Kansas is a Bell Weather

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It was just other day, I had read that early voting in Kansas was up 125%. I considered that a hopeful sign as 2020, had been a record voter turnout. Say what you will, Fat Donny sure ended voter apathy. But to build on that record in the midterms is a damn site unusual. And the sign for Republicans in the deep dark woods that reads, “I’d turn back, if I were you!”

It was the first time the polls opened since the extreme court overturned Roe and women’s reproductive rights. In sunny and famously, not liberal Kansas. The question was put to vote and was no question at all, and the answer received by Republicans is, “What whoa!”

A mistake, it was all a big mistake, it never should have made it to the ballot. You know how we Republicans hate ballots. But then they got a little exuberant and carried away with themselves, and gee. All the other Republican legislatures were doing it.

So that they could look tough too for their base going into an election cycle. They were only trying to be the most extreme in promoting some restriction or other, against freedom and individual choice.

But they jumped the gun and the shark, and put the question to a vote. (What were they thinking?) Then they pulled the old Alabama switcheroo.  A “yes” vote meant reproductive choice would be removed from the state Constitution and a “no” vote meant everything would remain the same. So “yes” meant “no” and even with the state sponsored advantage of trying to confuse the electorate built in. They were unable to confuse the electorate, and the measure was soundly defeated by almost 2 to 1.

Appearing on a ballot for the first time since Clearance Day and the Knights had gutted Roe. And it appears, the public has a somewhat of a different opinion. That is, in not Liberal, Kansas at least. For Republicans, it’s a bad sign. Republicans prosper in low turn-out elections. So, for them, the underlying strategy is to turn out your own voters and then hope it rains.

But no, no, no don’t play with matches around the barn children. Don’t start some conflagration with nonsense, that raises everyone from their stupor and makes them all want to come down and vote!

Like poker, you don’t bluff unless you’re pretty certain that you can pull it off. When Republicans put this measure on the ballot, they thought it would be easy peasy. They wouldn’t have attempted it if they didn’t think that they could pull it off. Were they just so giddy with excitement, that they couldn’t do a head count? Or are they so insular they just assume, “Everyone agrees with us!” Then came the Extreme Court decision, and the weather forecast suddenly changed.

For Republicans it means big trouble. Republican city managers, dog catchers and county commissioners with nothing at all to do with Roe or Twump or reproductive freedom. Are going to lose their jobs because of what the national Republicans have done. Close elections will be lost and there may not be too many close ones. If they can’t carry Kansas, they can’t hold the line.

After Kansas, you have to go all the way to Indiana to get that conservative. From there you’ve got to go straight to Bible Belt in the sunny south to find that brand of state sponsored popular repression.

It’s the life cycle of a Republican, pushing unpopular legislation, like child labor and tax cuts or school vouchers. Destroy the environment, anti-union anti family and anti-working class. The Reagan Revolution happened 36 years after the death of FDR.

It couldn’t have happened a moment sooner. Not until enough Americans who had witnessed the true face of Republicanism, had passed on to immortality. Until living memory of what had happened the last time Republicans were left in charge, had faded from human memory.

Unemployment in Detroit had reached 70% and there were two deaths an hour reported from starvation and hypothermia. Before Social Security, hypothermia was the second leading cause of death among seniors, right behind that perennial favorite pneumonia. And the Republicans said, “Let the markets work.”

Cheer up, maybe you’ll eat tomorrow! You don’t look that sick? But it would be wrong both morally and economically, to help the poor. They are all just worthless lazy deadbeats anyway, it will make them weak and needful, Just let the markets work. To the uniformed, they don’t understand the duality of that phrase, “Let the markets work.” They think it has something to do with prices!

It means, if you don’t have health insurance, you should let the markets work. And stimulate the economy through a voluntary donation to the mortuary of your choice. You don’t need a mask or a vaccination, because when enough of you little people have died off. The plague will grow discouraged and go away all by itself.

 Thus, saving hamburger stands all across America, millions of dollars in lost revenue. If you cut taxes for the rich, it will trickle down on you poor people just like the Jolly Green Giant is pissing on your head! “Ho, ho, ho!”

You don’t need a union, as your employer. I have the power to end your prosperity at a moment’s notice or even on a whim. Or even if I lost the company’s money gambling or my wife found out I was cheating on her. So, you can always come to me, and we can talk as equals. Equals where one side has all the power and the other side has none.

When you ask me, you’ll say please and when I ask you, I’ll say “do.” You’ll do what I say when I say for what I pay, sound fair? Good! I’m glad we could have this talk.

The Republicans have spent years grooming judges for just this opportunity and now that have succeeded, they will be self-immolated down to the roots in a public wildfire. And they will return to power only when the graveyard has claimed enough of us to dull the modern consciousness.  

But in the meantime, while we’re all still breathing the Safaris called it, “Wipeout!”

Add in the Twump follies dumpster fire, along with anger over the crooked court’s Roe decision. Sam Alito recently broke with convention the other day and criticized those who had criticized him. Because back in the old days, Extreme Court Justices didn’t speak about their rulings outside of the court.

They felt confident enough in law and in respect for their position, that they did not feel it necessary to hit back when someone (everyone) criticized this is the new thin-skinned variety of Derpist.

And since their opinions are based primarily on their own personal philosophy and peak. Any criticisms about them must be a purely personal attack, worthy of getting down and dirty in the mud and hitting back.

A judge that needs to defend his position in the court of public opinion isn’t a judge, he’s an apologist.

Dr. OZ is from New Jersey. Hershel Walker couldn’t even find the University of Georgia unless the lights were off and it had hair around it. These were considered competitive races before the weather changed. Stacy Abrams only lost by 50,000 votes last time, and that was before the Republicans repealed Roe.

The Republicans have sown the wind and must now reap the whirlwind. Kansas is a bellwether, there’s a storm coming.

“Better the occasional faults of a government that lives in a spirit of charity than the consistent omissions of a government frozen in the ice of its own indifference.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

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