The Long Red Wave Goodbye

Falkling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Gone from all public discussion is all talk of the Republicans retaking control of Congress this November. Rather, whispers and warnings. Like a comet in the heavens as the ancient harbinger of change. The vote in Kansas was not welcoming or reassuring for Republicans. In a solidly Republican state, the vote to remove a women’s right to choose from the state constitution was defeated by nearly 2 to 1.

If it is so in red Kansas, it is more so and maybe doubly so in purple Colorado. Every Republican now starts their campaign with one foot in the bucket.  Another hill to climb, it seems the women’s vote could easily turn any close election. In Indiana, Eli Lilly warns the recent Abortion rule changes signal the company shifting away from Indiana employment. It’s not the current laws which frighten them, but what could come from the next round. Better to move the research project now somewhere safe, or we could be in a lot of trouble.

Likewise, physicians are considering getting the hell out of states trying to resurrect the 1890s. The higgly piggly scatter shot approach with no exceptions leave physicians in an ethical pickle. Some dumb ass doctor does what they were trained to do in medical school and becomes the new apostate. To be burned at the stake, in the central city square.  As an example, to all witches and physicians of the effectiveness of that new law they passed, just last week.

The Republican toxicity is now rising to the point where it is starting to effect business decisions. Yes, taxes are higher in California, but the lights generally stay on. The Governor isn’t likely to mobilize the National Guard to babysit the border for headlines. Employers in California don’t worry about the safety of their employees at the hands of the state government.

The Republican states with their draconian measures have created an uneasiness in the business climate. You don’t want to invest in a state that has become too radicalized and might inadvertently put yourself in jeopardy. No campaign donations for you.

In trouble, with the women’s vote. In trouble, with the business community. In trouble, with the youth vote and in trouble with suburbia.

Andy Warhol said in the future, everyone would be famous for fifteen minutes. But in an effort to better control their message, the message is only being sent through safe Reich wing media outlets. Maybe someday everybody will be the Fuhrer with their own beer hall and own a You Tube channel.

Insular media works great in red zones but has zero outreach for those not already on board. Solidly red states will remain red. While the less red border states, will feel the heat and continue being less and less red, until they aren’t red at all. A house divided against itself.

Ron DeSantis had a great idea, he wants a Floriduh license plate with the snake from the Gadsden Flag on it. The snake represents resistance to state sponsored tyranny. The state will profit from pushing the idea of resistance to state tyranny,  by selling a license plate to the paranoid from the tyrannical.

Add into this pandemonium, the sad simian saga of Donald Twump, The Iliad, and the Oddity. As if the legal jeopardy around him wasn’t rising faster than Covid cases at an orgy. There’s talk the Orange Godzilla is metaphorically on his way back to Tokyo. The poll numbers show the likelihood of Twump being re-elected as below zero. Like absolute zero, a scientific constant for reference use only. So, his purpose is only revenge and masturbation. Norma Desmond puts rallies on to convince herself that she’s still “Big.” It’s the voters who have gotten small. So, I’ll huff, and I’ll puff and I’ll your house down!

Former Arkansas Governor and state record holder for most pancakes eaten in five minutes, Mike Huckabee is sounding the alarm. “If that fat bastard, I mean if the former President announces his candidacy before the mid-terms as threatened, he could scuttle the entire Republican fleet.” And blow it for everybody! If Twump, does it, Twump polarizes the Republican electorate and short circuits any Republican chances. The 2020 vote was more about unselecting Donald Twump than about electing Joe Biden.

Twump brought a record turn out to the polls, of people determined to remove Twump from office. The turnout in Kansas was even higher still. Once Twump announces, all other issues are out the window, besides Twump, yes, or no?

If the candidate kneels to kiss the orange Godfather’s ring, there’s no guarantee it will help. If the candidate declines the offer to kiss the royal ass, it might hurt. What with all the other challenges the Republicans face, this one really bites.

A Republican candidate from New Jersey is running in Pennsylvania and a candidate in Georgia running in circles. Not certain exactly how many children he has because, he barely remembers their mothers. “Let see, she was a cocktail waitress at the Holiday Inn in Pittsburgh, no wait Cleveland.”

Yet in this desert of shifting sands, Liz Cheney has been encouraging Democrats in Wyoming to cross over and vote for her in the Republican primary. The plan seems to be working as there are now 6,000 fewer registered Democrats. In a state with an incredibly small population 6,000 votes could swing an election. Add in the divisiveness of Twump and Cheney wins reelection.

The January sixers wanted to start a Civil War and now they’ve got one, but not the one that they wanted, inside their own Party.

An eccentric orbit can only get more eccentric, until it flies apart. The radicalized can only become more radicalized driving away the center of their traditional base. The more they feed the fringe the more they lose in the center. Twump can’t win but can only assure defeat for Republicans.

The Republicans allowed themselves to be hornswoggled, yet again. The Democrats proposed putting a cap on insulin at $35 in the reconciliation bill. Knowing full well, it would be stripped out of the bill for a straight up or down vote. It was a trap, and Republicans fell right into it. The Republicans took the bait and voted it down, siding with greedy drug companies going into the November elections. Brilliant, just brilliant, as if they didn’t already have enough going against them. Maybe the Republicans could hold a puppy kicking contest as a fundraiser.

“All of this talking about what’s up in the sky, or down in hell, for that matter, isn’t half as important as what’s right here, right now, right in front of your eyes. Things are tough. Folks broke. Kids hungry. Sick. Everything. And people has got to have more faith in one another, believe in each other. There’s a spirit of some kind we’ve all got. That’s got to draw us all together.”
― Woody Guthrie

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