Just Say No!

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

The name of the game is changing the subject. When they zig, we zag. When the issue is reproductive freedom, we talk about high energy prices and inflation. When we talk about high energy prices and inflation, we blame Democrats. Oh, the world could have been so wonderful.

There are two drivers of inflation, one good and one bad. Due to record low interest rates, the Real Estate market is red hot, hot, hot. That moves a lot of money through an economy and creates a lot of jobs. Everybody’s happy, earning extra thousands at closing. That tumble down three-bedroom one bath, you just unloaded for $400,000. Nobody complains, that’s the good inflation.

Don’t mess with it and for god’s sake, don’t raise interest rates even a fraction, though maybe you should. The crises has passed, and it’s time to kick the bottle. All agree despite political affiliation, don’t do that. We can kick the habit anytime we want, but not any time soon. It is one hell of a ride until the sudden stop. And that’s the good inflation, the part you might get to keep a piece of, if you time it just right.

The other inflation is likewise self-inflicted and reflective. After the oil shocks of the early 1970s. Jimmy Carter warned of these very geo-political events, if we didn’t liberate ourselves from fossil fuels. Not because of Greenpeace or Hippies or the Allman Brothers, but for common sense political reasons. You don’t get yourself in debt to a loan shark. Cause the loan shark will buy into your business and start telling you what to do.

You must always protect the road between here and there, and you must always defend the end of the road too. The Royal Family, beheadings every Friday. Regular folks just like you or me. And if they lure in a pesky journalist every once in a while, and cut him up like fish bait. Well, so what? “Ding, ding, I want my gasoline please! I want it cheap, and I want it now.”

Back in the early days of electricity, the gas company sued Edison. He was destroying their monopoly and potentially ruining their whole world. Imagine, if the gas company had won the lawsuit and forced Edison to shut down. Now ask yourself, if maybe that didn’t happen in the 1980s?

“No sir, not on my watch,” as the Reagans pitched the solar panels from the White House roof. Signaling the need for more gas guzzling freedom! Too hell with common-sense measures that will save us money.  To hell with the new technologies that will create the jobs of the future. Give the greatest nation in the world energy dependence on a criminal gang of unelected potentates and blackmailers. There’s a hole in Uncle Sam’s arm where all the money goes.

From Quadaffi to Saddam, your tax dollars at work. Putting out the oil fires and getting the pumps started up again. So, this time, Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine causing an energy crisis. Next time, maybe it will be something else, but there will be a next time. And a time after that and a time after that, forever Amen. Look what Ronnie did!

That is the other inflation, and is completely beyond our control. They don’t call it blackmail, they call it investment banking. Because the victims set their own share price for their ransom. What fair price a stable economy? “We profit, you pay for it!”

How will changing one Republican politician for another change the nature of our addiction? The Republicans are virulent supporters of the Petro Chemical Industry. “By god, I bet we’d have cheap gas if we had that there Keystone Pipeline.” Designed to take fracked oil from Canada down to Port Arthur, Texas, for shipment overseas. Yet somehow, they believe it’s gonna help them at the pump. How do you suppose that they ever got that impression?  

There was a time the Republicans said you couldn’t prove tobacco caused cancer. Today, they say you can’t prove climate change is real or burning motor fuel is the primary cause. They were once in the pockets of the tobacco lobby as they are now in the pockets of the oil industry. Willing to sell you an early grave or sell your kids a spoiled planet, just to line their pockets. To keep their share prices up and keep those pumps a pumping.

There is a conservative meme going around on Space nook. About how batteries don’t generate electricity. That the energy must come from elsewhere like burning coal or oil. Attempting to negate the value of electric cars. In much the same way they denigrated the Model T Ford. A horse will fuel itself you know! Gasoline is a refined petrochemical of stored energy potential, it is a chemical battery. A chemical battery of stored energy that is bankrupting your country and fouling your world.

A 20th Century Rube Goldberg machine to make it all go round and round, when all you need is a battery. One battery is just the same as the other. Except one you can make at home and the other, you might have to send your children to fight and die for. But that’s not the way my daddy did it! Nor is it the way his daddy did it either.

My great uncle Paul had lived more than 80 years in those Ohio foothills. He’d used a privy most every day of his life. And even after they bought him a mobile home. He would still go outside to use the privy. He never got use to the idea of going to the bathroom inside the house. How weird! Oooh, how filthy, going inside the house, oh yuck!

It doesn’t matter what the issue, there are those easily motivated against all change. They sell doom and thunder, “You see those dark clouds! That means trouble! Better grab Dorothy and Toto and head for the shelter! That looks like progress a comin!” It isn’t beyond recent memory how 5G cell phones were going to destroy the world and civilization would collapse. In the name of God, change the subject!

While in school, I was forced to dissect the novel “Shane.” Shane was gunman from the old west trying to change his life. He came to a fork in the road. To the right (see the symbolism?) were the small farmers trying to build a future. If he went straight (Symbolizing, the path you’re on) and followed the road into town.

All of that was waiting, all that Shane had been running away from. If Shane had ridden into town his future was inevitable. Bosses hoodlums, fights and gun play. I never realized how a western novel could so crystallize us as a people and so accurately forecast our future.

There was a choice to be made in the 1980s and America under Republican leadership, chose cocaine, disco, Nancy Reagan and a repressive tax policy. They went straight into town and let the V8’s roar, Laissez les bons temps rouler ! Have a drink; the oil company is buying. What do we need with someday for? What do we need with alternative energy for? That’s for someday! Let someday worry about it!

It’s the fight stamp out that evil electricity, that so threatens your cozy world. That nice Mr. Edison electrocuted animals in public displays to warn of the dangers of Tesla’ s evil Alternating Current. One monopoly trying to protect itself from another monopoly. No matter what the cost to us unto the death of progress itself, so for the love of Pete. Now, would you please change the subject!

“If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”
― Malcolm X

One thought

  1. I’ve never seen so many people so afraid of progress. They are not interested in helping progress, just interested in complaining about their discomfort with change.


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