Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Groucho Marx advised, “Learn from the mistakes of others; you’ll never live long enough to make them all yourself.” Death ray Ron DeSantis, the little Nazi who could. Florida’s answer to the sunshine, Ron is exposing himself (Metaphorically) and waving his little peter around the room asking, “Who’s the meanest son of a bitch you ever saw in your life?”

This is his path that he has chosen to power. He is showing you; this is how he’s gonna do it, if he ever gets the chance to do it. (Don’t say you weren’t warned.) Cheering himself for exploiting people or more succinctly, using taxpayer money to exploit people in a famous public Fascist stunt. Not just anyone to be abused, but strangers from out of town.

“They asked me how to get to the airport, so I gave directions to the train station. That’ll teach em to come around here asking questions!”

Not just Texas, Arizona or California, have a problem with immigrants. The planet Earth has a problem of migration. It’s the same old story morning glory. Everybody wants something better than what they got. It made the Vikings build long boats and Hadrian to build his wall. It made the early stupid silly European migrants, jump into a wooden tub and float across the ocean. The hapless victims of whatever meteorological bullshit god could think of to throw at you, for about a month or so.

Arriving on the shores of a god forsaken wilderness, filled with angry hostile natives. You really have to ask yourself, “How bad were things in Europe, at this time?” To save every farthing for one roll of the dice and then dive off into the unknown. Anyone ever lost in an airport knows that feeling in the pit of your stomach. Helpless with the clock ticking and dependent on the assistance of strangers, and maybe, without speaking the local language maybe.

The famous French Cabbie pretending not to understand English. Despite driving tourist’s all day from the airport for twenty years. He doesn’t understand English because you don’t speak French. He doesn’t hate you; he hates his job and takes it out on you. Anglos flooded into the Mexican territories of Texas long before Mexicans ever crossed into Anglo country. Before they ever needed to cross into anything, back before it was Anglo country.

The world is getting much smaller than it used to be. Caesar looked across the English Channel and asked himself, “How can I conquer one million Britons?” That was it, England, Scotland and Wales and London didn’t exist yet. The foundation of human society based on conquest and migration. Until not one acre of land is in the possession of its rightful owner. Historical claims, biblical claims, and just plain blood thirsty savage conquest.

Humanity has done a remarkable job in building things, but some things refuse to be built. You can build more houses for a growing population and offer wonderful amenities for some. But you can’t double the population every fifty years and hope to build enough new jobs or hope to build enough new fish in the sea. Enough forests to harvest or enough water to drink. Throw in an electric light and a flush toilet and they will come.

Only the most despicable politician, would exploit a centuries old human condition, for personal political gain. Flim-flaming the simple poor folk with fear that they could be even poorer still, without his protection. But the surest Fascist signal is that every problem’s solution doesn’t involve doing something, it always involves doing something to someone.

 Not through cooperative effort can we hope to solve our problems. But through stunting and using people as worthless pawns for a media press conference. Getting MY picture in the paper taken next to THE bus.

“All we have to do is get rid of them!” Would anyone out there like to prophecy were that political philosophy might take us in ten years? “Maybe the bus could drop them all off at a camp of some sort. An American Freedom and fun camp! For their own good! Those able to work could be hired out as farm workers to help defray the cost of the fun camp. With vending machines selling baby formula and tampons and bottled water. All of life’s little luxuries.

The magical menstrual infancy tour is coming to take you away. Coming to take you today, take you away.

Stealing the worst page from the Segregationist playbook, using people, (Women and children) to make a media point of self-aggrandizement, because Death ray Ronnie considers them unworthy to be in your world. “It’s okay because they aren’t supposed to be here. That means, you can treat them like shit if you want too! That’ll teach them damn women and their babies to come around here!

“If John Kennedy likes them colored folks so much, let’s just send him a Greyhound bus load or two, ha, ha, ha.” A real 1962 redneck knee slapper. A real sick and twisted knee slapper based on an illogical fear and hatred taught to them through someone else’s ignorance. Education is free, but ignorance demands tuition, and you’ll never stop paying it.

A typical Fascist, Ronnie declares a problem. Demands they accept his draconian and unworkable solutions. Then declares himself the victim and becomes hostile. Declares his hostility, while trying to throw a monkey wrench into the works. He’s not looking for a solution, just a headline.

Throwing a tantrum for the viewing public by using women and little kids, who mostly don’t speak the language. Lured onto a bus with promises and destined for some strange place, they’ve never heard of before. Not knowing where they are and unsure of where they are going. Human hostages used as advertising props.

Just a continuation of the January 6th Secessionist movement. “We don’t want the Federal solution we want our own, narrowminded, underfunded parochial solution! We got this, just send the check, and shut up.” And if we think bussing migrants across state lines is a good solution, then by God, we will do just that! Whatever it takes… to get me elected!

A local commercial, “Tom O’Halloran supports taxpayer funded benefits for illegal aliens.” That would be in the form of bottled water for the dehydrated. Tampons for women on their periods. And baby bottles for crying infants, and maybe a clean diaper or two. (Formally known as human decency.) You can’t ride all the way to Massachusetts with a dirty diaper now, can you? Probably twenty hours by bus, you might need two.

The Vikings had only clues to where all the good stuff was located and they hunted and searched around diligently, until they found it. Today, it isn’t much of a secret anymore and anyone who can reach for an electric light and a flush toilet, is aspiring for one. Just as you would, if you were in their shoes. The law is a topic for discussion, only by those men and women with full stomachs and warm beds.

(aka. “Plane Wreck at Los Gatos”)
Words by Woody Guthrie, Music by Martin Hoffman

The crops are all in and the peaches are rott’ning,
The oranges piled in their creosote dumps;
They’re flying ’em back to the Mexican border
To pay all their money to wade back again

Goodbye to my Juan, goodbye, Rosalita,
Adios mis amigos, Jesus y Maria;
You won’t have your names when you ride the big airplane,
All they will call you will be “deportees”

My father’s own father, he waded that river,
They took all the money he made in his life;
My brothers and sisters come working the fruit trees,
And they rode the truck till they took down and died.

Some of us are illegal, and some are not wanted,
Our work contract’s out and we have to move on;
Six hundred miles to that Mexican border,
They chase us like outlaws, like rustlers, like thieves.

We died in your hills, we died in your deserts,
We died in your valleys and died on your plains.
We died ‘neath your trees and we died in your bushes,
Both sides of the river, we died just the same.

The sky plane caught fire over Los Gatos Canyon,
A fireball of lightning, and shook all our hills,
Who are all these friends, all scattered like dry leaves?
The radio says, “They are just deportees”

Is this the best way we can grow our big orchards?
Is this the best way we can grow our good fruit?
To fall like dry leaves to rot on my topsoil
And be called by no name except “deportees”?

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