The Virtuosity of the Ritual

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Now that the wheels are beginning to come off the MAGA train. And the small rats are starting to squeal, as rats will until it becomes apparent. It was all just small dust devils following a large dust devil. Sucking up as much of the landscape as possible, in a franchised steal yourself rich scenario.

The large blowhard creates a cult of personality, sucking up as much cash as possible. Allowing the underlings to feed at his table under his umbrella. Twump gins up Xenophobia and the little wolves feed off it. Kris Kobach, Republican Senate candidate from Kansas has just resigned from “We Build the Wall.” Of late, made famous by Steve Bannon’s prosecution.

But you can’t tell the players without a scorecard. There is Steve, and you all know about him already. Then there is Brian Kolfage, and he pled guilty to defrauding donors earlier this year. His friend and co-director Amanda Shea along with her husband Timothy Shea. Tim’s federal trial ended earlier this year in a mistrial, but Federal officials say, they will try him again real soon.

And then of course there is Kris, the Republican Senate candidate from Kansas. But Kris was only moonlighting from his day job, he was also the top law enforcement officer for the state of Kansas at the time. As the Attorney General, it was his sworn duty to protect the citizens of Kansas from people like himself and Steve Bannon.

Which reminds me of a funny story from the old West. These ranchers were being plagued by cattle rustlers. So, they banded together and hired themselves a sheriff to hunt the rustlers down. Yet, try as he might. He always seemed to go the wrong way or lose their trail, and the rustlers would always escape. The ranchers held another meeting, where it was decided to hang the sheriff. The cattle rustling stopped immediately, the end.

One conviction, one mistrial, one Presidential pardon and Kris just now, resigned from the burgeoning criminal syndicate known as “We Build the Wall.” Asked why he just now resigned, instead of two years ago. From an organization with such a well-known criminal pedigree. Kobach explained, it was because the newspaper kept asking him pointed questions about it. Much in the same way Johnny Depp asked, “Did you just shit the bed?”

He could have lied and said, he needed to spend more time on his Senate campaign. To bring Kansas into broad sun lit uplands. The chance for every boy and girl in Kansas to be duped into even larger and higher grossing vistas of crime as your next Republican Senator. You’ll always get a break from Honest Kris!

His Co-directors have all been prosecuted, and yet they say that Herschel Walker is dumb. Could he be that blind as to not see the optics? One conviction, one mistrial, one Presidential pardon. “Maybe, I should resign my post?” Either Kris is blind, or he thinks that Kansas is. Or maybe the scent of MAGA (Me Ain’t Got Aptitude) perfume will carry the day.

I get it, I’ve lived in Republican states before. They can fall down drunk or throw up in a planter at the lady’s club meeting and still be handily re-elected. That’s why you hear all these absurd statements about abortion and book burning. They are free to say most anything, as long as they keep an (R) behind their name. Anything at all, if it gets their name in the papers. It’s not like any of them are paying any attention to real issues anyway.  

Vaccines – No! Climate Change – No! Election Fraud Conspiracy- Yes! John Kennedy Junior is returning from the dead – Yes! To run and replace Mike Pence, after he showed himself to be weak and too cowardly to break the law. Twump – Kennedy, the dream ticket, sure. You wait here, I’m sure he’ll be along directly. I’m almost certain that those political views are valid on some other planet elsewhere in the universe.

Just throw down the chicken feed and watch the MAGA chicken’s hunt and peck. Hunter Biden’s laptop! Pizza parlor cannibal sex club conspiracy! The IRS is coming to get us, with their guns drawn! Sort of a cross between a soap opera and professional wrestling. “In this corner weighing in at…well, never mind what he weighs, the Amazing Twumpo.”

Remember to keep that philosophy of yours down to three words or less. Lock her up! Build the wall and Send more money! If you say Hillary Clinton three times into a mirror, she will magically appear behind you!

Fascism requires obedience to the leader. Fascism is based on the leadership principle. Questioning the leader is seen as a sign of unpatriotic disloyalty. Trust the leader, even if he looks guilty as hell. Questioning is seen as a sign of unpatriotic disloyalty, trust the leader and maybe someday you too, can rise high enough to wet your beak. Maybe someday, you can have your own spinoff scam. Send the troops bubble gum maybe or Buy fringe for American flags.

“You know; if you are a basic god fearing patriotic American, just like me. You’re probably outraged at the thought of American flags flying around without any gold fringe on them. After all, this is the greatest country on earth, and we’ll kill anyone who says otherwise.

So, folk (Volk) like us, we have to stick together. Why I know that you as a patriot, you’d pay any price (Any Price) to see that gold fringe proudly waving on old Glory. Or at least fifty bucks, right? Aren’t American flags worth fifty bucks to you? Must I say words like, “Marines on Iwo Jima” to get your money? You communist swine you!”

Twump as the ultimate franchiser and decider in Chief of where the criminal syndicates can operate. Who is anointed and who sleeps with the fishes. Kiss the ring, “I want to be Governor of Arizona Godfather.” “I want to be the Senator from Kansas, Godfather.” The Colombo brothers are interfering in my survivalist swindle Godfather. I’m trying to sell gold coins against Armageddon, and they are selling freeze dried beans in my territory.”

I just came up with a brand-new crypto coin called “Let’s go Brandon.” It’s been around about three days now, so you know that it is safe. Who wants to buy some? “I do! I do! I do! Me first!”

“As the interpretation of reality by the power structure, ideology is always subordinated ultimately to the interests of the structure. Therefore, it has a natural tendency to disengage itself from reality, to create a world of appearances, to become ritual… Increasingly, the virtuosity of the ritual becomes more important than the reality hidden behind it.”
― Václav Havel,

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