Where Everyone Lives in Fear

Falling through the universe at the speed of life . (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

By David Glenn Cox

I like Joe Biden, and I don’t like to disagree with him. Joe is a workhorse, not a show horse. He has done quite a bit with very little. He doesn’t  need to hold rallies to canned music and patriotic bunting to get his point across. But that’s just the point, Joe Biden says the Republican Party has become “Semi-Fascist.” And I don’t believe in semi-fascist or almost a tree either. Either you are or you aren’t, and they are.”

 Señor Mussolini called Fascism the merger of corporations and the state. Two wheels working in unison for the betterment of each other, at the expense of the population. The third leg of the triad is propaganda. Rallies, lots and lots of rallies! With patriotic fervor somehow detached from the concerns of the day to day living. “Yeah, for our side! Aren’t we great? Yeah, for us and down with those other guys!”

“We could be great if it wasn’t for…. (Ethnic group of your choice) Them! Coming here and doing those things we real Americans don’t like. You know what I don’t like! I’ll tell you what I don’t like!”

They howl like a vampire stuck in traffic over student loan forgiveness. Because the banking industry resents it. This is all Ronald Reagan’s doing. The student loans in question are guaranteed by the federal government. This should enable the lender to provide the loan at near the prime rate as there is no risk involved. Instead, in the name of getting the big government off your backs. Ronnie turned you over to the loan sharks.

The government turning you over to industry to bleed you for the sin of trying to improve yourself. A completely counterintuitive and self-defeating way to run a country. And as the loan sharks took over, government support for institutions of higher learning declined. Making those loan amounts spiral. All in the name of getting big government off your back.

 “Free Money for Bankers! Free Government money for nothing and your checks for free!” Joe Biden just slapped their hand from the candy dish.

Fascists like rallies and displays of pomp. It gives them communal courage and allows the herd to feel stronger in numbers. They are the genuine patriots and anybody else is slacking and deficient in their politics. They like to identify themselves with arm bands and symbolism that they are one of the chosen few and the anointed with $19.95 in their pocket.

Of course, things are less formal and rigid in America. Crossing over to the uniform of the proletariat, the baseball cap and the tee shirt. “I’m angry God Dammit! Can’t you read my tee shirt? Folks doing all sorts of things I don’t approve of! And it’s gotta stop, cause ah, even though it doesn’t affect me. I want it to.”

In “Brave New World,” the speed limit was set at eighty miles an hour, because they didn’t want you to see anything. So, the high speeds were meant to keep your mind busy. Fascism wants to keep the mind busy with minutiae and invective. “Did you hear about what that illegal immigrant did? He stole the pension plan and moved the factory to China.”

Build the wall, build the wall, build the wall! “Gentleman, which of you friendly politically donating contractors, would like a big-fat lucrative government contract? To build a pointless wall for these morons? You can get your cousin Eddy to do the engineering for all I care, cause after the photo shoot we’re outta here.

Start building here by my photo op, right here. It’s so bad, I’m going to send the national guard down to the border. To watch television all day and pine for their families all night.” John Kennedy built moon rockets fascists build fences. To protect you because you are in danger.

Anything and everything, kitchen sink included to keep the population from knowing who their friends aren’t. Sandy Hook, gun control! LBGTQ, Joe Biden is coming to take your guns just like Obama did and Hillary did before. And then he’s going to teach the school children how to have Gay sex. “Climate change is a plot to hurt our economy and punish oil companies for being our friends.”

Only this time it’s the IRS! “They’re coming Mama! Keep filling them sandbags! By my reckoning, we ain’t got more than an hour, ninety minutes tops! And I still need to break up the Styrofoam for the Molotov Cocktails, while I listen to Tucker!”

Kept at a fever pitch of excitement over one phony crisis or another. An alternative universe with round the clock two minutes of hate updates on the quarter hour. Non-descript goals for non-descript reasons. “Make America Great Again!” When did it stop being great? Are you saying that’s it not great? Or is it a simple appeal to the simply unhappy, longing for the good ole days of racism and white supremacy. Ozzie & Harriet America, that warm fuzzy place that never really was.

Gunter Grass in his book “Pealing the Onion” explained, when the boys came to your house and wanted you to join the Hitler Youth. If you refused to join, you would get beaten up. They’d break out your windows and get you thrown out of school. Your father could lose his job. The neighbors would stop talking to you.

In Idaho, Fascists complained after the librarian refused to take certain books off the shelf and hide them from the innocent and the virtuous. Lest they become Gay by exposure to them. One of the main reasons for the librarian’s stubbornness besides her principles.

Was the lost fact, that the library didn’t have any of those naughty books in question on the shelf to start with. But never let facts stand in the way of a good press release. “Local Liberal Librarian refuses to take dirty books off the shelves!”

Protests and pickets and harassing phone calls, death threats until the Hitler Youth forced the Librarian from her job. Semi-fascist my ass! That’s straight up Fascist! Right out of 1939 Nazi play book.

Twump stealing documents for no other reason than to use them as blackmail or for and outright sale is fascist. “Fuck you! These are mine! I stole them fair and square and I’m keeping them! How dare you question me. I’ll do as I please Fascist. Because laws don’t apply to members of the inner party.”

A good Fascists always keeps their mouth shut to defend the Fascist Party, cause the cops are always up to no good. And you shouldn’t trust anyone who doesn’t trust us, or it will only bring suspicion down on you. Everyone is lying to you, except us. It’s worse than you think! The sky will fall every night and the bottom will drop out every morning.

I like Joe Biden; I think he was simply trying to use the word semi- to show restraint and not to over speak the point. But using the word Semi doesn’t help the matter much . As in: Semi-lucid, Semi-educated, Semi-racist, Semi- homophobe, Semi-loyal American or Semi-loyal un-American or even Semi-Nazi American. There is no halfway point, you either are or you are not, and they are.

If you’re ideology tells you someone else is the problem, you’re that someone else.

 “Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.”
― Harry S. Truman

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