Murdering the Messiah

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

In ancient Athens, it was against the law to steal bread. That’s law, that’s civil control. They also had a law that if someone asked you for bread and you had it, you must give them some. That’s justice, the search for the equitable settlement, where no one goes hungry. If the civilization is successful, few will need to beg for bread until the law becomes more a statement of principles about fairness.

Everyone is talking about laws on a women’s reproductive freedom. But no one talks about restrictions on a man’s reproductive freedom. Yeah, right, because there aren’t any. How is it, the court can rule the reproductive chain can’t be broken starting with you females? What’s the penalty for the man who is fifty percent of the need for an abortion? Like driving, only ejaculating without insurance, punishable by up to nine months in prison with a fine not to exceed eighteen years!

Now, I wasn’t always the best student, but I seem to remember something about an equal protection clause or law or thingy or something somewhere.

Something about you couldn’t pass a law that only applied to people who sit down to pee. That gave exemptions and indulgences to those who pee standing up. Something about fairness.

A man will never experience the pain of pregnancy and childbirth. Therefore, unless that man is doctor, he should keep his opinions about pregnancy and childbirth to himself. Try telling a brick mason his bricks aren’t straight and see what you get? Nobody likes to be told what to do by people who can’t do it themselves.

So, there is the legal fairness issue, which is framed entirely around a religious belief not even mentioned or listed in their sacred text. Jesus never said nothing about nothing, about abortion and for damn good reason. In biblical times, women’s issues were just that. Men didn’t wanna know and women saw no need to tell them.

So, what Jesus knew about women’s issues could easily fit inside a fairy thimble and still have room for a keyboard player. Remember, women were unclean, and it was wrong to touch them when they were unclean. The guy probably hasn’t had a bath or washed his hair in two weeks talking about someone’s unclean.

A book which is nothing more than a spinoff of another book. (I believe in the original Star Wars, but I don’t believe in the Phantom Menace. There is only one Darth Vader; all others are frauds and heretics.) Books written by ancient people who believed many incredible and inaccurate things about the world. They had a prophet once who laid in the streets for several years and gave biblical pronouncements about the coming of the lord. Today, we call that a homeless man.

People who see things and hear voices are given medication, not praise. But then, they didn’t have television back in the day. A crazy guy laying in the street yelling about Jehovah might be entertaining enough on a slow night. Draw a crowd burn a doobie and watch the homeless guy froth at the mouth, with shows at six and nine.

Nothing but a metaphor, written by ancient peoples who believed the Earth was in a fishbowl and the stars watched over us. The universe was put there just for our own exclusive amusement and enjoyment. And signs up in the heavens foretold the future. The three wise men came a running because their Astrologer told them they had better, if they knew what was good for them!

A virgin birth, twelve disciples, traveled the country performing miracles. Then died and was raised from the dead after three days. From Dionisius, Hercules, Jesus. The dead for three days is a metaphor for an astrological anomaly, occurring around the 22nd of December. And for three days, the sun appears to stop in the heavens, growing no closer or further away.  The ancients feared that one day the sun (son) might not return to us. Let us worship him and give him praise! And make up laws to please him!

If you told them they were in a solar cult, they would argue with you.

These ancient people painted faces on their sailing ships to scare away the sea monsters. They carried amulets and charms to protect themselves from evil and wouldn’t go into the barn after dark. They thought that numbers had magic powers (666) and witches and spells were real!

Their sacred text were cobbled together over several hundred years after the fact, by people who’d never actually met the man. Stories added and subtracted as needed, until it’s just a mish mash. Did Jesus actually kill a childhood play friend?  As Mary ordered him, “Young man, you bring that child back to life, right this instant Jesus! Or you are grounded for a month mister!” It was a real neat story, and it was too bad it didn’t make the final cut.

I don’t fault anyone for following their religious traditions, but it’s no way to run a railroad or a modern civilization. This country was founded by people trying get away from those people who wanted everyone to live by their antique, boutique religious belief system. Mark Twain lamented that the poor Hawaiians living in their idyllic Island paradise for thousands of years. That these poor devils had never been advised of the existence of sin or of the hell that awaited all transgressors, and so lived in blissful ignorance.

It is an absolute absurdity in a secular nation, that a religious belief can become law without the religious belief even being spelled out in the sacred texts. No fair, guessing what you think Jesus would want. Jesus want’s you to love everybody and you can’t do that either. Because Jesus is a fictional character, he never has to face any real situations or controversies. But the separation of church and state was originally all his idea. Jesus thought that mixing money and politics and religion, was a real bad idea.

And because they wish to preach from church steps to the world at large and attempt to turn us back into a primitive medieval society where women were chattel and ideas are dangerous. They expose themselves and their extremity and push away the bulk of their possible reach.

They trade their boat for oars. Their love for anger and bigotry. Trading their humbleness for avarice and a lust for power. Which in turn, causes each succeeding generation to visit the Christian church of their choice, less and less. The silence of the good multiplies the viciousness of the bad. Their politics belies their messiah and murders him yet again, drowning him in his own holy water.

“If Jesus had been killed twenty years ago, Catholic school children would be wearing little electric chairs around their necks instead of crosses.”
Lenny Bruce

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  1. I think “unclean” meant blood, not dirt……. in some cultures women stayed in a special tent during their unclean days, and took a ritual bath afterwards.


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