A Time to Hurl

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Revolutionary times call for revolutionary politics. The overwhelming desire to avoid the illness at all costs and hope that it goes away all by itself. Somehow, we know that we will feel better after we throw up. But still, we don’t want to throw up. Giving ourselves over to a violent uncontrolled spasm with no control over the immediate future.

“A house divided against itself can’t stand.” It is becoming clearer and clearer that Donald Twump won’t go away, until he’s made to go away. And the closer that comes to becoming reality, the more he becomes bellicose and threatening.  Zeus will throw his mighty thunder bolts down from Mount Mar-A-Lago.

“You’d better not! I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Your actions could have significant negative consequences. You see, I’ve got these friends of mine see. They’d take it kind of harsh if you were to say, prosecute me. Of course, I would discourage them all that I could, but these friends of mine are known for their bad tempers and their fondness for me. So maybe, what you’re thinking of isn’t such a good idea after all Spanky.”

Throwing down the gauntlet to one and all. A veiled innuendo of violence against the civil government, yet again. Using the Republican Party as his pet elephant Hannibal to ride around on. Using his followers like the chumps they are as cannon fodder, and as the fat new guy from the Shawshank Redemption.  Mr. Owl, how many prison sentences does it take to get through to them? Before they begin to understand that this two-bit huckster from New York City, is using them like Mr. Potato head.

He doesn’t give a shit about nothing; he doesn’t give a shit about them. He has no policies thought out or otherwise. Just how ever his breakfast is sitting or whatever has got his nickers in a twist today. Blaming courts and judges and Democrats for whatever immediate self-inflicted crisis befalls him.

Twump originally insisted they were just twelve boxes of news clippings, a lie. Then he claimed Presto changeo to magically declassify all the documents with the wave of his hand, a lie. He said, he didn’t have any more documents, also a lie.

Why lie if you know that you aren’t guilty? There is only ONE reason that old orange bastard would take those documents and that reason is to sell them.  The only customers likely willing to pay that kind of price are this nation’s adversaries. It was his insurance policy for his old age against poverty or prosecution.

To his followers he can do no wrong, despite his massive criminal past or ongoing criminal present, and his obvious expected criminal future. They just don’t care anymore.

The FBI arrested a woman the other day for making bomb threats against a children’s hospital. Another virulent Twump supporter about the spend the next few years, amusing Federal Prison employees. Throwing away the best years of their lives to be nothing but the stink of an old man’s fart.

It becomes pretty clear the ultimate goal is sedition. Yes, he will try again. He is trying now to protect himself at all costs. The revolution to save Donald Twump’s ass from the legal meat grinder, will not be televised. Calling all Kamikaze pilots! Morons, report to your duty stations immediately! Come on people, we have prisons to fill and lives to waste here. Hurry up, Twump’s depending on you.

Only yesterday, I saw an assembled mob of (6) Twumpikins. Standing on the side of the road jibber jabbering about something or other and waving flags, as little pseudo-Nazis often do. What I thought most notable was how they were being ignored. And how the flags mainly weren’t American flags at all, but Twump flags, Gadsden flags and Christian flags. A desperate amalgamation of disparate characters to backstop their waning support. This time, yell even louder!

We know what he’s up to this time. This isn’t our first rodeo. If these people want to rise up against the government in the name of Donald Twump, I say let them. Then fill the prisons with them. Show these people what the back side of twenty years looks like. Let em dream about that little house and the little wife they once had.

About their pickup truck and beer gut and their youth all gone too. Explain how as a violent ex-felon, you’ll play hell ever getting a job again. But hey, you’ll have twenty years to work that problem out.

And since it is sedition and insurrection, law enforcement should act accordingly. If they want to sacrifice their lives for Donald Twump, assist them and accommodate them. But don’t lose a single policeman trying to be decent about it. They aren’t listening to facts or to logic anyway. Some people just have to learn things the hard way. “What we have here, is a failure to communicate.”

Let them stand and deliver and identify themselves as the traitors to the Constitution that they are. We have a Republican candidate here in Arizona and his road signs proclaim, “Loyal to Twump.” What does that mean exactly? He supports Twump Uber allis? That Twump can do no wrong? Screw the government but vote for me! I’m with Twump!” The open suspicion and smell of sedition. Why is personal loyalty so in question that he needs reference it to us at all?

It is Donald Twump’s scorched earth policy. To burn down the civil institutions and attempt to destroy faith in the government. To burn down the Republican Party if they won’t defend him with their lives. To burn down everything trying to save himself. To be dragged out kicking and screaming and breaking the furniture. To take this country down and drag it through the mud to try and save himself. Arbitrarily volunteering his followers lives and property for his own salvation.

The time has come to say enough! To prosecute this guy for sedition. A time to hurl him out and end this long national nightmare.

Good King Charles in his first public act, swore his loyalty to the Constitution. There was a time when that was a big deal. A time when the King might not be counted on to always follow the Constitution. So, what they did was a novel solution. They took the first King that objected loudly, and they cut his head off. From then on, all the other Kings and Queens of England have been amenable to following the constitution. A lesson passed down to us from history.

“A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way. It is information that will never fail him or grow dim or doubtful. It is unlikely he will ever try to carry the cat that way again.”  – Mark Twain

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    Your viewership, I hope so, please make it SO…Thank You…Very Much…!


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