The Root of the Problem

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Under Tennessee Law, a child raped by her father must seek her father’s permission to have an abortion. The road to unintended consequences by people with a genuine belief that they are doing God’s will. Even, if it isn’t your God’s will. Sometimes the public doesn’t know best and doesn’t need to know every little ugly underbelly detail of modern American life.

You don’t need to see the accident photos or read autopsy reports. Guess what they do in the coroner’s office? There is a lot of ugly in the world and up until recently, there was a path for teenage girls in Tennessee. In most cases raped, and in some cases by a family member. Children, little girls as young as fourteen. A way out with a stroke of a judge’s pen to quietly begin to make the nightmare all go away.

A child whose only crime is her gender, put through the mill after being put through hell. And now, even that door is closed to them by a public that only wants to help and to try and make the world a better place.

God save us from the Do Gooders. They that know what is good for you. I can only imagine the fear inside the child. The victim seeks escape only to be victimized, yet again. Seeking quiet relief in the name of personal privacy, after being assaulted and denied relief. Denied relief by people who feel real bad about what’s happened to you.

But believe in their hearts for the whole five minutes they give to it before returning to “America’s Got Talent,” that it’s all God’s will. That your life be screwed up beyond all recognition forever, cause daddy can’t keep his dick in his pants when he drinks.

Never taking the time to think about what an innocent child might do to themselves, denied legitimate remedies.

“Trust us, in twenty or thirty years, when your half-brother/son sends you a Mother’s Day card from prison. You’ll see that we were right.” Believing Jesus will tune their harp for them someday, when they get to heaven. After you had all those wonderful thoughts during your mortal existence. “Look at me, Jesus! I’m interfering in someone’s life! Without even knowing what I’m doing!”

Of course, the Bible of hotel nightstand fame, doesn’t mention such things. It’s a book all about goodness and right behavior and would lobby strongly against drunken fathers raping their daughters. Because the Bible was written exclusively by men and women’s issues like pregnancy and rape weren’t discussed much or considered important enough to include, even in the footnotes. The origin of “Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies.”

So mysterious were the arts of childbirth, that stories abounded in European royal families of babies smuggled in to replace a still-born prince. But men weren’t involved much, because it was none of their business. They didn’t know, and they didn’t want to know. They waited downstairs and paced nervously.

There was no law against it if no one found out. No one even gave it much thought because no one thought about such things. Until after WW1 it was against Federal Law to send birth control literature through the mail. Considering that it was about the only form of communication that a farm wife could possibly receive, that put a plug in it.

Because it is hard to discuss sexual matters and birth control. Without also supplying anatomically correct depictions and descriptions of the sexual organs in question. This was deemed by the Post Office as PORNOGRAPHY! The Post Office was run entirely by men at this time. In their 1920s mindset, it was pornography; they meant well.

They didn’t spitefully tear up the information to be mean, they thought they were doing good, like the book at the Days Inn says too. Sex was dirty, so anything talking about sex was dirty too, even if it was lifesaving. They were going to protect you, even if it killed you.

“Hey look Jesus! I’m a government bureaucrat appointed to deliver the mail interfering in people’s lives! But it’s okay, cause I’m doing it for God. I know he’s very busy, but he’ll thank me later.

They really did think it was wrong giving women information that might allow them to deny God’s holy nuptial ordinances. Information that might prevent a pregnancy, a pregnancy that might also kill a mother of twelve. “Oh, but it’s God’s will that you die at forty-six. That your children grow up without their mother. It’s God’s will, smoke em if you got em.” What next? Show them your check book or give them a raise in their monthly allowance? Give them a credit card or maybe teach them to drive the car?

It’s funny now, but it was serious then. My mother’s sisters never learned to drive a car. Cars are complicated with gears and levers and such. You’re just a girl, I’ll drive you wherever you need to go. You don’t need any information about your own body, I’ll explain it to you. And if it gets too complicated, I’ll slow it down for you. We are going to spend a whole hour on it in health class! Except for you know…the dirty parts! Can’t trust anyone with that information, man, or woman because sex is dirty.

The women were sent to wash and prepare Jesus’s body, because the handling of dead bodies was considered unclean. And the men didn’t want to be unclean, so they sent the women to do it. Because they didn’t care if the women became unclean. That was their problem, even handling a dead savior was considered unclean. Holy maybe but unclean all the same, so they sent the women.

But lough and behold! When the women arrived, they were astonished to find the tomb was empty! Their first thought…”The savior has risen!” Not, “Someone’s stolen the body!” Or “Are you sure this the right tomb? It was row 7, wasn’t it?” Excitedly, the women ran to tell the Apostles of the miraculous goings on. Hearing their story, the Apostles had to come inspect the tomb for themselves. For no one in the Bible would ever take the word of a woman, without confirming it for themselves first.  

Let your women keep silent in church and let them stay silent at home too. Such is the message, cook, clean, and do whatever that man tells you. All of the prophets, messiahs and Swamis have all been men, save for one. But as Richard Pryor noted, “It’s okay, cause they kilt her in the end.”

It is difficult for the faithful to comprehend, why you object so to simple correction in your daily life. They aren’t doing it because they want to do it. God tells them they must! You might construe their intentions to control your life as an intrusion of barbaric religious dogma into a modern American private life. But always remember, they mean well. They only want’s what’s best for you, even if they have never met you or ever even heard your name before. They make life and death decisions for you. That’s why I said, “It is Barbaric.”

They have all the answers in two-minute sound bites for your life and for everyone else’s too. One size fits all, it was good enough for Cain & Able thousands of years ago! It should be good enough for you killers now. Only, the women of the Bible were only vessels to bring about a male heir. Not even a second-class citizen, but a device to breed children, clean up  and to do as your told. What’s not modern about that thinking?

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