They’re Coming!

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Who knows for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee. For it is written, in the book of Nocturnal Emissions: that one of the chosen will forsake the Messiah thrice, before the big cock crows. That moment, where the jig is finally up, and one of the suspects begins to unravel like skein of yarn in a skilled grandmother’s hands. Incumbent Republican Senator, Ron Johnson declares, he was only involved in the January 6th events for mere seconds.

Of course, you could argue the same point about Jack Ruby. Great play Jethro, besides confessing to crimes, you got any other plans? He just passed an envelope that came from somebody and was meant for Mike Pence. Stepped right into that one and all they had to do is look at him hard. It really has a Francis Ford Coppola edge to it. “Your job is to take the envelope to mister big. Understand? With the offer, he can’t refuse. Watch out he doesn’t try and kiss you.”

One of the disciples of Donald Twump breaks under pressure. “I had virtually no involvement.” Let’s take that excuse for spin, shall we? I had virtually no involvement with the Lindbergh baby kidnapping. I had virtually no involvement with the JFK assassination. Oh, that little word virtually, it offers such promise while delivering so little. Virtually how? Virtually what?

“I had nothing to do with the alternate slate. I had no idea that anybody was going to ask me to deliver those,” Johnson said. “My involvement in that attempt to deliver spanned the course of a couple of seconds … I knew nothing about it.”  Squealing Senator Ron Johnson

I barely knew the man! I got him coffee once and complimented him on his hair piece. The proselytite of pretense and anal Twump smooching. Ron finds himself trailing in a tight political race. This is a milestone and an event worthy of note.  A crack in the ice, signaling she’s breaking up folks. Every rat for himself!

“I knew those are people that love this country, that truly respect law enforcement, would never do anything to break the law, so I wasn’t concerned,” – Squealing Ron

Is it live or is it Memorex? This jumping between realities, Twump Apostle, Twump Apostate. Johnson still suspects, Black Lives Matter was involved in the January 6th insurrection. Yeah, it was that crack, White People’s Division of Black Lives Matter. Known on the streets as the un-arrested ghost division.

Johnson even told a reporter that January 6th was peaceful. And who are you going to believe, Ronnie or your own lying eyes? But as Mitch McConnell holds a requiem for the Republican chances for senate control, due to low caliber candidates. Johnson is a low caliber incumbent. He is forever tied with Twump. It is far too late to throw the knife down now and claim to be an innocent.

“I don’t personally think Trump should have any impact whatsoever on this election in November 2022,” – Squealing Ron

Me neither Ron, If I were you? I’d say the exact same thing, but it is not to be Ron. Twump is inextricably tied to this upcoming election. And you Ron, are inextricably tied to Donald Twump. But it speaks to the cumulative effects of the January 6th committee. A minor defection of the MAGA multitudes along with the secret message on the decoder ring of let’s move forward and not back. The MAGA balloon is now leaking and beyond repair. The Justice Department has got them all a little buggy.

Lindsey Graham has gotten a temporary stay of execution and will not be forced to take the 5th Amendment or commit harikari. But at what cost? What does it say, when a United States Senator pays 50 or a 1oo,ooo dollars in legal fees to escape testifying or taking the 5th? How far to the edge of surrender? What is the difference between there and here? Not much, by my reckoning.

It isn’t what they know that bothers them. It’s what they don’t know but might find out. And everyday revelations of records and information surrounding telephone and text records. “What whoa!” Ronnie might have spoken to some of those people. And might be on the record. Blowing out of the water his excuse of just driving the get away car for virtually no time at all! Vulnerable as in, Dead Man Walking.

Lindsey Graham is vulnerable in a different way. Ronnie could lose his office, while Lindsey could lose his freedom. And work on his tan from the tennis courts of the Maxwell Air force Base’s Federal Prison and Celebrity resort complex. Election tampering, especially bugging the Governor on tape is especially bad and hard to defend. Every time you try to offer up a defense, the prosecutor just hits “play” on the tape recorder and sinks you again. “Montgomery, here we come! I’m Alabamy Bound!”

Count em, two vulnerable senators who weren’t vulnerable a month ago. One closed mouthed the other, jabbering up a storm to anyone who will listen to him sinking his own boats as he goes. This is a snapshot of a moment in time. The smile is gone from their faces, replaced with a stern sneer. It is not funny anymore. Their eyes grow large as they begin to realize that old Charlie stole the handle, and the train she won’t stop going, no way to slow down.

Twump has tried all his tricks, but it isn’t working anymore. You can only complain so much, before people start to get tired of it. Twump finds himself on his back foot, one hundred stories up with the biplanes buzzing around his head. The circle is closing, and the trap is sprung. They began to ask for the return of documents. Then they issued a subpoena for the documents. Then they even came to the front door and asked nicely for the return of the documents, and then they raided the Twumper Bunker.

A shot across the bow to make their blood run cold, they’re coming! You hear me! They’re coming! You said, they wouldn’t dare! But they did! Merrick Garland’s statement was tantamount to a declaration of intent, they’re coming for them. Every last mother loving son of them. “Fuck around and find out fellas!”

“I have no spur
To prick the sides of my intent, but only
Vaulting ambition, which o’erleaps itself
And falls on the other.”

― William Shakespeare

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