire a housemaid because you don’t want to do housework and find it distasteful, you hire a prostitute for the same reason, relationships are distasteful. You just want your house cleaned and will pay money to get it done for you. You just want sex, like a hamburger or a Coke. Let me rent your body for an hour or so. Ewwww! Let me die retching in the alley before such disastrous prosperity should ever befall and befuddle me.

But hypocrisy, thy name is Republican. Hey, listen up everybody! Susan Collins, the Susan Collins! The Senatorial prognosticator is giving free advice. Everyone line up, no pushing! Her advice is like gold, and she is never wrong,  hardly ever wrong when she remains silent. But even if she is wrong most of the time, she’s still a moderate (Judas Goat) Republican. Her role is to convince you that the big bad wolf, isn’t so bad after all. “Oh Garsh Sandy, that extreme court nominee told me he wouldn’t do that! Boy, is my face red?”

Collins warns Democrats that the deal reached between Chuck Schumer and Joe Manchin could imperil bipartisan negotiations on legally codifying same sex marriage.

“I just think the timing could not have been worse and it came totally out of the blue,” – Susan Collins

Stop it! You’re killing me! It’s like Clevon Little in “Blazing Saddles.” The Republicans are threatening to shoot themselves in the head if you Democrats don’t stop being so successful.

“Don’t force my hand! We’ve alienated 60% of the electorate, and we’re not afraid to do more. Don’t make me pull this trigger, or I’ll blow Republican election chances to smithereens!

“After we just had worked together successfully on gun safety legislation, on the CHIPs bill, it was a very unfortunate move that destroys the many bipartisan efforts that are under way,” – Susan Collins

She sounds so disappointed; I suppose we should all feel bad for letting her down so. What were we thinking? Having a majority of the votes, and not pausing to take Susan’s feelings into account?

And you dirty dogs passed legislation that we didn’t like, and after we told you that we didn’t like it. So now, you’re going to have to learn a hard lesson. The legislation in question is designed to repeal the outdated “Defense of Marriage Act” and other Republican nonsense. The legislation wouldn’t even be necessary, but for the extreme court nominees who so bamboozled Collins, that now they’ve overturned Roe. And after they promised her with batted eyes, that they wouldn’t ever do that.

Living in the new tower of Bable, making laws for the workers below. Chasing young women through the gardens of the young lords and calling it morality, calling it justice. Protecting America from the evils of the ungodly, all while exempting themselves. Something only the devil would do, if he were in charge.

What the Republicans have always failed to grasp about the Gay community is they see them as some alien fringe group, imported from some other galaxy. Instead of as our children, our brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles. They are our family and dear loved ones. It is relatively easy to get people to support some foisted image of a religion or state sponsored morality, (Pray to the stoned idol) but it’s hard, to get people to vote against their own family.

By a two to one margin, Americans disagree with the Republicans and their extreme court ruling on Roe. By a nearly three to one margin, Americans support same sex marriage. So go ahead Susan, make my day, and pull the trigger! If you’re feeling Froggy Jump! We will see you in November!

“You can straighten a worm, but the crook is in him and only waiting.” – Mark Twain

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